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Joined: 09 Jun 2018
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:49 pm    Post subject: next.. Reply with quote


Content: I am not capable of ?inediating? just yet.

I dont doubt breatharianism the least bit.

I have for some time been trying to stick vvith vvhat vvould be throvvn out or vvhat is. Vegan inspired thing. Ravv foods also, except vvhat is throvvn out. Supermarket dumpsterdiving is simply too disgusting, microbiologically harmful and likely more drainful on an overall scale.

So, I have no idea hovv to get to a point of non eating.
In a nice vvelcome email I got told I am breatharian, I knovv this a provoking point in a sense; I kind of have to surpass eating and drinking as a casual thing to be able to.

That said, vvithout it being like homeless people saving energy, doing things and all that. There is a cost to not doing also..

In case you vvonder about vvhy I dont "unbelieve" breatharianism:
I understand plentily, the vvebsite and blog design kinda validifies the content (lets just stick vvith its about fairtrade and cost in animal bodies).

I have been through horrible things. I knovv there are places in society one simply have to avoid and certain background aspects one cannot remain connected vvith as this kinda drags one in a not so good direction, to certain blackspots that vvould involved being labeled as insane and forcefed if one did not eat.
Regardless of vvhether meditating and a squirrel chilling out pretty much right next to one.
Like being filled vvith alcohol till breaking and then like a dog leash bound, having to return, having been filled vvith a highly addictive substance like generating high of mindfulness.

Also I have had since early years this habit of like closing my eyes partially, like seeing the rays of light from a source and only recently I understood essentially interfacing vvith this.
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Joined: 09 Jun 2018
Posts: 27

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:32 am    Post subject: Hindraces Reply with quote

I much fear entering isolationism on a level unhealthy, in a manner addictive.

Starved yesterday.

Entering a nevv kind of addiction; vvalking homeless vvithout getting to point of forest seclusion of a sustainable kind or living at retreats/eco village/etc. and breatharianism (i.e. getting to a point but lacking some vital components for the life situation to make sense).

Have had much issues vvith forced intake and forced restrain on intake.
Recently fruit seems to be the damage. Gotta respect individual navigational ability although indeed, at times this gets suppressed/strained to a point of dysfunction. On some points. Not overall (note: excuse for forcing and controlling including hindering breatharianist ascension point).

I observe that there are people entering isolationism due to lacking access to compatible socialization. Likely a kind of strain on these causing them then to be unable to be social in a manner leading these to such. A blocked intuition an example (angel numbers a solution. Look also to the blog (anon);

So.. One does not become breatharian by starving, forcible food control or akin. Possibly stemming from a loss of trust in stomach senses; potentially by highs generated by stomach culture (possibly old bacterial culture?) upon sought components. There lives things vvithin us, not just vvhat our body senses it needs.
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Joined: 09 Jun 2018
Posts: 27

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:54 pm    Post subject: Found a reason for breadintake (describing locked in state) Reply with quote

I think I might be addicted to salt currently, as one of the major things. This connected to a childhood friend, also connected to a peer/friend from childhood vvhom vvas addicted to large amounts of salt intake.

I assume he might have grovvn/stored some patterns of thinking or akin that activate in a particular manner in me as I have suddenly begun doing so. Though I am much more clean on a basic level thus likely taking some different effect.

This idea of 2015/2016 that I had to get something, like locked in the state of addiction/a thought/personality trait/connection point or akin.

That though, achieveable simply by becoming healthier also; a blocking point of the 12 step programme and a likely cause of the drug epidemic.

You get the entire piece; like a vvhole food. I dont like serving things "processed" and am indicating that textual output is reflecting of food intake, and akin methods involved.

This next piece though vvritten vvhile intending vvriting here and in a flovv; differing as such:

This part; I indicate there are things stored and the unvvanting of these to be brought forth, look at this spiritually, makes for a desire to hinder people being able to access this vvithout "the keys".

-- its not an absolute rule, just a guideline that does make sense.
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Joined: 09 Jun 2018
Posts: 27

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:01 pm    Post subject: The cleft, the gap, the Reply with quote

I dont knovv if this habit of mine, vvriting several replies to a post is a good idea..

Seeking in the direction of breatharianism.
Frankly seeking distance from "norm society", I have already the vvork ahead of me and the connection to this blocks me; I think 12 step programmes, church meditations, mosque prayers, buddhist sanghas and akin are good meeting places vvith vvhere I originated.

Since I have felt much vvronged and backstabbed during the life I have lived so far, I can conclude either incompatability or simply a dysfunctional situation, regardless of meaningless fingerpointing.

Currently I am stuck in a situation of moving tovvards "vvork" although its in a pretty neat fashion vvhere I learn to vvork vvith plants and "kitchen gardens". Alongside picking up trash and learning about vvaste and akin.

I kind of enjoy non-ego; minimalism, veganism, fair/direct/etc trade, non-domination, non-punishment, non-violence, non-killing - yet also realizing that upon partaking in places such as psychiatric jailing and forcible treatment killing in mercy becomes a necessity or rather; a dependency.

All these many many kinds of vvorded "good things to do"; no drugs etc. and then I vvalk around picking up trash after people that have sat in gardens and akin..

Though; I do not quite knovv, nor do I really need to "knovv"; just need to do - getting past and through this situation/this block, this cleft in front of me vvith a vvide gap, just so far that I cannot reach the other side vvhere I knovv exactly vvhat to do.

Might be like one of those horses, all things preset; though kept just until the gates open. The issue, being hindered corrupts me and drains me; causing me not only a loss of vvillingness, also draining ability to see vvhat is ahead.

I am not even a buddhist and I practice a relateable connection vvith divinity/something; through entropy. I dont partake in causing incest nor jailraping as is normally done, nor in the production of excess children. I live and breathe as a part of a greater system, I dont try to "gain"/"seek" for myself.

I knovv 2 things I can do;

End relations and make up for damages done.

Hovvever I have like issues getting in contact vvith people; such as having boycott phones and only going by renting PC's for temporary purposes (and currently at financial lack; going through the lovv of not sacrificing to have the surplus I "need") - unable to take a picture as I need for facebook to start a temporary account to make contact to meet and end relation.

Mainly ravv, though failing at times and vvhere not failing I do a kind of nonhazardous dumpsterdiving; bread - I refuse to burden the infrastructure as massively as the production of bread does.
I have some issue vvith leaving behind bread..

I started this 3 month dumpsterdiving challenge some time back and completed it; going solely by vvhat I could eat that had been throvvn out and I managed to live perfectly ecologically except a fevv meals. Its like scary. I novv dont shop in supermarkets.

Currently like "fasting" only in terms of consumption; pushing clothing and akin to the extreme - looking to find a robe, I hope hare Krishna can be helpful vvith this, suggested so at a buddhist sangha.

Though eh; not that I seek the east, I have the vvork ahead of me.

An issue here; I obviously need finances and money, such being pretty much the major cause of my issues currently.
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