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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:55 am    Post subject: MY PATH TO TOTAL BREATHARIANISM AND A REQUEST... Reply with quote

Hello everyone

My name is Marcos Antonio and I was not sure how I should go about starting this message due to its somehow unusual nature. I tried for a while to figure out how I should expose the subject, and failing in the attempt, I saw fit then to stop all conjectures and go straight to the point. I have since the beginning of my three-year long process in changing my body's metabolism kept a low profile about it, and recently my mother finally convinced me that it was about time to come out of the shell and expose the results of my experience, which I am doing now for the very first time. I am rather thrilled as I start writing this text, which I hope is an omen for good things to come.

I have always been keenly interested in all matters concerning good health and longevity and, admittedly, I have a certain fascination with this wondrous machine called the human body . On March 2003 I finally took the irreversible decision to put into practice some knowledge that I acquired from studies based upon what I would call non-mainstream literary sources that deal with a fact that very few people are familiar with, namely, our body's natural capability to exist under perfectly healthy and harmonious conditions without the necessity to consume any food whatsoever. By gradually decreasing the amount of food intake and the variety of foods, thereby making my diet lighter, I was able to achieve a certain physical condition known amongst certain circles as "breatharianism" or "bigu", as the Chinese call it, in which I do not consume any kind of food at all, a permanent fasting if you will. About one year and a half ago I finally reached the physical condition of being able to "subsist" exclusively on liquids, mainly fruit juices , and only after five months or so living as a liquidarian and gradually watering down my drinks during that period I finally felt ready to take my final step. Since September 2005 I have been living as an accomplished and total breatharian, I do not eat anything at all and just one or two glasses of water everyday. I am a very healthy, strong and vital person, I have regular and long weight-lifting routines and jog at least twice a week. For the more curious, I am 37 years young, 5'11" tall and weigh 150 stable pounds. I live in a physical state of constant well being and I will leave it at that, otherwise I doubt I would ever finish this message... I am hoping to enjoy other benefits that hopefully will come my way as time goes by as a result of this lifestyle..

I know this message may sound like it was written by a lunatic. You have my word that its content is veracious and accurate, even though I realize that many people unfamiliar with the subject may think that it is incredible if not at all impossible. Am I no longer being nourished? No, I still get my nourishment but not from physical food, or rather, the stimulus given by food to which the human body adapted itself to in order to continue to exist for as long as possible with the burden of continuously processing and eliminating this foreign matter called "nourishment". As I said, this email is just supposed to be an introduction, but there is so much more that I would like to share... Again, my experience is based upon research combined with an awareness of the motives that led me to undergo this physical process, the less selfish of which being my sincere desire to serve as an example of something that, as far as I know, has not quite yet been explored in the academic environment, and to show that this natural ability of our bodies could be the way out of some of the major problems facing mankind such as hunger, poverty and perhaps a whole array of diseases. For those of you who would like me to strongly recommend a good book, one of those that shed so much light into my life and set me on the right path to attain my goal is entitled "Man's Higher conscience" by Dr. Hilton Hotema. I sincerely hope that those who are new to breatharianism and are on the quest for some enlightenment on the subject will not be so unlucky as I was to come across Jasmusheen's writings when I first set out to look for in-depth, scientific and realistic information. And I will leave it at that. Remember that the evolutionary and adaptive processes taking place in Nature are slow and gradual. It is at least naive to conceive that the habit of eating, so deeply rooted in our cellular memory as well as in our emotional and mental dispositions can be completely eradicated from our system in a matter of a few weeks or months ( and most certainly not in 21 days... ), save the possible rare exceptions out there.. Is it possible for any one to become a breatharian? Absolutely yes! Is it easy to get there? Absolutely not! It does require a significant amount of discipline, determination, patience and time! All allied with a strong belief that food is an illusion and one of mankind's oldest vices. And do not forget some self-lenience now and then... As I write these lines I realize the overwhelm of thoughts and information that will be left unsaid on here. I intend very soon to start designing a fun and informative personal website giving a more thorough exposure to both breatharianism ( inedia ) and the phases that I underwent during my long process. Yeah, those three years were for sure the longest ones in my entire life... Enough of babbling. Smile

My request is that if anyone on here who knows of any scientific institutions that conduct research in this area, please send me an email, I would immensely appreciate that!
Thank you for taking the time to read my message. You all stay cool. Wink
Marcos Antonio.
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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 1:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very Happy Hi Marcos- Just like to say the 21 day process for conversion to pranic nourishment is a sacred initiation that Jasmuheen shared in her earlier writings. As she writes people coming into this would be those who have had many years living a yogic type lifestyle ie daily meditation, yoga, have fasted for long periods before without problem, understanding of the mind/body connection etc. Many, going by the experiences of others I?ve read, do find attempting the so called 21day process tough going, many get sick and/or loose lots of weight because they?re not properly prepared and not fit enough on all levels ? the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. One should not even contemplate doing this unless they feel undeniably it is the next step for them, this is guidance that comes from the Inner Self/Divine Self/ Higher Self. If one is properly prepared and is fit on all levels one can breeze through without problems. Since Jasmuheen wrote her Living on Light book in the mid 90?s which contained details of the 21 day process as written by Charmaine H. for conversion to pranic nourishment the energies of the planet have changed. In Jasmuheen?s wonderfully inspiring ebook ?Food of the Gods? she describes what she calls a more gentle, slower process of transition to Living on Light by slowly reducing and refining one?s dietary regime i.e. eliminating red meat, then white meat, then marine flesh etc? over a period of 6months to 5 years depending on the individual concerned and she provides some great meditations and programs/exercises to use plus the Luscious Lifestyle Program. Many who do the 21 day process it seems eventually go back to some form of regular eating pattern even if they take up a lighter vego or vegan diet due to many reasons one being social alienation, negative reaction from family and friends, finding this extreme case of being different creates many challenges in their daily lifestyle. Personally I can?t thank Jasmuheen enough for the wonderful work she is doing with this process as it applies to not just wonderful personal benefits but also to ecological and environmental global benefits of the masses being pranically nourished. I find her writings so inspirational and informative.

The bottom line for me is though being able to be sustained healthily by prana alone is a matter of our frequency or vibrational rate and our ability to absorb the prana flow into our cells determined having hooked ourselves out of the mass conscious belief of the need to eat as well as by our thought and feeling patterns, lifestyle and how we spend our time.
Hope this helps
Love Malika

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