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the life inside Earth

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 3:49 pm    Post subject: the life inside Earth Reply with quote

Would you like to visit the land inside Earth, the civilization living there?
What do you think about it?
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 2:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think a good explanation to this is the idea of an intelligence, like the sun,
beeing this planet. Like a "seperate" councious entity, "having" earth like its body,
wisely housing all the inhabitants. That would explain all this logically, like the constant healing of the planet,
the way a rock, dust and air pulsate with beeing. Our "big" brother is looking after us.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello dear friends Smile

by all these phenomena I am thinking of stories I have read about parallel worlds which exist beside our material world. When I worked as a research medium we did get the answer from our spiritual guides that there are so many of these worlds, but normally we cannot see them. My spiritual guides showed me often such worlds when I was in trance and my Reading-Leader, Peter, asked them question, which I answered in the function as medium. Peter Kirchner has of all these readings protocols.

I am sure, that nearly every of us, has had a contact to one of these worlds in his life, but most of us does not notice it.

Yes, this world within the earth is real - it is a real parallel world. Perhaps the voyage expedition will find it, I wish them that luck, then they can tell us all about their exiting experience, and I will be fascinated again about the immensity of the creation and I will believe it.

Then comes another voyage expedition and they will not be successful in finding the whole through one comes into the other dimension ? and the realists of our earth are once more convinced that all that is a fairytale or a lie.


I try to translate two of these stories:

Dislocation of space and time

J. Michell and R.J.M. Rickard: "the world puts full miracles", Eccon Verl., 1977

Laura Jean Daniels told the Columnist Joyce hailing horn in the Dearborn presses (Michigian, 10.Mai 1973), she went one evening to the late shift on deserted roads home and had a look up to the moon as she again its urban environment wanted to regard, it had disappeared! There were no longer the even going IGP slats, and I went along a with clinkers paved way. No houses stood on both sides, but about l00 meters before me I recognized a straw-covered small house... the night smelled heavily after roses and goat-leaves.

When I followed the way closer that brought me to the house, I saw two people sitting in the garden, a man and a woman in very old-fashionable clothes. The two were obviously fall in love very much, embraced themselves, and I could recognize the face expression of the woman.

While I still asked myself, how I should become apparent, a small dog approached yapping on me:
It trembled at the whole body. The man looked up and called the dog too, and he stopped barking. Nevertheless, I felt somehow that the man could not see me; I smelled the flowers and felt the handle of the garden door under my hand.

While I still considered, what I should do, I turned me after the way, on which I had come and saw - again my road!

But I felt still the handle in my hand. I saw again to the small house ?but it had disappeared.

I stood on open road, completely in the proximity of my entry door. The house, the lovers and the small dog had disappeared.

In the middle in the empty area without all life
(strange experiencing of a dimension change)
J.P.L. Chapman, Poole, Dorset, English one. out: The other world, Vol.((1967), P. 696

One spring morning 1956 I awaked with a raving snowstorm. I knew that this storm would grieve my wife, because she had flower decorations for a charity celebration to arrange.

The snow melted soon; however, surely it would have had unfavourable effect on some tender spring flowers.

For instance a half mile far away from our house is a broad main street, richly border zoned with trees and Rhododendron bushes. Beside an enormous block of flats there were still three very large vacant properties. In the course of the years natural growth had these properties partly over-rampantly grown.

My wife suggested looking there for flower-bushes which she needed for the meeting.

We entered the mentioned building sites; where my wife soon a large, cherry tree discovered, in the midst of the undergrowth and began to break off some bloom-carried branches.

I told her, she might have called me, if I could help her, and walked away. We have seen also bundles of primroses we had seen still in the near and that had surprised us that these had been able to prosper here on this place.

During the time my wife was busy at the cherry tree, I had stopped, in order to throw a view of the neighbouring dwelling houses and then on the primroses. When I up-looked again, the dwelling house had disappeared! But everything else seemed completely normally.

The amazingness of my experience came up to my consciousness, it differed so much from of my likewise odd, but used visits to other dimensions in the sleep.

Suddenly and on a dramatic way also the remaining environment changed, i.e.: a tremendous, nearly empty area surrounded me. Nevertheless, I did not loose orientation, because the sunshine gave me the impression of reality.

Would I find out of that different dimension from that presently/immediately ever again? The "exit" had with my "in steps" to be identical, I thought.

