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47. SYMPTOMS - pains

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 5:33 pm    Post subject: 47. SYMPTOMS - pains Reply with quote


You may feel pain in any place of the body, although it usually happens not at the same time. The most often, which appears first, is headache. Other pains, in the region of the heart, stomach, liver, kidneys or pain of a joint, spine, intestine, muscle, may occur at any time and may last from a second to a few days (longer lasting pain is quite rare).

A pain during fasting indicates that the body is eliminating the cause of the concerned organ's disease, that is, repairs it (restores the organ's state of the perfect function). So, it is a reason more to be happy then afraid. The bigger is the organ's problem, the more it can pain and the longer time may take the reparation. It happens quite often, that an organ pains although the fasting person considered it healthy. Not until the pain appeared the person was not aware of the organ's disease.

The longer the person is fasting, the fewer pains appear — it's the result of the self cleaning and self repairing processes of the body. But it may also happen, that after a few months of happy living without any food, suddenly a piercing heart pain arises. In this case most often it is an indication of an energetic change taking place (for example, increasing activity of the chakra), reaction to higher perception in the non-material dimension, self cleaning of the aura. This pain is not caused by a physical change of the material body organ.

Other, quite often cause of the pains happening during fasting, are physical movements of the body organs. During fasting some organs shrink and the fat tissues are eliminated. This causes changes in the muscle tone and changes in the interacting position of the body organs. It may be clearly felt especially in the abdomen.

I recall the pain in my abdomen, in July 2001, lasting for about two weeks; quite unpleasant because it was difficult for me to sit upright or lye down straight for longer then just a few minutes. Only when I bended the body, the pain stopped. The cause was the increase of the space under the diaphragm. It was induced by factors like: full emptying of the intestine, shrinking of the intestine, liver and kidneys, eliminating of the fat tissues from this space. Thus the diaphragm was forced to work harder, because it was not supported from the bottom as much as before.

Besides the pains occurring because of the energetic changes or those caused by the movements of the internal body organs, another strong pain may suddenly appear. In such case you may need to consult a doctor. As an example, let me give you another of my experiences.
In the forth month of the non-eating I suddenly started to feel, almost making me to faint, a strong piercing pain in the right part of the abdomen and the dorsum (which I could compare only to what feels a woman giving birth). I went to a hospital begging for an immediate strong analgesic. Later, after a few hours of examination, the doctor said, it was caused by something which clogged the ureter. My conclusion was, that only after four months of the non-eating, the stone that I had in my kidney fell into the ureter. Because its diameter was larger, it was causing so much pain when moving down.

So, as you can see, such an similar pain surprises are possible. In some rare cases an unexpected thing may happen, to which the body will react with a strong pain, and what may be dangerous for the health of the body. In such a case consulting a doctor is advisable. But most often it is not a reason for resuming the eating.
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