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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 9:16 pm    Post subject: 37. VISUALIZATION Reply with quote


The instinct builds the human body, keeps it working, control the data (e.g. eaten food, memory), react to the psychical and physical stimuluses, and so on. Any activity of the instinct manifests itself as a result of a program's work.

I mentioned before that the programs can be modified. If I don't like a function or reaction to a stimulus, I may decide to make modifications. The aim of making changes (modification, removal or building of a program) in the instinct is to achieve a planned result of the instinct activity.

If I decide that my body will react in a specific way to, e.g. heat, darkness, wounds, food ? I can realize it by reprogramming the instinct. By the term ?reprogramming the instinct? I mean any modification, removal or build in of at least one program in the intuition.

Firstly, it is worth to remember that the instinct requires a loving care. This loving care is exercised mainly by, as it says, loving the instinct. The more you love your instinct, the better it serves you. You can treat the instinct as if it was your beloved child or pet.

The beliefs (data consisted of stored pictures) and programs of the instinct create the needs of the body and its reactions to the situations. The habits of human are manifestation of pictures and programs, which are build in the instinct, concerning a particular thing.

The person who knows how to reprogram the instinct (that is, to nurture it properly) is able to change every result of its action. This concerns also the needs of the body regarding its nourishment.

So, when you are spiritually ready to make yourself independent of the eating, the last thing to do is to reprogram the instinct in the field of the relation between the eating and the body. Depending on you reprogramming skills, it may take from you any time between one second (or even sorter) and a few tens of years (or even longer).

The visualization is one of the simplest and most efficient methods used for reprogramming the instinct. It is a conscious action, which brings planned changes in the work of the body and in the life circumstances.

If you want to make the body ill or healthy, make yourself rich or poor, want to materialize or dematerialize things, want to develop an ability in you, etc., you can use the visualization. If the visualization was compared to programming and you were compared to the programmer, then life is a game which you are writing according to your liking.

For the visualization to be effective (that is, the result of the reprogramming is noticeable), the right picture (film) has to be created and saturated with energy. The following five points, which need to be fulfilled, describe the details:
1. A clear, realistic and vivid picture or film, in which all the senses perceive details.
2. The achieved result, in the present time.
3. Feeling the state of the result being achieved.
4. Knowing that this is the reality.
5. The energy accompanying Love.

Firstly, most important, know what you want, that is, what is the final result that you've decided. See all the detail of the thing that you've decided and which is going to be produced as the result of the visualization. Create a picture in which also the senses take part in. The more senses take part in the picture, the more realistic and vivid is the picture ? the easier it is to accomplish the visualization.

For example, if the result of the visualization is to have your own house, imagine yourself with your family living in this house. See you all speaking (the sense of hearing) near the house and how your make friends to visit it, etc. Let smell, e.g. of the freshly painted walls, flowers of the garden, be around there (the sense of smell). You can also taste a drink just prepared in the kitchen (the sense of taste). Beside the house you feel the nice warm of the noon Sun. Such a picture becames a film in your imagination.

Create only those details in the picture, which are important for you. The rest of the details will be created accordingly, so you don't need to care. For example, if the localization and the shape of the house are important for you, then clearly create these details in the picture. But if the number of the windows and the colors of the walls are not so important for you, don't create them at all in the picture.

In the picture being created don't include the way of achieving the final result (unless it is the way that interests you most or even is the final result). The picture itself, that is, the final result of the visualization is important, not the way of achieving it. If you are creating, in the picture, a way of achieving the final result, you are limiting yourself with this way. There are other ways that you are not aware of, which are more efficient, easier and advantageous, etc. So, you better create the final result in your imagination and do not think about the ways of achieving it.

For example, if you've decided to heal your body, then see yourself happy and completely healthy. Don't imagine any method to heal yourself. IAM has much more efficient methods, comparing to what the intellect is able to imagine.

