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Helping Living on Light using Hypnosis

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:53 am    Post subject: Helping Living on Light using Hypnosis Reply with quote

Hey guys...

Anybody know if it's possible to use hypnosis to help in the process (way) of becoming a breatharian ?
Using hypnosis, the subconscious can be programmed or reprogrammmed to run a new program (and a programming can be also removed).
So, theoretically, someone could remove all the programming about food from the subconcious and reprogram it to a bratharianism lifestyle.
Of course that it would be only a help. It won't do all the work.
But the point I want to discuss is that maybe it would make the way a lot easier and simpler.
What do you think about it ?
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Definitely, no doubt about it. Ignorance of how relatively easy is to circumvent the concscious and program the subject is one of the reasons most people is so liable to mind control through things like tv mainly, which is a powerful hypnotic device, and abundant in food adds I suppose by the way.

One issue that I see is: how are you going to find a hypnotherapist who agrees on programming you not to eat! Smile He or she should be acquainted with out topic, and even so I doubt he could overcome the fear that he may kill you through starvation and being legally liable for it.

About self-hypnosis, I never understood how can you properly be in trance and command yourself. Something surely can be done in a light trance, as in alpha brain waves, and I confess I havent penetrated properly the issue, but I am skeptic by now.

Consequently we have to content ourselves with self-suggestion/visualization. In fact they are one and the same, for visualization greatly increases the effectiveness of self-suggestion.

Another issue that I see here, is that the theoretical approach that we favor on why inedia works or is possible will have an impact on the images. People who favor the latest Steve Torrence/old Wiley Brooks view of mere-habit, would proceed in a similar way to overcoming any addiction, of which there are many guidelines in hypnotherapy practice. Those believing there are transmutation inside your body from ether/white light/primordial prana/astral matter, should command the depths of their unconscious to trigger the program. Not sure about DNA reprogramming, but those liking that possibility can command and visualize it changing at that micro-level, which even if useless, is interesting to do.

In a general sense of course, we have to visualize ourselves healthy and energetic in our new inediant us. You can program yourself to be disgusted by food, but that is a dangerous step to take in my opinion, as we are not sure by now inedia is for 100% of humans potentially, and there is still a chance one is not for it. Experience is everything in this subject, therefore I would proceed with caution. I would content myself to programming on being disgusted for all bad food, which, after all, is most of it, that way you would be programmed for an acceptable diet at the least.

Maybe if you dont like having an emaciated look, you could entertain images of yourself with a heavier body, like Manek, Baranova or this other Russian woman who organize a congress and is rather fat, dont mean to doubt her or disrespect her, but that is at least peculiar.

Something that I personally could try is to bring myself to my original pristine state, when a child, when my mother had to yell at me and even beat me sometimes to force me to eat. I have still vague memories of the feeling of torture. My most hated food was cod Smile Our childhood is deeply imbeded in our unconscious, because from 1 to 7 years old, (ruled by Moon in astrology, and Moon is emotional reaction important as you know for many people react to emotional distress eating) there is no frontal lobe activity at all, is all limbic system, which means you are totally open to programming. That's why people who are born in a seriously Catholic family tend to be Catholic, if materialistic so idem, or if suffer sexual abuse can later be a raper, etc, and why children that watch a lot of tv probably will be in mind control for life.

Probably mixing intense emotions is useful, since the unconscous is seat of emotions too. Any kind of emotion included intense desire can be of use.

If I was to pass a judgement on effectiveness of self-suggestion from experience I would say this: moderate but subtle, long-lasting and often much after the time results, which means, the work you do now can let feel its influence many years after.

Arguably self-suggestion should be an activity of choice when in a serious attempt to enter inedia, or at least using some sort of process teasing the system to slip in there even if still not really determine to try, provided you have energy and focus enough, plus ability to relax deeply, needed as you know to enter at least alpha.

Lastly, I want to say that after all it is not a great issue. If you are studying inedia, are part of this forum, chances are you are extremely out of mind control, that is to say, societal suggestion matters little in your reality and probably the mere fact that we expend time reading and thinking and experimenting with fasting and the like have already reprogrammed the unconscious.
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