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I'd like to introduce myself to the group...

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Joined: 09 Nov 2008
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Location: Bloomington, MN, US

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:52 pm    Post subject: I'd like to introduce myself to the group... Reply with quote

I'm a new member, actually I joined late in 2008 but am just now getting around to being active on this site so this is my first post. I'll tell a little of my story and experiences.

I'll be 27 in a week. I live in Minnesota in the USA. This is where I grew up, it's very cold here in the winter and I don't care for it. I would like to move to Nepal or Tibet perhaps sometime after 2012. Just anywhere but America. I often think I don't plan on or want to live much past age 30 or so, at least not physically, I am also studying ascension among other things. I was raised as a Baptist Christian as a child which I never accepted. I don't have a problem with Jesus, but I have a huge problem with religion and the church, as well as beliefs (which imply a subtle doubt). I was raised eating everything normal, meat, dairy, grain, etc. without much choice. One thing I did not get to have was fresh fruit smoothies or fresh green salads as a kid. So I don't think I was raised eating healthy. On my own when I moved out at 19 I immediately with some fear and anxiety left Christianity and decided to start a spiritual path at finding Truth myself. Unfortunately I started this by getting into darker things like Satanism, which I studied. I didn't agree with it, but I knew still there was something wrong with religion. Some good and some bad in it. I went through serious depression and suicidal tendencies for some years. I seriously wanted to die, I hated myself, I hated everyone, the world, I living in a kind of hell (which I now know I created for myself). That all changed when I decided to look at my diet.

In 2005 early I went from eating everything to vegan just like that. I also decided to do only raw fruit, so I was fruitarian right off the bat for about 1 or 2. I had some trouble with it, mostly too much sugar. But I felt much better, not depressed, actually happier. Very optimistic towards life and my future. I believe I healed myself of the depression. I knew now that food has a profound affect on us mentally and emotionally as well as physical health. I went back to vegan, still some fruit, and some cooked vegan foods, and that seemed better for a while. I got into superfoods, raw cacao (which I've had hundreds of pounds of, though not anymore), and really doing 100% raw food for long periods of time. I did a lot of different cleanses, and detox programs, liver/gallbladder flushes, etc.. I was really into David Wolfe, David Jubb, and Gabriel Cousins books at that time. I went for long periods of time living on nothing but raw chocolate blended so I was like a chocolate liquitarian. I had nothing but chocolate all day long everyday for very long periods. I do not recommend this to anyone! I ate nothing but bee pollen and raw honey for some periods. I tried a lot of thing, trying to eat very little and get a lot from it. I had limited success with everything I tried. I grew wheatgrass with dilute ocean water with 92 minerals, I mean you name it I did when it comes to raw foods.

I learned first of breatharianism in I think 2007. I heard HRM's method on an interview. I did sungazing for many years. I used his method and got up to 22 minutes sessions and gave up on it. I do not believe in sungazing as a way of reaching breatharianism for a lot of reasons. Everything we need is within, not without, ultimately. I also came across Alenara's website on angelfire of which I am sure most of you have seen. I studied this website with much interest. I read each page at least 10 times, I spent maybe 100 hours or more on her site. I loved the information and it resonated with me so strongly. I did not yet understand how I would do this, but I knew it was on my path for sure.

I was studying many books on spirituality, chakras, kundalini, as well as scientific interests I have in biology and microbiology and anything related to light and any sort of information I could find to support breatharianism. I read many hundreds and hundreds of books on these thing casually over years. I tried some meditation but did not have any success with it. I didn't think I could do it.

I became disillusioned with superfoods early in 2009, realizing I had not gotten the benefits I sought for so many years. To this day, I do not believe in raw foodism or superfood or anything fanatical like that. There's so many problems with it I will not even start on it. But I gave up these things. For many years I ate healthy during that day, some very light fruit like figs or blueberries, maybe a little dark chocolate, and spring water I collected locally. Then at night I when I got home I would have chips and salsa or with hummus and I guess that was my time for emotional eating, which I of course did not feel good about or afterwards. I ate for pleasure I guess for some years, not intuitively.