In order mean to mark my location, I bored two crossed sticks into the soil. Then I went into the direction, where the dwelling house had to be - and beyond that! I did not reach houses, no road, no traffic - everything resembled more to an all sides opened enormous area without a trace of lives.

Now I deliberated myself suddenly that my wife might have been procured. I decreased/went back the considerable distance to the crossed sticks.

When I called loud my wife, she answered: "as you frightened me! Where were you? I called and searched, but could not find you however!"

I calmed her down with the excuse, to have made "a small experiment".

My wife suggested scanning again the whole place before we away-went with our cherry blossom branches. Thus I had still one more opportunity to employ investigations.

Everything seemed to be "normal" again. The dwelling house was at its old place. The shrubs, trees and plants were again visible. But was there strangeness: the soil, on which I had been, did not carry traces. I could see my footprints in the direction of the dwelling house, but they ended suddenly, as if I had dissolved here in air. In addition the traces of my way back began just as suddenly!

Thus I ask myself: "was I actually in another dimension?

(Source: "Psychic News" NR 1824 od. 1024?, over. of E.M. of grains)
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Joined: 12 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 11:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Smile

does it gives any news from the past exploration to the North Pole?

As I can see all voyages are cancelled, but why?

There are also no reports to read about the past voyages. There are just reports from the 19th century:

Kind regards,
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Joined: 12 Oct 2012
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does anybody know about a way to get there without visiting the Earth Poles? I think I read somewhere on this site that entry points to Hollow Earth exist in every big city. There's also something about "New Germany" which seems to have a secret connection with "outer" Germany. But the entry points are probably protected by the governments. Another weird idea would be teleportation or asking for entrance through means of telepathy Very Happy . But I'm not able to do that.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I can tell you that several disinformators/funny people, we can call them, I was able to penetrate and chuck away, were doing massive Agharta-related well-poisoning, that means distorting the truth, whatever that is, in order to create confusion, derail, desprestige the matter, etc., but this is done taking true elements, so that a way to prevent success in that operation is blissful lack of belief or disbelief and sheer ignoring. You can simply say that, as of today, no normal person can tell which side in the great cosmic clash of light and dark the real or supposed insiders are on.

What you say about New Germany has been there for a long time, it is very important in esoteric hitlerism, and I found it incredibly silly when I found texts around about the admiral Byrd's expedition when the part of the approaching flying aircraft showing swastikas had been erased or changed. I can tell you the extremely intriguing book "The Golden Thread", by Miguel Serrano, actually mentions in passing the list of places for alternative entrances to Shambalah, and not meaning today's real or supposed underground networks, rather meaning special concrete cities.

I learnt that way of one of these entrances and went physically there, after studying the place. It is a cave in a peculiar mountain with a lot of stories and mythology about it; locally this piece of information about going "that" deep are not to be found, but stories about "dragons" and communicating to another distant cave, and old accounts of early explorers centuries ago reading "nobody found a bottom".

Modernly a team of espeleologists went there to stop the nonsense about the cave. And the fact is that descending the main well some 30 m, not difficult to do for anyone in good shape, a little room seems to be blinded with all the stones and rubbish that visitors have thrown from above down the tubes throughout the centuries.

They agreed that indeed these four factors tell us it should continue:
1. legends and stories
2. early accounts
3. geology of the area and disposition of the rock layers
4. water coming down find drainage

I spent as much time inside the cave as I could in hopes of stoping my noises in the ear, hallmark of the vibrational survivors of today, to no avail, but a Dutch expatriate I met there in the mountain increased my feeling of indeed something weird going on because he told me a few years previous a baby had been found abandoned inside the cave. Peculiar. I made my mind to, if some tourist poked their nose in the entrance, I would make a noise, and, if they would ask "who is there", I would answer cavernously THE DRAAAAGON Smile

My intuition tells: let's focus on inedia. From there maybe we get something else, and we dont need our physical bodies to go to the cave and take all the stones out. Clue: listen carefully to a Mount Athos monk video in youtube mentioning inedia without really never having heard that word, and the real reason why he knows that and what it is really happening in the world. You suggest something in the same direction I see.
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Joined: 12 Oct 2012
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi tomasblanco,

thanks for your reply. You gave me a lot of completely new hints and information I didn't know about. I find the story about your visit to the cave very interesting. You know much more about the Hollow Earth and related topics than me so I'm not sure what I can answer to you.

