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Prana Nourishment and nutritional requiements

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Joined: 16 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:43 am    Post subject: Prana Nourishment and nutritional requiements Reply with quote

Hi All

Aren?t we in danger of suffering nutritional deficiencies if we don?t eat a so-called balanced diet?

Depends on the individual concerned and how well tuned they are as previously discussed. Many think that being nourished by pure prana alone without eating physical food means the body is not receiving its full range of vitamin and mineral supplies? (this could be very true if they?re not doing things right). If one is public about be nourished by prana they may be ?challenged? by friends and family as to where they get all their nutrients if they don?t eat? With questions like ?Where do you get iron from?, How are you getting your protein?, it can become tedious after a while, through others lack of understanding, Again, important not to be judgmental. Basically this has been answered in the first question re how can someone be sustained by prana without eating, but I add this: I would say it depends on how well tuned the individual concerned is. What nutritionists and scientists call minerals, vitamins etc. are on another level cosmic particles contained within the flow of prana. Prana contains all the nutrients, building blocks we require for perfect health on all levels.

The physical body does require nourishment or else it will die, True!, that is not in question. It is just that mass consciousness believes it is necessary to eat physical food to obtain our necessary nourishment to keep the body alive, NOT True! This belief of course is born from identifying ourselves as a physical body with a digestive system designed to consume and process and deliver so called vitamins etc into bio-system for our energy requirements. When one has awakened their ?inner knowing? and tuned themselves consciously to absorb all their energy requirements from the inner plane limitless flow of life-force energy ? prana, then that delivers into the bio-system a far superior form of nourishment than even the healthiest helping of ?healthy food? can do. A pranic nourisher who in meditation is intentionally absorbing prana into his/her energy system is doing the same thing as someone sitting down and eating food. One is drawing their nourishment by way of physical food which is prana in a densified form, the other drawing directly form the inner planes, bypassing the physical process of food absorption. In this scenario the person eating is already being nourished by prana as everyone is, (most without the awareness of it) but unless they have tuned themselves, their prana flow is too weak to be nourished by prana alone, hence they eat to sustain themselves and don?t have any realisation of prana and it?s ability to nourish us. And that?s okay as most love their food and not prepared to give it up. The prana journey is for those who have moved passed the so called ?pleasure of eating food? and instead prefer the nourishment of Divine Love flowing through their bio-system.

So it stands to reason that if we have tuned ourselves to absorb prana directly into our cells then there's no need to worry about nutritional deficiencies or any ill effects from not eating, it is not even an issue at all. If you go around thinking "I need to eat such and such a food to get a particular vitamin or mineral then that is a negative message to the mind/body connection. So it is essential to have a belief system fully supporting the fact that prana can feed us with all we require and to make sure with our lifestyle that we stay in what I affectionately term the ?prana zone', and it?s a great zone to be in!


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Joined: 01 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:09 pm    Post subject: Re: Prana Nourishment and nutritional requiements Reply with quote

Nutrition is a misconception of how the body works. If people learn you are fasting, they will often ask where you are getting your iron or protein.

First of all, let's discuss the misconception of the structure of the body. The human body is arranged of chemicals which are linked together by energy. The total structure we name: the human body. When someone asks you where you are getting your iron from, they are really asking where do you specifically get a chemical named iron.

First of all, such a specific chemical, is not necessary to be obtained. If iron is not consumed, the body can convert other chemicals into iron, provided one has the proper intuition (state of mind) to know how to direct the endocrine system of the body to do this. Since most people don't have such intuition, they DO need to eat iron, because they have no way of replacing lost iron from fasting. But this is only because the body has no other way of creating iron. People who have no such limitation, have no need to fear such loss.

Secondly, since any chemical can be converted into another if enough energy is appied correctly, you really only need one chemical. This could be, oxygen, or something else which is easy to obtain without actually eating. Some people use photons (sunlight) since it is one of the most fundamental building blocks. Water is often used for people who are not breatharian yet.

Thirdly, most people have very poor bodily and genetic structure. They actually have too much iron and protein and fat, and not enough other things which the body really needs. Most of this condition is due to poor diet. If someone were born here who was already enlightened, their body would be very different than ours. They would have much less heavy metals in the body, and many more transition metals. They would have less bulk to muscle and bones, but they would be stronger. Their brain would have much more surface area and many more dendrites than is typical of the species.

