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42. SYMPTOMS - weakeness

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 6:04 pm    Post subject: 42. SYMPTOMS - weakeness Reply with quote


A feeling of the physical weakness is one of the symptoms most often met. One can even say that to feel weak is normal. Some people, strongly binded to eating (addicts), feel weakness after only a few hours of fasting. This feeling of weakness indicates that the body began to feel the difference in delivery of the nourishment in form of food. The rhythm was disturbed, thus the body begin to react.

In first group of people the weakness may never happen (rare cases), in the second group it happens once or just a few times during the whole fast, for the third group the weakness is a full time companion. Regardless of the cause and duration, the weakness indicates low level of the life energy of the concerned person.

How to deal with this? Well, it depends on the situation and the person. If somebody is physically too active, then it's better for him/her to rest or even to lay down. Also the opposite may happen, that somebody is resting, sitting, not moving all the day ? then he/she should go for a walk, cycle a little, swim, exercise.

During the fasting time, mild physical and energizing exercises are very recommended. The movement and better energy flaw let the body to clean itself deeper and faster. Doing energetic and exhausting exercises is not recommended. Moderate gymnastic and exercises, during which the mind is concentrated on feeling the energy instead of on making the muscles tired, have much better influence on the body. Isometric exercises, yoga, q?-gōng and t?j-jí influence human very favorably, even salutary. It is worth to do them everyday except the time when the body clearly needs resting in a sleep.

During fasting there may be hours, or even whole days, when the body feels so week that the person doesn't have strength to walk and he/she feels like doing nothing except resting. These are times when the body requires resting, preferably sleeping. It may be caused by a toxin induced disease.

It is good to be able to feel, whether the body requires a rest or grew lazy and needs exercising. It would be wrong, to sleep, when the body needs exercising. Exercising would be too much load when the body needs a rest.

Judgment and ability to distinguish are valuable attributes for a fasting person. When the real need for resting arise, it's worth to go to bed and sleep. However if this state lasts for too long (say, for over three days) and you don't find any illness in you, it's worth to discipline yourself for doing some energizing exercises.

Too much of laying down and sleeping makes the body weaker instead of giving it energy, which the person needs so much in this time. The blood pressure goes down, the blood circulates slower, the metabolism slows down. It makes both, the eliminations of toxins from the body and the self-healing process, slower. In such situation the energizing exercises help a lot and make the person to feel better.

If the weakness lasts for too long, especially after the first three weeks of fasting have passed (for a non fat parson), this tells that the right time for eating again approached. But not always, because there may be other reasons, for example, serious illness, not enough fresh air, too high air temperature, too much physical work or weakening agents. So, to take the decision, whether to stop the fasting or to continue it, depends individually on the cause and the health state of the person.
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