If your intuition tells you we should focus on Inedia, it might be right and there could be more to it. With me it's been a bit different: After fasting/dieting a lot for years, my intuition finally told me to stop and eat normal again. I'm not really sure what Inedia really means: Is it nothing special (you just don't eat anymore ... not much else will really change in your life) or will something happen if you do it for a certain time (psychic abilities, enlightenment, expanded consciousness, etc.)? After trying things for a while I gave up my thinking that through fasting or Inedia something great will happen. But sometimes the wish for longer fasting comes back because I'm curious to know how it is to fast for weeks or months and what happens inside the mind and body during that time.

I need to look up the video on the Mount Athos monk you mentioned. Which suggestion of mine do you mean?
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Joined: 26 Mar 2014
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You're welcome, and thanks to you.

Dont take me too seriously, I like to write for entertainment sometimes in a speculative suggestive manner when really I dont really know what I am talking about Smile My real point was: beware of disinformation. Stories of a "Sanat Kumara" reigning inside and being our boss are... let's put it this way, bad taste.

But really these little trips in search of entrances to Shamballah are more like little pilgrimages, it is the meaning that you give it in your imagination. Mine was very minor, but the man I told you, Miguel Serrano, actually organized a trip to Antarctica. A little phrase I liked in his account, (misquoting from memory) "our ship was not a great thing, I did not know everything, BUT MY PSYCHIC ANTENNAS WERE WIDE OPEN". Well understood I view most people as either lost in illusions, or the illusionists, growing a bit tired of the game.

The interview of the monk I was refering was this :

the Portuguese version I found first with beautiful music

dont worry about it, it is not a great thing and probably boring, but I liked it

what itīs important is that he agrees with Steve Torrence that what moves the body is consciousness (he calls it God), and he suggests (I believe) he knows what is happening, because he sojourns outside the body (his language, "I ve been closer to God than you") -another field to be careful in, I've detected many "funny people" as I call them; just: beware.

About your deciding against inedia no problem; I confess I find it disappointing anytime someone says something along those lines or comes back I suppose the classic "we are all different" is in order; it is possible we have some kind of inborn inclination to this as to anything else; my experience goes right in the opposite direction, of full increasing meaning

if you say you dont see the point in it, it's fine Smile only remember is supposed to be a forum about inedia Smile, I am perfectly happy so extremely few people can do it, care about it, it is not official and disbelieved; the situation could not be more comfortable and intellectually/spiritually juicy.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With the advent of the Flat Earth model in -I believe- true alternative research circles (with their ridiculing paralel pseudo-ones) , a word is in order.

Inner Earth theory, or largely the idea that planets are all hollow with a small sun inside, would explain equally well their justified complain that there is not a single non-fake picture of the earth from outside space, and that no streaming camera is offering live images in spite of allegedly gillions of satellites out there.

However, my point that many "funny", and I am sorry I cant explain this, but I have my methods and a history of being deceived and developing eyes for the funny people, I was saying "funny people" had been moving the Shamballah story, strongly makes me believe it is a second layer of deception to cover the flat earth, a sort of "controlled opposition"-theory to couple with the by-default ball earth view.

It is to be noted that Admiral Byrd didnt say anything that suggested a "going inward"in his journey beyond Antarctica, really the narrative is just as good for a "going beyond". And the aircraft of the people he found had the sun symbol swastika, and the flat earthers have this insight of the ball earth as a whole collective mind manipulation going to the core of all metaphysical and religious assumptions in which, by diverting the focal point to the sun (which does not mean He is unimportant at all) everything in minds and hearts is quite literally put upside down...being all part of the black magick we are all immersed in, e.g. control of reality through control of the human mind.

Equally, I know, because I ve first-hand "suffered" it, the same patterns have happened in the most geocentric thing of all, astrology, which one day may turn out to be the most true science of all...

Something I have to say: the prospect of escaping "sideways" and physically instead of up or interdimensionally is so encouraging, BUT... I am convinced, beyond Antarctica you will enter either territory of our controllers, or someone indiferent to our plight, i.e. no good or too much of an escape anyway.

At any rate, it is an intellectual adventure no truly educated man can refuse at this point, if only to exercise one's imagination.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

(pardon me, double posting)
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