The idea that one needs lots of iron to survive, is wrong for many reasons. At the most fundamental level of existence, matter is created from energy alone. A person who has learned to exist at such a level, no longer needs to breathe. If you were to look at the inside of such a person, the body would be so different that we probably wouldn't call them human anymore.
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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:33 am    Post subject: Awesome! Reply with quote

Hi All - this thread is even better than the last one !!! i agree implicitly with both of you - imagine what the bodies are like of the kids that are being born to parents that are being pranically nourished and/or Breatharian,they must be so efficient,pure,clean and have a pure flow of unblocked energy throughout their entire systems - one could surmise!? and yes as for the so-called nutritional requirements,it has been proven in experiments with rats in laboratories in The States - ( on the topic of absorbing photons in the practice of Solar Yoga anyway) - that LED'S(Light-Emitting-Diodes) triggered the exact same chemical processes that glucose does- after food molecules being broken down - in the cellular Mitachondria where the production of ATP occurs,when the infra-red part of the solar spectrum was flashed through the eyes of these "experimental mice" - in other words(i am not explaining myself very well here i'm afraid!) the photons of light from the LED's,like the photons of light from the Sun - as they are the same wavelength during the "safe-times" whilst sungazing! - produce energy in the same way that food molecules do via glucose after carbohydrates,proteins,glycerol,e.t.c are broken down - in other words again,in this scenario at least,Light becomes a substitute for food basically!!! i have yet to come across a valid "hypothesis" for exactly how this whole process could be explained that a lot of us are involved in - at least those of us that are taking our prana in predominantly through the inner-realms (and/or with a combination of sunlight or whatever else it may be?) but i feel that the time is close where these things that we have been discussing for years will one day be common,as i'm sure that for those of us that are becoming deeper and deeper established in our inner-connections with Divine Energy at some point it probably seems - at least it does for me! - like crossing a hurdle and going - "oh,the hard part is over now(as in Transitioning anyway!) and what a wonderful experience this is and has been" - for instance,remember for those who became Vegetarian and /or Vegan at some point or Raw-Fooder/Fruitarian,e.t.c and that initial period where one is still detoxing the crap from the previous dietary regime,e.t.c then there comes a point where you simply realize that - "Hey,there is a different reality at play here now,i feel different,a higher vibration exists here now,i feel AMAZING" - THIS IS HOW I SEE TRANSITIONING,WHETHER IT IS FROM VEGETARIAN TO VEGAN,OR FROM VEGAN TO RAW,OR FROM RAW TO FRUIT,OR FROM FRUIT TO LIQUIDS,OR FINALLY,FROM LIQUIDS TO BREATHARIAN...AND LIKE IT HAS BEEN REITERATED HERE FROM TIME TO TIME IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS,THE PRESENCE OF FEAR SIMPLY BLOCKS THE FLOW OF DIVINE ENERGY,IT IS NO MORE COMPLICATED THAN THIS I FEEL,AS ONCE THE BLOCKS OF FEAR HAVE GONE,THERE CAN BE NEXT TO NOTHING OR INDEED NOTHING IN ONE'S SYSTEM WITH AN INCREASE IN ENERGY,STAMINA,MENTAL CLARITY,EMOTIONAL BLISS,SPIRITUAL ECSTACY AND A FLOW OF NEVER-ENDING LOVE/ENERGY/PRANA/CHI/ E.T.C THAT SIMPLY SUSTAINS,EXPANDS,RADIATES AND VIBRATES SO HIGH AND DEEP SIMULTANEOUSLY THAT ONE INDEED - AS YOU SO ELOQUENTLY SAID DRAGINVRY - THAT ONE "COULD" AT SOME POINT TRANSCEND THE HUMAN STATE - WHAT AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS WE ARE ON THE CUSP OF EXPERIENCING NOT JUST INDIVIDUALLY BUT AS A SPECIES - IN LOVE,LIGHT AND LAUGHTER - HARA NAMAH. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Joined: 22 Mar 2009
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Location: Portugal

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 4:58 pm    Post subject: THANK YOU ALL Reply with quote

Hi All,

Thank you very much for all these explanations.
These are golden information for me.
I will stop eating soon and all these explanations are always welcome.
I'm trying to read everything that you (all of you) write.
It's very useful !!!

