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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:49 pm    Post subject: Fasting Reply with quote

I began fasting one day.
Having experienced many situations occuring vvhere I, due to either lack of access, integrity illusions or financially imposed restraint experienced being forced to starve (something that is not fasting).

I then failed, going to a place close to fitness center to buy food for the evening; tasters of juice and a kind of squishy raisin like fruit thing.

I did not feel sad; here I concluded - its like being forcefed (suffering of overeaters much) - only here less unacceptable and in a case of that had I accepted such beforehand being an acceptable thing. Then its just like "hovv strong are you" and "can you resist?". That day though it vvas just something breaking such, though this middle path, so to speak, came to the fore.

A place seemingly administrated by people of islamic background; thus I vvas inspired by the fasting these do I have heard of, knovving that people are unable to go through the fast at times or fail.


Fasting is like an intentional thing one does. Not something one gets manipulated into at a vvhim or like ones hand forced.

The thing about this is;
Differing betvveen "starving out of need" and "starving pre-emptively"; vve here need to look at the failure of maslovvs hierarchy of needs, acknovvledging that microbial stress, strain and akin, is a kind of starvation.

-- -- -- -- Different and not as much breatharian oriented -- -- -- --

I vvas born into a lifesituation vvhere one of the things that really satisfy me is bread vvith a lot of butter (vegan; not needing milk-type-butter). One of the fevv things; like other bakery goods do vvith a lot of fat. This likely due to a kind of strain resulting from background/situation that requires a kind of labor/transforming of energy to be functional and sustainable.
I have found humus and nuts to be fulfilling; alongside carrots. Hereby not killing microbiology at least during intake and not adding the kind that decays dead beings and akin (trees) in the vvild.

Here I also enjoy doing private matters in the forest using dried leaves; excuse me for vvriting about this, though those toilets.. Vvhat is poured dovvn those and frankly vvhat connects that has been connected to ones personal microbial presence to many people is not enjoyable.

Its also a simple teaching of the self-regulation of life itself; unlike covvs, horses and akin humans are unable to partake naturally in the cycle of eliminating and upgrading. I guess once vve could select just the right berries and fruits. Principally vve still can. There does not exist civological-layer predators though and vve constantly fail, thus breatharianism makes sense for the major part of the population.
Better leave the killing of deer etc. to the tigers, jaguars and vvolves and not be such pussies about the presence of these in a land. There is also a vast difference as to vvhat civilization does; accessing and hacking systems to take the nourishment meant for calves from mothers.

-- -- -- --
I had a strange thought some time ago; I dropped a pair of sunglasses dovvn a fountain in Vvashington DC years back - somehovv my thinking vvas affected into assuming it to be close to Pentagon and I pondered if principally one could like access microbial connections through such a means (vvelcome to the next-generation need for security).
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