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Spiritual awakening and evolution

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:23 am    Post subject: Spiritual awakening and evolution Reply with quote

Excuse me for the translation.
I don“t know english very well but I want to share my experience up today with all of you.
"In May 1979, at age 20, he came in me the proposition: this is a world of violence, lies and wickedness; if Truth and Happiness there, today I intend to find them!
Thereafter would question any statement made by anyone to verify its accuracy from my own experience.
I left the accounting career and began the search for the books because I thought it was the most practical way to collect information. Not having been very reader began to read avidly on philosophy, psychology, sociology, politics, economics, novels, poetry and especially Orientalism (notably Krishnamurti and Zen Buddhism) as a direct and inmendiata promised satisfaction to my concern.
At the same time practiced "home" yoga based on the literature before it, reaching a deep state of peace and detachment whose most important supernatural expression was still in the lotus position to have the experience of extracorporeidad.
However, after a few months I noticed a stalemate and I realized that I was isolating myself from the world. I left the books and yoga and started a pottery course at the end of that year and racing social assistance and social psychology with the practice of kung fu the next year.
My time was full of activities and relationships that caused me well for the intensity and flow of lived experiences.
In mid-1980, a fellow who was studying social work invited me to a meeting of the group that was part called "The Community". I attended and after a brief period when I inquired at his teaching, because institutional embraced with great enthusiasm and dedication.
"L.C." was defined as a social and cultural institution oriented development and balance of human, non-profit or religious or political connotations.
Held as central ideas:
a) "There is no meaning in life if everything ends with death" (belief in personal transcendence as a useful means to face life positively).
b) "Humanize the Earth" (breaking the isolation and selfish isolation of individuals and groups within the immediate environment of personal relationships).
c) "Banish the violence" (promoting non-violence).
d) "Treat others as you want them to do unto you." Along with performing the dissemination of these ideas among my acquaintances, I began experiencing strange changes in me.
They began to alternate periods of a few days of euphoria with other sadness. In the first, I felt very forces, exacerbation of sexual desire, absolute conviction to the words pronounced and projecting my inner self to others. Sometimes at night I slept like a nuclear power plant was ready to explode, I was very hot, trembling, general contraction of the body with difficulty breathing desolation and despair and uncertainty about what was coming.
At other times experiencing listlessness, insecurity and fear of ridicule to tell others about positive ideas. While persecution had often slept more reassuring nightmares and other dreams about water.
These stages are dimmed to a growing balance of peace, understanding, strength and joy. I began to have some brief moments when my vision was lit and intuition go a sloping path and that something important was brewing in me.
I had a dream of extraordinary sharpness it was a lone warrior armed with a sword and with the ability to elevate and defeat a large army in a night battle.
A few nights later I had another dream even clearer quiet walking through a tunnel in the dark at the bottom of which a light that attracted me looked and intensified as it moved until I reached the end and the ineffable light of noon on a unfamiliar city without shadows dazzled me.
Two or three days later, on August 19, 1981, with about 10 in the morning and being in my work, I felt a huge light force that amounted to my body and to get my head shone even more and transformed my visual perception and how he had hitherto known the world and myself.
The experience gave aproximandamente 10 months after symptoms have begun cyclical and lasted about 2 or 3 seconds to occur and lighting effects lasted for long. This state is characterized by interior lighting and the world, visual depth, feeling and body outward projection window, certain he was feeling the Real world unlike the previous gray and monotonous existence, felt lighter body, indescribable joy and desire to express the experience to others; mental clarity, could rule my thoughts, aside from fear and violence, deep peace, liberation from suffering.
I related what had happened to me with the Buddha-enlightenment and the "expansion of consciousness or illumination space representation" as outlined objectives of the studies of inner perfection of "LC"; although my colleagues did not understand what was happening.
But I missed that subsisted in me several questions: why were suffering, violence and death?
Having given public testimony of what had happened to me, why do others and especially my teammates had not experienced the same ?.
I continued participating in "LC" even more fervently that I felt gave satisfaction to my original questions about the Truth and Happiness.
Since the institution had stagnated in terms of its membership, the "counselors" proposed that I mudase me from Santa Fe to Rosario because there was a more numerous "structure" and could develop a more fruitful activity and saw me very excited.
I agreed, and on September 4, 1982 I moved to Rosario after selling all my books, records and audio equipment; and let my studies, work and relationships.
I spent part of the dirigencial gurpo as secretary of meeting minutes, task accepted considering that was reciķen arrived and people did not know.
I gained a sense of weakness which causes thought I was in some fault in me as had happened in the past.
One afternoon activity internal working group called "criticism and self-criticism" which consisted of sitting in a circle and take turns saying he saw each negative behavior of each member and of itself was performed. Great was my surprise when I noticed that there was general agreement on the individual failings of all and I previously suspected but diffusely it cost me doubt my "mentors" whom he saw as spiritual references but sometimes looked at them unsuitable behaviors institutional doctrine such as heated arguments, jokes, gestures of pride, lies, discourteous treatment, etc.
Since the objective of this activity, once recognized errors in the actions was correct and this did not occur; after a few days I left the institution.