Light, Love and Peace

Very Happy Smile Very Happy Smile Very Happy Smile Very Happy Smile Very Happy Smile Very Happy Smile Very Happy Smile
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Joined: 16 Feb 2005
Posts: 97
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi you guys, great to have you along ricklff, love to read anything you might want contribute, Yes, Hara all those yummy thing you mention,imagine if some of these kids popping ecstasy pills at Nightclubs could instead tap into the ecstasy of DIVINE LOVE, also to boot is MORE MONEY IN OUR POCKET, MORE TIME AVAILABLE TO US. Yes, saying consciousness creates matter is so true as the thoughts, feelings and the pictures we hold of ourselves in our mind create our reality, now this concept is nothing new to anyone who is interested in and studied metaphysical topics, especially with plethora of books appearing on the bookshelves of late regarding the Law of Attraction since the movie ?The Secret? was released. The amazing thing is though how we can apply these principles of the Law of Attraction to the molecular and cellular structure of our bio-system, that is the energy fields of our physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. And it is particularly pertinent for pranic nourishers being able to maintain a desired weight, strength and radiant health who are ingesting no (or very small amounts of) physical food.
Take a person who is obese, for most I am sure they don?t enjoy their obesity for the obvious reasons of the many potential health problems that can lead from being obese as well as the associated self-image issues etc. So they all likelihood are keen to lose weight through the methods of eating less, doing whatever exercise they can manage, following a weight loss program they have given etc. However, was really over-eating, lack of exercise etc. that created them to become obese in first place? On one level - Yes! Reasoning: eat too much food, don?t exercise = put on weight. That sounds logical. And if is someone is overweight without a doubt they need to take the necessary physical action if they desire to be healthy weight. Likewise a person is unhealthily underweight for their stature needs to address that by building muscle bulk, eating an appropriate healthy diet etc.
Now, with the Pranic Nourishment game there is a higher truth to weight, strength and health being determined by how much or how little food we digest. This is a higher truth behind the logic of eat more to gain weight, eat less to lose weight as just presented in the last paragraph. In truth it is the programs (of thoughts, feelings and pictures) we have installed and running in our subconscious mind that determines our weight, health, in fact everything in our life but this article is regarding our subconscious programming in relation to maintaining stable healthy weight being nourished purely by prana whether we decide at times or not. All pranic nourishers who have proved to themselves that they can maintain stable weight and stay healthy without eating for a long period of time know what a misconception ?if you don?t eat you will waste away? is. We think in pictures, and we hold pictures of ourselves, we look in the mirror daily and this is confirmation of what we look like, our body form, what our hair and face look like etc. Incidentally if you don?t believe we think in pictures, think about it, every time you think about the next action you?re going to take like walking to your front door to open it, going to your computer to turn it on etc. you form the picture in your mind of doing it. When you think of people and past events you have pictures in your mind of those images.
Our body obediently follows the instructions we are giving to it, however most of the time for most this happening in a very haphazard way. We are just going along in life being run by outmoded programs from our subconscious mind, (which just explained runs every single aspect of our life), reacting to external events in the same robotic way, just existing and scraping by. This is a very disempowering way to live our life and keeps us limited and living life far below our true potential for abundance, happiness and health. So to get to the ?meat? of this article, so to speak, in order to maintain health and stable weight from living on prana we need to re-program the subconscious mind, rewire the neural pathways of the brain. I suspect, and it?s only theory on my part, that we already hold programming within cellular memory of being in a physical form and being nourished by prana, maybe in Lemuria or another physical existence. So it maybe more of a reawakening of knowledge already held with and that we just need to activate rather than a programming. This is why it is wise to check within, go into the silence and ask your inner guru, your higher-self aspect if you?re encoded to live on prana in this embodiment. If the answer is yes then you may want to ask your inner guidance to guide your transition process so it unfolds perfectly and you maintain perfect weight and health on all levels of your being whilst gradually reducing food intake.
Also we can consciously reprogram our subconscious, our bio-computer as some call it to maintain healthy weight whether we eat or not. We do this through our thoughts ? mantras/affirmations, feelings and imagery holding in our mind the way we want to be such as strong, fit, healthy and muscular. We can use this for nay part of our form we desire to change. This must be coupled with total FAITH, KNOWING, BELIEF that this is how you are NOW! Any doubt will hinder the process. If I can?t explain this fully in an understandable way that?s my shortcoming but the way I see how it works basically like this: when we are continually focused on a particular thought combined with imagery and FEELING which are the two components to give the thought power we send out an energetic thought emanation, then it?s the continual focussing of this thought emanation causes molecules and atoms that our body structure is made of to swirl around and coalesce into a physical form that mirrors the thoughts we are projecting.
Recently I had an amazing experience when walking when I really sensed all around me life-force (prana) flowing through the trees, dogs, birds, insects, and yes this is the force that gives life to everything, including us. I already on an intellectual level but it was quite something to actually feel this on a more reality level. So, spend time imagining prana as bright light flowing through your energy system, your chakras and energy pathways, vitalising them, then filling your muscles bulking them up, vitalising your bones, flowing through your bloodstream cleaning and carrying all the building blocks to deliver radiant health to every cell of your body, filling all your organs with vitality, etc. etc. etc. whatever you can think of. Here we are imaging strong muscles and bones and all aspects of physiology you want to improve. If we can?t hold the thought long enough or often enough or doubt creeps in the energy dissipates and nothing is achieved. This is classic law of attraction, Like attracts Like but applied to using to create a strong healthy body and allow prana to flow strongly enough through our energy system to nourish us on all levels, which we also have to for. Didn't mean to write so much, better stop now, Malika
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I really resonate with this line of posts. I especially like what Bhairavananda posted:

