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Dark Room Workshop,

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Mony Vital

Joined: 16 Feb 2005
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Location: Del Mar, CA

PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 8:00 am    Post subject: Dark Room Workshop, Reply with quote

Dark Room Experience
Mony Vital, Ph.D.

I recently visited and participated in a dark room retreat in Thailand . The moment I heard of the event, I knew it was a must to experience; living in a dark room for about two weeks. The retreat was held at Master Mantak Chia?s Tao Center .

The idea of a dark room is to simulate more or less the conditions of living deep in a cave in total darkness for a long period of time without food, the main objective being meditation and inner transformation. Advantages of doing this type of retreat in a more hospitable environment are that you can avoid snake and scorpion visitations, and control the temperature for our convenience. It is total darkness all the time. During the stay the group is receiving new programming for transforming old beliefs of what is. The group dynamic is an important aspect for achieving the right outcome and results.

I?ll share with you some of the obvious things that occurred to me living in the dark. (Keep in mind, each participant had their own personal process and the level of transformation depends on individual vibratory amplitude and physical conditions). The first practical task is to be able to live in the dark as you normally live in light; walking, looking for the water fountain, finding my mat at the gathering hall, going up and down the stairs at least 6 times a day to my room, shaving every third day, and the very basic thing finding the bathroom or the door to go out. For me this was not an easy thing to get used to. I learned fast how to prevent getting banged and bumped at any moment at any turn at any time until the last moment while in the dark. Some got banged with bleeding noses and blue marks on different parts of the body. It is important to watch for collisions with fellow participants when you are in a hurry. It seems that no matter where I turned there was a wall there. Walking with my hands in front of my body, used as sensors and deflectors, I kept them stretched in different directions in order to soften the next impact. I am sure for others it was easier and simpler walking in the dark than for me.

The dark room experience is an experiment in one or more senses being inhibited and deprived. Living days and nights without light (light totally blocked out), with optional ear plugs to bring outside noise to a halt. Zero outside interference with the inner listening and feeling of the visceral mechanism of the body. Additionally, not eating any food at all for the entire time of retreat, water is available for the participant if they want to drink, for some juice is available too. With no solid food consumption and digestion, one unravels the deep seeded beliefs in the need for nutrition from food intake that we all have been programmed and conditioned with.

Here are some of the many positive rewards one can get out of being in this type of dark room environment:

1. Setting your brain function anew.

2. Reset button for the biological clocks.

3. Discovering (reconnecting) with inner self.

4. Working with divine one within, accessing the (DOW).

5. Easy access to remove locked and blocked trauma.

6. Body programming made simple.

7. Learning to accept and use of pranic nutrition.

8. Experiencing the possibility of what is true well-being.

9. Loving and nurturing yourself (all of you), as an expression of oneness.

10. Clarity for decision making, ability to see and choose your next step.

11. It may be the most important revealing time of your life.

12. Learning to avoid the parameters of the culture of death you are living in.

On the third day in the dark room, things started to happen with my vision. An ?Imaging Display? has occurred in side my head (mind). I?ll attempt to describe it and share with you my experiences of this situation in very simple words.

It seems that I have discovered two separate viewing monitors that operate in the head. I call this section, the monitors of the dark room.

Monitor 1 is an automatic viewing of images as an on going video without an end, which is playing all the time on its own, it runs 24/7 for 3 day and nights. The images changes every 1 to 6 seconds.

Monitor 2 will get activated when I think of any thing or touch something. It will bring the old image from storage in the memory as a symbol display of the thought. The duration of the thought is displayed for less than one second and will fade as soon as the thought is over. A touch images are also very brief in duration. Monitor 1 when active is displaying the most beautiful colored 3D images from my life experiences and the akashic (universal storage of memories and other dimensions). The images are so vivid & merged with each other, one image fades and the other one emerges from it or just get highlighted and become into focus for a moment. The images themselves are very unique and run in the some choreographed background for a series? of images and then all are changed and have new genera. It feels like an endless video that is pre imposed on you and it is playing all the time under all conditions of body engagements.

During the imaging display, the images are present identically whether my eyes are open or closed. This meant that the images of this slide show are involuntary reaction and a response to some type of stimuli that I do not understand yet.