The result, presented in the created picture in your imagination, has to exist in the present time. If in the imagination you say, e.g. ?will? have, become, receive, buy, become or other ?will? (using the future tense) ? it will become a fact. Therefore, today it ?will? be to be attained, tomorrow it ?will? be to be attained, after a year it still ?will? be to be attained, after twenty years nothing will be changed because it still ?will? be to be attained ... So, till when it ?will??

The visualization gives you what you've created. Since you've created ?it will? (future happening), you will always have the thing in the future, never ?have done? it. In other words, the result of the visualization will never be attained in the present time. Since you are living in the present time, always, you will never receive what you visualize to be realized in a future.

The picture created in the imagination has to present the result already realized, the goal already attained. For you it is already the present reality. As for the above example ? you see and feel yourself in the house as realistically as if you were living in it. You are living, sleeping, working, resting in the house ? you treat everything as really existing, occurring at the present time.

The instinct is not very successful in dealing with the illusion of the intellect called the time, it doesn't know what the time is. It understands and reacts as a small child. If you tell the child ?today?, ?tomorrow?, ?after one week?, he/she will not distinguish the significant difference, because his/her intellect has not learn the create the time.

This is one of the main reasons, why the picture has to present already realized the state. You already now see and feel it as the real state of the matter.

Do you know, what is the difference between ?to know? (knowledge) and ?to believe? (belief)? I've already mentioned this. Well, when you know something, then you don't believe it. When you believe something, then you also doubt it, because you just don't know it.

Not clear? Let me ask you. Do you know or do you believe that you are reading this book? What is your answer? ?I know that I am reading.? or ?I believe that I am reading.? Do you now comprehend the difference?

When looking for advices about hot to do visualization, one can find information that says ?you have to strongly believe?, because ?the believing moves mountains?. Well, no matter how strong you believe something, at the same time you are also doubting it. But when you know, you have no doubts.

Another example. If now somebody calls you and asks what you are doing. You, according to the fact, may answer, that you are reading a book. You know it, but the other party may only believe you. He/she can believe what you said in 99.99%, not 100%. If the other party could see you now, he/she would be able to say: ?know?.

The visualization requires you to know that the picture in your imagination presents the already realized reality in the present time.

You may doubt if you are able to know. In such a case you think that you are able only to believe strongly. Well, then believe it. It is more advantageous then to do nothing or to move it to the future.

BTW, have you seen a person materializing an object (e.g. an apple on his/her outstretched hand)? You've seen an example of the visualization, in which the person already knew that the object was there.

Without sufficient amount of energy the visualization will not give the result. The amount of the needed energy is not as much as results from the formula e=mc2, because the thing doesn't concern this formula. Therefore, when I talk here about the energy, it less mean the known definition stating that the energy is a potential capable of performing a work. What I mean by ?energy? is the thing that a person feels under influence of an emotion. An emotion is a reaction of the instinct (so, it is a program), occuring when energy is being released or blocked.

Do you recall any past moment, when you were ?hair-raising? frighten and your heart almost ?jumped out?? Then recall the energy which captured you in that moment. Also, recall the energy which stirred you, when you were feeling the strongest love affection of your life. Now you probably know what I am referring to, when I say that the visualization needs ?energy?.
So, you have the picture ready, which is totally real and existing in the present time. You also know that the picture represents your present reality. Now you only need the energy, in order to manifest the picture in the (material) world.

So, now allow yourself to feel the most powerful energy, the one appearing when emotions accompanying the Love arise. First allow the Love to manifests itself through you. Just let this happen by itself. You need to do nothing, only allow, because you are the source of the Love.

In the visualization the picture can be compared to a seed put in the soil. The energy arising with the emotions is compared to the Sun and water. The seed without the water and Sun never would grow into the plant.

How to do it practically? First concentrate on yourself, relax. Allow the Love to manifest itself through you (the mind and body). When you are feeling the arising energy accompanying the Love, bring the picture (with all the attributes described above) to your imagination (mind). In this moment the more the Love manifests itself through you, the more efficient (earlier, easier) the visualization gives the result.

In the next chapter, about the passiveness contemplation, I am mentioning more about manifesting the Love.
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