" i feel that the time is close where these things that we have been discussing for years will one day be common,as i'm sure that for those of us that are becoming deeper and deeper established in our inner-connections with Divine Energy at some point it probably seems - at least it does for me! - like crossing a hurdle and going - "oh,the hard part is over now(as in Transitioning anyway!) and what a wonderful experience this is and has been."

I'm not sure LSWF will be a common practice until the consciousness of millions of seemingly separate personalities come to a much Higher level of Awareness, an Awareness that transcends the limits of separate egos, concepts and theories and rises into True Knowledge.

But key to this is the Knowledge that each and everyone of us are just aspects of the One that is All, the IAM. Then all of the illusions of the mind and all of its limitations will disintegrate. When this happens for millions of personalities around the planet, this will act like a catalyst for the outpouring of such a Spirit of Love and compassion for everyone and everything, that the whole game of limitation and suffering will be over and we can all move on to Lighter and more enjoyable games in the matrix of the physical plane. Then living on the inner Light or Prana or whatever non-physical form of energy, will just be a byproduct of this expanded level of Awareness.

I have always had an inner Knowingness, since my first Awakening in 1980, that the time would come in my spiritual walk, that I would give up all attachment to everything physical and live on Light alone. And that time has come. I am still in the Master Cleanse phase for 21 days, but this is just in preparation for the transition that Bhairavananda lays out in his post: "FROM VEGETARIAN TO VEGAN,OR FROM VEGAN TO RAW,OR FROM RAW TO FRUIT,OR FROM FRUIT TO LIQUIDS,OR FINALLY,FROM LIQUIDS TO BREATHARIAN." I have already gone through the first two transitions, vegetarian to vegan 30 years ago. But on January 1st I just went right to the Master Cleanse, or Lemonade Diet and this has just been an exquisite experience of a much expanded level of Awareness, a greater level of peace and joy and much higher energy and just overall enthusiasm for this game of life in the matrix.

I can feel the Life of Love flowing into my crown chakra and I often just stop what I am doing to surrender to the ecstasy and the bliss of this experience. As you quoted, "DRAGINVRY - THAT ONE "COULD" AT SOME POINT TRANSCEND THE HUMAN STATE - WHAT AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS WE ARE ON THE CUSP OF EXPERIENCING NOT JUST INDIVIDUALLY BUT AS A SPECIES - IN LOVE,LIGHT AND LAUGHTER - HARA NAMAH." Ah what an experience to ponder on, to BE simultaneously Aware at every level, from the illusion of physical, emotion and mental matrices, up to the highest level of IAM Truth. All Here, all Now. And to create whatever intuition inspires in the moment on any level of the three levels of the matrix. And to dematerialize the holographic body and rematerialize it at will. And to teleport the holographic body, or more accurately, create an environment around the holographic body of one's choice in the moment, and experience it fully on any level, physical, emotional, mental.

These are the images of the kind of Freedom I envision for this personality expression of the IAM. I have a certain Knowingness that all of this will be the experiences I am given. And not only for this personality matrix, but for the whole of the human matrix, DNA program. It Truth, it all happens Now, there is no past or future. All possibilities happen now, as in the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Physics. And, in Truth, it is all just the Cosmic Dream. Not Real, as in the Reality of the IAM in Itself. Just Play in the Dream. But the Divine Play is just for the fun of it and I am really now enjoying it.

Thanks all for contributing to this really uplifting line of posts.
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