In 2009 I found the videos for both days on Alenara's seminar in 2002 in Poland on breatharianism. I felt this was good information and presented some different and critically important information with was not on her website. Particularly the part on the conscious method of reaching breatharianism. I decided to do the conscious method in 2009. Now I had been trying to contact this Alenara person since 2007 but the e-mail on her website was not current and I didn't know her then so I could not find her. I posted her videos on YouTube in the Fall of 2009 and that is how she later found me and we had some contact starting in December 2009.

Also to mention over the years I studied every book and everything I could find on breatharianism, including some of Jasmuheen's books, Life from Light by Michael Werner, and Life Style Without Food by Joachim Werdin, and every website or video I could find.

So some very interesting things happened for me in 2009 I want to mention. I had two TIA strokes. It was the left hemisphere of my brain that was affected and the right side of my body was very "different" during the experience, weak I guess it was. I felt a tingling and my right side was numb. This happened at work, near the end of the day. This is around the time I was to start soon with the conscious method. So I am sitting at my computer and I realize I cannot read the words, they make no sense, I see the letter and the words do not make sense, I do not understand what any word means. I was still conscious, but the left brain just was not working so well. I was able to drive home. That evening I was very cold. It summer, hot outside, in August 2009. I was so cold I was shaking like crazy. I thought I was going to die. So I prepared for it. I just started letting go, I accepted my death, and I was ready to go. I eventually went to sleep not knowing if I would wake up. And I was OK. I made peace with it. I look back on this as a kind of initiation I went through, kind of a symbolic death, to see how I would handle it. Now this experience happened a second time a month or two later, I'm not sure.

Anyway, I used cassia pod one weekend in September 2009 to clear myself out. It worked very well. I reach a place so empty, so clear, so light, and so alive. Anything I am about to write I did not think or know of at the time but I later made sense of what took place. I had a kundalini awakening and based on descriptions I have read I am quite certain my crown chakra was fully activated at that time. I felt the mind completely silent. I was aware of the Presence of God. The body stood there in the room, and I was in god shock. I thought only this "This is real, I said silently in shock, this is real" That was the only thought. I was in heaven. The colors so beautiful, so bright, so vibrant. It was a higher dimension. I remembered the timelessness of my being, that I had had other bodies, and could remember them, as I stood outside of time. I could not feel my body. I disassociated from it, and even form. I witnessed the body, and knew then I was not in control of it, and never was. Everything made sense. All is perfect. All is one. All is complete. Love is the only truth, anything less is the result of a lack of awareness, stemming from a blockage in the flow of this energy/consciousness. Death seemed like a joke in the state I was in. I realized I'm breatharian, it made sense, there was not question about it. Going the next step towards the breathless state would not be any question, if it was my karmic destiny to do so. I decided to step down from this wondrous state as it would be too much of a shock to my co-workers to go to work like this and I decided I was not ready to be in the world like this. Even in this state I witnessed my body driving my Camaro down the highway perfectly fine, even going into a store, my presence seemed to have an affect on others. I think I was in theta brain waves on that day. I've thought about that day everyday since then. It was Sept. 9, 2009. I think was my first spiritual awakening. Since then death does not concern me at all. As I stepped down I had much inner dialogue within I felt like channeling from my Higher Self, kind like spontaneous realizations, or revelations. I remember being in the shower, and just realizing my entire body was really light, not physical. I reached a state of "no suffering" in which breatharianism is found. I knew that pain and pleasure go together like opposites of a coin and are inseparable. This experience changed me permanently a lot.

Now I met this Alenara in December 2009, well she found me, and I had many questions to ask her. I was so happy to find her. At that time I saw her as a spiritual teacher and I had more respect for her than any other I had come across, and I had seen quite a few. I don't agree with others views on breatharianism, as far as 21 day method, breathing, or prana, those things I don't agree with. I agree with Alenara's views on it. Breathing should be through the crown chakra as light, not oxygen/prana from breath, that's where I part company with most aspiring breatharian and breatharians views. We all have different views on this it seems. Anyway around this time I was in a very high space, at the level of unconditional love or very close to that. This Alenara turned to be really Anita Ikonen, who was in college in North Carolina to be a PhD chemist and physicist. Well she was very fond of me and I found she wanted a relationship with me. I was overjoyed. I'd never been in love with anyone before or in a relationship. And it turns out she was exactly what I wanted, Swedish, Scorpio, scientist, spiritual, into breatharianism, and it just went on and on. It seemed we were meant to be together. I was in love with her, I still am. She wanted me to move with her, and so we getting pretty serious about things. However it did not work out we broke up I wanted to remain friends with her but she really wouldn't do that. I was very crushed and still am. It was over a year ago and I still have not gotten over it. I have a lot of work to do still on letting go of this as it has been holding me back. I was pretty pissed at her for how she treated me, but I'm not going to write anything bad about her here as that not be proper of me.

