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Astrological Explanation of Inedia/Breatharianism

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:45 pm    Post subject: Astrological Explanation of Inedia/Breatharianism Reply with quote

The zodiac as we most commonly know it is moving anti-clockwise, starting with Aries. The bottom of the astrological chart rules the Animalistic, Sensual experience here on earth. It is Survivalism-focused, opening with Aries as the epitome definition of Individuality & Separation. Following by is Taurus, the ruler of Physical Matter, of Food. Those living under the mechanism of Aries as a definition of their Personality, are naturally drawn to consumption of physical matter.

Man is different from the Animal Kingdom and all other Living Matter by Consciousness and Self-Awareness. Humanity is predominantly represented by the upper hemisphere of the zodiac, the region dealing with Ideals, God, Spirituality, Culture. It is a mirroring to the bottom hemisphere, just headed in different directions. While Gemini deals with the 'Lower Mind', with Rational Thought & the ruling of the Five Senses, the Micro, Sagittarius represents the 'Upper Mind', the Intuitive Thought & the ruling of the Abstract, the Macro. Gemini rules Science, Sagittarius rules Belief. While Aries represents the Individualised Self, Aquarius represents the Collective. While Taurus is Lustful & Indulging, Capricorn is Pure & Withholding. The true "Oppositions" in Astrology are actually the one described here, along with Scorpio & Cancer, Libra & Leo.

As above, so below.

Man long ago disconnected from the need to live dominantly from the Self-focused, Animalistic, Survivalist state. According to Judaism, the first man was created in Libra, at the celebration of the Jewish New Year. There's lot of truth to that. When we live dominantly from Libra, we don't see ourselves as separate. According to Astrology Libra's house represents Marriage, the merging of two people into one-being. That should be our natural state of being, seeing ourselves always in conjunction to other people around us.

When we live predominantly through Libra, also our materialistic world changes. We now live dominantly through Scorpio/Pluto when it comes to Physical Matter, to Food. It isn't physical anymore, we're experiencing a completely different thing. There's also no Animalistic reproduction anymore, the main form of sexual intecourse is Tantric. The sensual satisfaction is transformed into something that takes the other side much more into consideration, into a bonding experience of energies that lasts much longer and is much more pure and profound for humans.

There's no such thing anymore as "Mine", which is a Taurean characteristic. There's no "Me", there's "We". There's no "Mine", there's "Ours". There's no more "I Think", there's "We Know".

Basically, the Inediate transition is the transition of Man to his proper place on the zodiac. Stopping the consumption of physical matter means one is living through the opposite side, that of Scorpio & its ruler Pluto. These energies rules Elimination, Death, and anything Extreme & Horrifying. Hence why Detoxing is often described as feeling like Death. Scorpio both eliminates anything that doesn't belong or overdue, and then along with the Moon & Neptune, rebuilds & nourishes you. That's Prana/Ojas/Tejas/Chi/Light. Sexual Energy, Kundalini, Cosmic Energy, fueled also by the Moon & Neptune, rulers of Cancer & Pisces. Going by astrological terms, Pisces will be the Dissolving Process and the Moon will be the Foundations.

I think that may also be the reason why fasting brings up often times lots of emotions, and many repressed issues are being solved or brought up to the surface and one manages to overcome past hurts. Also, why one becomes more open to others, more humane, less fixated in the ego, in the personality. The Watery signs hold many of our most repressed emotions, our childhood hurts, our traumas, our demons, even possible memories of past lives if you're a believer in reincarnations. Scorpio literally eliminates anything that isn't supposed to be within us, if we only let him.

Becoming a Breatharian should potentially make one drop all animalistic tendencies such as "Me" & "Mine". You live the Material through the Spiritual, not vice versa. One loses the need for physical matter, for water, as one gets all the energy its needs from a different source. The reason allegedly domesticated pets can survive without food is that by conditioning they become similar to their owners, and become more like humans than wild animals. Pets adapt to their owners energies, tendencies, habits.

So that's my take on this. I think that because man is by default born into the upper hemisphere of the zodiac, connecting to that Watery energy is naturally happening. Since Humanity still lives in the lower hemisphere, the Survivalistic-Animalistic hemisphere, the born babies are drawn into that region, aswell, but at all times have the mechanism & potential to get back to their true source.
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