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LOL and the reaction of others

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Joined: 16 Feb 2005
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Location: Australia

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:29 am    Post subject: LOL and the reaction of others Reply with quote

Hi Hara, Blanche, Ric, Sky-High and All - Probably this is the biggest and most complex issue pranic nourishers have to deal with as we live in a society addicted to food and all the socialisation around food. As the whole issue of one being able to be totally nourished by prana cuts to the very core of most people?s deeply ingrained beliefs that if one doesn?t eat one will fade away and eventually die then this can create awkward confronting situations, especially if one is public about not eating.

This doesn?t make it easy going for pranic nourishes to say the very least. People can react in all matter of ways. Mostly ?that?s impossible?, ?how could you? food is so enjoyable and one of the pleasures of life?, ?but you must have food for the body to get its vitamins and minerals? and other reactions along that line or more rarely ?yes, I heard about people doing this and I believe it can be done?. People can also react negatively with anger, disbelief and concern for you to ?come to your senses? and all manner of other ways. Reactions vary according to people?s understanding (or non-understanding) of metaphysical science. Trying to explain to others just how one can be fed by prana may work, but in likelihood it won?t and you run the risk of others thinking you?ve lost the plot, you?re a ?fruitloop?, that you are disillusioned etc. And in the majority of cases you know that others won?t be convinced no matter how well you can explain pranic nourishment as an alternative way to nourish the body.

Obviously someone who is coming from a mainstream scientific and nutrition understanding regards the idea of the body being sustained by prana without food intake to be impossible and ridiculous. This is very disempowering as we are taking on the beliefs of what is handed down to us by doctors, nutritionists, society and not thinking for ourselves, this is the ?following the herd? mentality. You may be told by others how you must have food or you will eventually die, yet this is just simply a belief held by so many based on what they believe to be true. Many are addicted to their food and so much of their time is centred around food related activities. Food is just so much the central pillar around the daily life of so many. Many have emotional reasons for eating and eat out of habit i.e. at set meal times rather than listening to the body?s needs about when and what to feed it. If the body is sending us signals of physical hunger, then we should of course eat. Many eat just for eating?s sake, not because they?re hungry but because food happens to be there such as in social situations i.e. biscuits with a cup of tea as our emotional body holds a strong addiction to eat food when most of the time it isn?t required by the physical body. For others who have refined their diet to healthy wholesome live food then their eating is based around food as a fuel for the body to achieve peak health.

There are so many varied levels of the reasons why we eat and what we eat. An important point is that Living on Light is not about ?not eating persť? but rather it is the freedom of the need to eat so if someone who has refined their frequency to a level to be able to be sustained from prana and they were to never eat again they would not die or suffer any ill effects as long they maintained a suitable frequency for prana feeding. Pranic nourishers may eat now and then solely for pleasure without thought of the nutritional content of the food they decide to indulge in as this is not about denial of taste sensation. Also they may share in a meal with their family or friends from time to time so as to avoid conflict and not draw attention to their non-eating lifestyle or make it an issue. So it is not a black and white issue of you either eat or you don?t eat and if a prana nourisher is seen with food then some may delight in them having been caught out and having been ?busted?. When prana nourishers find themselves in situations around food being offered when they don?t want to eat they are dealing with other people?s habits and belief systems. Interesting challenge!

So if you tell others you don?t want to eat and then even that you don?t need to eat then there is potential for conflict here as there are two realities or paradigms of belief opposing each other 1) The dis-belief of others that you can refrain from eating and remain healthy, and 2) The pranic nourisher who has already proven to him/herself that they can maintain weight and health without eating and others telling them something they are doing is impossible and being disbelieved. Of course those who say you must eat to live base that on their belief that is so. Yet this does not make it fact and is just a demonstration how many never question anything believing the way that the external world is presenting things to us is the way things are, lacking the awareness of higher realms and their ability to feed us. Even many who are on their spiritual path find it difficult to get around the concept of prana being able to nourish us, yet there is no judgment as it?s not in everyone?s blueprint at this time to live solely on prana. This brings up an important point that we should never try to convince anyone to live from prana, as a decision to do so needs to come from within when one feels undeniably guided that this is for them.

Actions speak much louder than words and it?s best to be a silent example. Many pranic nourishes feel it is best to keep their non-eating secret from those who aren?t like minded just to avoid potentially awkward situations and keep the peace which can mean declining invitations to social gatherings and where the partaking of food is occurring. In some cultures it can be highly insulting to refuse food with the loved it is offered, and despite politely declining to partake in food offered people can be persistent that you eat. And pranic nourishers who find themselves in these situations may come up with all kinds of strategies to avoid eating or eat as little as possible when they simply don?t want to eat. For many after a while this may become tiresome like a charade where one feels they are not being true to themselves and may wonder is it all really worth it.

Also there is the issue of being accused of being a closet eater and of eating in secret, and the ?prove it? game. For those who do go public about their non-eating then it?s a case of standing strong and taking all in their stride and not allowing themselves to be fazed by the reactions of others. These people are described as Spiritual warriors. If one is strictly not eating and they are about in the world then it is virtually impossible for them to keep their non-eating status a secret. After one has gone for a time of proving to themselves that yes, they are not eating and staying healthy their reality can change from the miraculous to the ?every day, no big deal?.

Malika Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
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Location: Australia

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:42 am    Post subject: LOL and the reaction of others. Reply with quote

Wow malika,your new posts are great,thank you friend and brother in light - and may i say and put my five cents worth here - with ALL of the experimentation that i have done over the years(whether these are periods of no food whatsoever,periods of "fasting",periods of eating purely for the pleasure without any "physical hunger",periods of not eating without any "physical hunger",periods of no eating WITH "physical hunger"(an experiment done without any "internal feeding/breathing" - purely to see what would happen,to prove the efficacy of "Internal Plane Prana Feeding"),periods of not eating WITH solar gazing only/or "internal feeding" only,even a few days here and there of having no hunger and no thirst,days and/or weeks (years ago) with experimentation of one type of food indulgence only - these being chocolate,or avocadoes,or ice-cream,or fruit,or nuts,or whatever...) - i have come to the same experiential conclusion as yourself and that of many others,that ONCE WE ARE HOOKED IN TO EITHER INNER PLANE PRANA FLOW AND/OR PRANA FROM OTHER SOURCES,THAT EATING IS PURELY FOR PLEASURE,SIMPLE,THAT'S ALL - Love and light - Hara Namah XXXOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Very Happy Smile Surprised Laughing Cool Shocked Razz Rolling Eyes Wink Exclamation Question Idea Arrow
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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
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Location: Northern Nevada USA

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:32 pm    Post subject: Thank you:) Reply with quote

I just wanted to express much thanks for this post:)
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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
Posts: 12
Location: Northern Nevada USA

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What I did mean to say too is that yes I think the hardest times for me have been ( I have only been non eating a week and already this has come up! )
Is when friends have had me over to where they cooked and prepared food for a bunch of us and then I have to refuse and I can see the hurt in their eyes , because I will not accept the gift of food.
I know they made it with a good heart and lots of love and there I am saying no:)

It's not a easy situation:)
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Joined: 20 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very interesting text, Malika!
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