If I ever had a girlfriend, she would have to be breatharian, or someone who's into that, not less. I find meat completely disgusting as I have my whole life, and could never be attracted to a flesh eater or dairy eater. I don't know if that will ever happen. I've always felt I was meant to be single. I really do value my time being alone, I prefer that.

I did make some videos myself for YouTube at a point and sharing things on breatharianism, and it did not go so well as the comments are concerned. I had some creep from Canada copy my channel making videos mocking me, and YouTube would not shut even though he copied from my videos, so I was pretty pissed about that, and still not too happy with the folks at YouTube as they could of and should of done something about it. I deleted the channel, decided not to try to be a spiritual teacher and pretty that the world not ready to hear about breatharianism, even trying to eat vegan is too much ask of people you know. I'm not sure this kind of information should be so readily available. Maybe I just can't handle the criticism from skeptics, I don't know. But I decided until I am a real full true breatharian, I'm not going to teach about it. I don't think anyone should teach about anything they have not themselves lived experiential.

In the Fall of 2009 I got into David R. Hawkins books starting with Power vs. Force and The Eye of the I, and I. And I've read every book of his and I highly recommend them to everyone. It's given me some better understanding of the experiences I've had spiritually. I don't know where I would "calibrate" but I think my experience would have around the level of 600 on the map of consciousness who those who are familiar. Anita told me she think living on light would require 700 calibration and I think based my experiences 600, but who knows. Certainly at the level 540 at unconditional love where healing also calibrates this where the conscious method of reaching breatharianism will hopefully take one through as they heal the mental/emotional blockages that hold them back. I've heard that the level of 540 is required for healing and to over addictions. I was addicted to chocolate for many years and overcame that after this experience I had in the Fall of 2009. I was also interestingly about 20 pounds underweight (145-150 pounds) for 5 years as a vegan until this spiritual experience I had and that must have healed something because I am now at 170 pounds which is where I was before I became vegan.

In 2010 I had some experiences of rapture or ecstasy, which was a very high energy state in which I found laughing uncontrollably for even hours at a time. This made it difficult to function or even drive my car. In doing some research I found this was the anandamaya kosha or 6th level of the mind-body complex as a unit, called the bliss body. I think this was the level sankapha samadhi. These were very illuminating experiences. Unfortunately I did something to block these experiences so I could function. These experiences would be like 570-590 for example on the map of consciousness. The key being to surrender that level and reach 600 where sat-chit-anada or being in silent bliss replaces the overwhelming spiritual ecstasy which is a state of endless energy. I've had trouble getting back to these levels. It's long story. I would like to go into it another time.

I have a lot more to share and a lot of questions for the group which I will get around to eventually. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoyed my story. We each have our own unique way of finding breatharianism, and it's interested to hear people's experiences.

Jeffrey Sand
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Joined: 09 Jun 2010
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Jeffrey

Welcome, and thanks for sharing, read your post - I see certain similarities in my path actually.

I check into this group occasionally, and paste over my food blog here (and general ramblings), for anyone who might find it at all interesting

God bless!

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Joined: 09 Nov 2008
Posts: 48
Location: Bloomington, MN, US

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, thank you, I imagine there would be many similarities with me and others on this path, though each of ours are unique in different ways of course. We work through all the B.S. and distractions to eventually arrive at some inner Truth experientially/subjectively, finally understanding it's not "out there" to be found any where but "in here". Truth is more like context and not content, more formless than form, more non-linear and not linear, etc.. Many paths to the same goal there are, if that goal is realization of Self as God eclipsing the self as ego. Thankfully we can take rest in knowing we would not be on this path if it was not our destiny, we would not even know of it. It's only a matter of when, not if. At least that's what I keep reminding myself of.

Jeff Cool
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PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2011 1:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome Jeffrey !
I am happy to read you, thank you for sharing.
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