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genesis sunfire

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:08 am    Post subject: genesis sunfire Reply with quote

Just a final note to all of you to say goodbye. I've spent the morning opposite my beautiful wife going around and asking people to take down their videos of me from youtube, because I dont want my work being used to promote breatharianism anymore or any other crack pot agenda, new age or other wise, my work has been used and abused by all kinds of people for their own agenda and no longer serves its original purpose. This has saddened me a great deal over the years. I never wanted to be known as a Breatharian, I never wanted to be famous, this label was thrust upon me without my consent before I knew what it was all about and what came with it. Breatharianism never once served me because it's make believe, it doesn't exist, how can it exist if the body maintains itself and produces 1.5 to 2litres of saliva per day, just that fact alone makes the term redundant. Breatharianism never served me yet I spent 17 plus years serving this so called health industry, fruitarian, raw food,liquidarian, breatharian, concept/idea/fairy tale, lifestyles. I was the poster boy for a fairy tale fantasy, a fantasy that burnt me out and left me depressed. I went through so much s### because of this and have got absolutely NOTHING back from it to this day, there has been no great change because of my message just more tricksters and scam artists, this has brought me the most sadness of all, watching the people that need help, love and support give all their power and money to these guru's only to realise they have been tricked. At the end of last year I decided to cancel my appearence at the Breatharian conference in munich and no longer promote BREATHARIANISM in any shape or form, be BREATHARIAN or have anything to do with anything BREATHARIAN. Thats right folks, I'm not a BREATHARIAN and technically by definition I NEVER have been breatharian, now I have walked the path I know whats on it, I now know all the in's and out's and I've learnt that being food free and being Breatharian are two totally different things and to learn your trade or live the lifestyle you just cant do it under the microscope/in the gaze of the angry public, I asked my wife why do people think I'm famous and why do they contact me from all over the world to ask me questions or to get know me, what am I doing....well most just want a robot to validate their insanity/escapisim and I'm tired of that, to make ANY change you need time/room to grow, you need space to mess up, just like I have soooo many times, you need time and space to actually live it and do what you need to do to help you live it. I've NEVER had that space to grow, I've only been surrounded with people who's only concern was if I eat or go to the toilet or not, few actually took time to get to know the real me. Over the years I have met some wonderful people that have welcomed me into their lives regardless of what came with me, I've also met some not so cool people that only had stars/dollar signs in their eyes, these people used and abused me just enough for me to see/wake up to it and for that I'm grateful, even at my low level I've seen how the fame game works and I dont want any part of it, the people suck and its really not all that. Now I have found real happiness with my wife and a handfull of real friends that love me for who I really am I can look at the world and see what part I want to play in it. I want no part of Breatharianism. In my life now I only focus on the people that I love and love me right back, for some time now my wife and daughter have played a huge part in keeping me on this planet and I owe it to myself and to them to be the best version of me as I can possibly be and thats all I really want to do, have a simple life and be very happy with my wife, daughter and dobermans in nature somewhere! My wife and I will do our camps and consultations as OURSELVES, not BREATHARIANS or other wise as the opportunity arise until the day comes when we decide to do something else. So...I'm not Breatharian, I'm me and I will do whatever I want, I will live however I want, with who ever I want, to do anything else is simply not being the best version of me that I can be. So long folks. Genesis Sunfire.


just came across this and thought others might be interested. I didn't really like that GS promoted certain "detox" products on youtube. i couldn't imagine anyone wanting to be in the spotlight really... i guess maybe he was serving the rest of us by putting information out there? i just always think, if i am independent of food, what can i really use money for? clothing? going to the movies? a new ipod? sex? taking the bus to kona? : ) i don't know if i'll want any of that really, i bet i won't.

I think this is a good step for GS, I would hate to be in the public eye like he is... I know some people may be jealous of his fame... i can really admire a lot of people's abilities but don't feel much need 2 b famous these days. the pressure is off i suppose : )
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