When imaging display is on, I can talk and describe the images as they emerge from the fade state. During the time I attempted to sleep, the images still running strong us usual. In order to sleep I had to ignore monitor 1 and watch it as a white noise to put me to sleep. Sleeping is very short possibly 10 to 30 minute per every 12 hours whether during the day or night. When not eating, the body have more energy for it?s operation because non is diverted to process food or eliminate it. I spent somewhere from 5 to 6 hours per day exercising. Doing every possible move and stretch using the elastic robber bands that I brought with me and one plastic ball for bouncing and back stretches. On the second day of the imaging display, I was on edge, beginning to wonder if this situation will last for long time, and if so, I need to develop a strategy so I can live with it and function in the world outside, specifically I was concern about the possibility that my driving can be impaired and giving lectures mite be difficult. That day during the morning group meeting I asked if any one know of this condition. I was happy to know that this is a temporary condition and will last only 3 to 4 days; one of the local employees in the dark room who is living in the dark room for a few years shared his exact experience as mine. I was the only one in my group to experience that), Now that I had no fear about imaging display, I started to experiment with doing and creating different situations and possibly to play with it. I understood that when you are energetically vibrant and your life force is very high the endocrine glands become more active and they go into a resetting mode and that may be the cause for imaging display (reset button pushed). My video run out after 3 days and nights, the color vivid pictures turned to black and white images for one day and than disappeared into a dark image of the sky and occasional images of flash light lighting my monitor from different directions and with different intensities. The flash lights are present in the monitor regardless if the eyes are open or closed. At times, these flash light give me sense of illusion that now there is light in the monitor I can see objects, so I open my eye to check the surrounding, find out that I?m still in the dark and these light are not photonics lights that we are custom to see with. Also, there was at times a major flash of light, more like sun light that overwhelms the entire monitor, make it bright light, and look like the new years fire works display splashing down in the dark.

During the entire time of the image display, I realized and felt that sexual arousal was none existence, and any attempt to be aroused have failed. The monitor #1 over whelmed and imposed its images on any sexual imagery and fantasy that wants to take place.

Through out the entire dark room stay, all the participants and I were mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically engaged totally in being in the moment with our bodies and have permission to do an astral travel with bi-location ability. It is a great time to shed off old beliefs, conditioning, doing clearing of addictions and working on mapping the future. This can be so awakening for the body when using your divine power that is at our disposal (the Divine One Within).

Returning back home, I realized, that during this workshop, I managed to create a new future possibilities for myself, seeing things (Such as time, space, energy, action, involvement, outcome, participation) in such a clear manner, it is almost like the future talking to you or asking you to do or be certain things.

For further inquiries on Dark Room Workshops in the US , Call me 888-225-7501 or email:ageless28@att,net

Much joy and light

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Joined: 12 Dec 2005
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Location: Switzerland

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Mony Smile

first of all, unfortunately, I cannot open your links

I have read with great interest your description of this dark room experience. It had last two weeks, if I understood it right. So, I think you have had experience with LOL before you went into that dark room.

Because of the pictures/images you saw, that reminds me of a book I read long ago ?And there was Light? by Jacques Lusseyran. That is the autobiographical story of a man who got blind at the age of 8 years. That is such a remarkable story that I never forgot it. I set a few short on it below.

If there is hold such a dark room workshop one day in Switzerland, I would like to attend it.

Thank you for your story.


His favorite color was green --- the color, he later learned, of hope.

And hope is what pours over you on every page of Jacques Lusseyran's memoir. It's unavoidable. It's the DNA of the book. You don't want to feel hopeful? Butler won't say: ?Then don't read this book.? Butler will say: ?Then you won't be able to read this book.

For Jacques, early childhood was heaven. He ran. He played. God was ?just there,? as he says --- ?Behind my parents there was someone, and my father and mother were simply the people responsible for passing along the gift.?

Then he had an accident in school. The shaft of his glasses stabbed his right eye and tore away the tissue. The left eye had sympathetic damage. The happy-go-lucky Paris schoolboy woke up, his eyes bandaged.

He was eight years old.

He was totally blind.

And he was completely happy.

Despair, he realized, was simply a matter of ?looking the wrong way.? In fact, he could see --- ?radiance [was] emanating from a place I saw nothing about.? He could see light, after all. It only faded when he was afraid.

The world was still beautiful --- indeed, more beautiful. Waves were ?arranged in steps.? Voices could be caresses. Metaphor was everywhere: ?Before I was ten years old, I knew with absolute certainty that everything in the world was a sign of something else?.? So blindness was an obstacle, but it was also like a drug --- it made other senses intoxicatingly intense.

High school. Academics. Friends. Girls. Happy days. But we know what was coming: the Nazi occupation. Jacques was a patriot. At 17, he decided to organize his friends into a resistance unit. Wisely, they appointed him head of recruiting --- his hearing made him a great judge of character. Later he and his friends started an underground newspaper; it would become France-Soir, the most important daily newspaper in Paris .

His luck ran out. After spending 180 days in a cell in France, he was transferred to Buchenwald . Two thousand other Frenchmen were sent with him. Fifteen months later, when the Nazis were defeated, only thirty of them were still alive.

Lusseyran writes that he has ?not a single evil memory? of his 330 days in the camps: ?I was carried by a hand. I was covered by a wing.?

Goodness at this level makes commentary superfluous.

--- by Jesse Kornbluth, for

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