I went into a difficult situation because I was just in a strange city, without relations and without work (the money he had taken had donated largely to LC or had spent to pay my share of rent an apartment and board.
However I was not desperate for me had the backing of solid experiences, but I thought then that my "powerful" will had served only to take me to that impasse.
Then ran in October 1982 when he came to my mind that the poor clothes I had and that it was all my belongings had saved a pocket bible of those who publish the Gideons and had given us all an evangelical fellow classmates while studying social assistance.
I never wanted to read it because I repulsed the cult image of a dead or dying man hanging on a cross or charlatan preachers. Jesus had a megalomaniac.
I took it, opened it and started to read it and as it did so was realizing that JESUS ​​LIVED IN ME.
There I began to have definitive answers. I had the experience of the traveler who comes home after a trip with surprises.
I lived in Rosario a year living alone in a boarding house with a precarious peace work suffer in times of hardship until I returned to Santa Fe.
I searched for fellow Christians included in all Catholic churches but found only hypocrisy and complicity in the folly of their cults.
Since then I have met many people in terms of sharing my spiritual discovery is not mine. I lived periods of lethargy and other indoor growing since 2000 and thanks to my God who live united in their love feel his continued protection and blessing that result in well-being and knowledge is always increasing.
In June 2009 I left home.
The family atmosphere (wife and son) choked me not finding company in spiritual life.
I knew that this separation should be joyfully. After some painful attempts I managed to do it.
I was not wrong.
In the past four years made ​​that strengthened my attitude and I drove on unlimited growth and unexpected happened to me.
In November 2010 he was tabletting. They were taking 8 pills per day. For depression, pressure, anxiety, insomnia and dietary supplement.
By then I went back to the doctor and told him the pills for insomnia since I was not working.
He said he would give me a new hypnotic sleep I would. I replied that I had never made hypnotic effect. He added that this was a new one yes I would.
I bought it anyway but to see that I was not a result decided to seek help in alternative medicine and allopathic cut.
I went to a homeopath medication besides, I said a plan to go leaving allopathic remedies and Diamond antidieta if it is not vegetarian, raises food selection.
After three days I felt different.
Over time dawned on me that vegetarian food should be the best.
By the time I was also left wondering whether the fish of the sea, it occurred to me that the March 19, 2011 walking around my neighborhood, I saw like a car ran over the neighbor's dog.
The agony of the animal must have lasted a minute or two but for me that time was ETERNAL. The thought that came over me was that same way that all animals had died I had eaten in my life.
I never ate any meat or wanted to.
I started a vegetarian diet including cereals and legumes.
But my gut was not working well. It had been a succession of constipation of several irregular bowel movements in the morning and many very odorous gases throughout the day.
I consulted with other vegetarians and they said it was a normal transition.
In June 2012 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a severe autoimmune disease that destroys the small joints of hands and feet. I really had also touched his shoulders and I think the spine.
A few days Palmetti Nestor was in Santa Fe giving an intensive workshop on the root cause and cure of disease.
I attended and I found compelling reasons. I decided to start the purifier package that includes the live feed.
Colonic hydrotherapy with my large intestine had a before and after.
The symptoms of the disease and fell 6 months I knew he had defeated.
It had been a nightmare to a dream that never want to wake up.
The food made ​​me live a conflict with the Bible that had been my bedside before.
It was impossible that God had disregarded the importance of food for spiritual elevation.
I searched all religions and found the Essene Gospel where Jesus teaches crudiveganismo debugging and error with the only milk.
I began to feel better every day in every way. Every day a new sun dawning in my life even if it was cloudy.
For a few months I began to regain record Light August 19, 1981 with the conviction that this time not decline but will be enhanced greatly.
From the night of April 2, 2014 Light was installed and I know that this time will be forever. It will never escape me.
From 1 July I started eating only fruits.
The fast of a week ending August 10, 5 days dry, 1 juice and 1 water was very effective and transformative.
I was greatly enhanced in the path taken.
Since September 1, I started with a single daily meal as prolonged fasting made ​​me lose a lot of weight.
Finished another group fasting on September 22 I was invited to manage, I felt I was in addition to continuing spiritual ascent losing any material relationship with food.
Tended to the more subtle physiological foods like juices and better if they were diluted in water.
Its sweet flavors that attracted me so much for its natural sugars began to seem cloying; and with unnatural food binges began to lose weight.
The sun and nature attracted me more and more.
I was sleeping a few hours and really focused on the process alive. It was more aware of everything.
Sensed that he was coming to the cherished top.
On October 5, 2014 I posted on Facebook: "I was reflecting on my cravings recently by certain unnatural foods and have concluded that this is due to my endocrine system has begun to change in the process toward living Light.
The phenomenon is very similar to what happens to most pregnant: irrepressible desire for a specific food or other food and irreplaceable; at any time of day, can be indifferent or even rejected in the past and producing a special pleasure to consume.
I hope this does not last me 9 months. jejejejeje
Other current signs: greater clarity, concentration, consciousness expansion, joy, peace, strength. "
From October 8 I stopped eating solid.
From a group fasting a week I realized that my body could hold the weight with juice fasts and not dry and water that had been tried before.
This result was an increase in power immaterial.
At that time it was realized that this program was installed on my"
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