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75. WHAT TO PAY MOST ATTENTION TO - washing large intestine

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 4:55 pm    Post subject: 75. WHAT TO PAY MOST ATTENTION TO - washing large intestine Reply with quote


Enema, about which many scientific papers and books were written, about which many people think with disgust, and they've never made it, is very beneficial for the human body. I wont tell everything about this topic here, but if I was to summarize it in just one short sentence, I would say: The deeper and the ofter (within the limits of the reason, of course), the better.

The large intestine is the place, from which different substances are being absorbed into the body, including all toxins oozed by putrefying mixtures. Everything is directly absorbed by the blood and then circulates through the whole body.

The internal side of the large intestine is covered with villi, thanks to which the absorbing process can run smoothly enough. With the years passing mucus-and-gum like substance precipitate on the villi. Substances of difficult to assay composition stick to it. Gradually something looking like gum-insulation is being formed, which makes the proper absorbing of the nutrients into the blood difficult or impossible.

Besides, this layer is a friendly environment for many bad bacteria, fungus, mold and other parasites. Proliferating colonies of these parasites and their excrements damage the bacterial flora (necessary for the intestine proper work), poison the blood and, as a result, the whole body. This is how originate a favorable basis for many illnesses of which suffer more and more representatives of the terrestrial civilization, and which grows like an epidemic (e.g. cancer, allergy, diabetes).

The doctors applying hydrocolonotherapy say that a matter can be washed out from the large intestine, which is a residue from what the person ate years ago. This happens because the layer of mucus and fecalith grows thicker with the course of time, if the diet is not right. This layer constrict the diameter of the large intestine and gradually makes it impossible for the body to absorb anything except products of the putrefying matter.

Then the liver becomes intoxicated so much that it is unable to neutralize all of toxins. Such a person is under the influence of poisons all the time. This can be clearly seen on the face and the whole skin. Illnesses happening often, feeling of tiredness, headaches, faster aging of the skin, dim or even yellow eyes are all symptoms clearly indicating poisoned body, with the origin coming from the large intestine. Cleaning the internal side of the intestine brings back its proper functions, which in turn makes the body healthy.

When one stops eating the intestine first slows down and then stops working. Remains of the digested food remain in the intestine, it also is the case with the mucus-and-gum like substance on the side and the fecalith. New matter doesn't flow into the intestine, so the old one is not moved out. The matter remaining in the large intestine changes into hard lumps, which presence in there isn't beneficial for the body, for sure. It may be a nest of parasites.

The remaining matter and the mucus gluing the villi in the large intestine can be washed out with water — a simple and efficient method. This in many cases brings back health or even saves the life of a person (whose body had toxins, tumor, parasites). That's why flushing the intestine with water may be so important. For sure it can be said, enema is life saving. In case of many illnesses deep, well done washing of the large intestine is enough to remove the cause of the illness and heal the person.

I use to frankly tell people (especially those who consider enema to be a disgusting thing) this truth: You have the choice, because you can, you don't have to, wash the intestine. However, if you wash out its contents, you throw out rot from your body. If you leave it in there, you are putrefying from the inside.

From the day that you stop eating, wash the large intestine at least once a week. Every person decides for him/herself about the frequency of the enemas, which suits him/her. A good procedure is to rinse the intestine once a day in the first week of fasting, once in two days in the second week, and twice a week later.

The intestine is washed with water until it's completely clean inside. This may take from a week to a few months, depending on the skill of the particular person. Especially the gum-like mucus needs a lot of work because it tears slowly and resistantly. Usually many rinses are needed in order to fully clean the internal side of the large intestine.

Of course, efficiency of the intestine purification mostly depends on the skill of the particular person. Complete purity of the intestine, from the anus until the point where the large intestine connects with the appendix, needs exercising and enemas repeated many times.

People constructed apparatuses which helps to wash the whole large intestine. There are efficient and usable ones among them. However if you want to be independent from any apparatuses, you can learn to do ordinary enemas.

Doing frequent washing of the intestine will work out the best method for you. You can modify and apply in any way that suits you the advices written here.

At the beginning you can imagine that the large intestine is a pleated and very curved tube, like the one of a vacuum cleaner, and has the form of the U letter put upside-down. So, ask yourself: What should I do to wash out the contents of this tube? What to do with the water and the body? What kind of movements and positions of the body to do in order to wash out, with water, the whole tube from the beginning to the end?

The large intestine is washed with water at the temperature from about 15oC to 45oC, although some specialists advice even hotter. Try first hot and then cold enema in one sitting, do it alternatively. The water is poured in from a few to more then a dozen times. Pour in as much water as you can hold, but don't exaggerate. The slower you pour in the water, with breaks, the more can hold inside. More water poured in washes better and deeper. Of course, don't exaggerate because the intestine is not a balloon. From a half to two liters of water can go in (some people can hold more) in one enema.

When the water is inside, do some movements. When you keep in mind that the large intestine is like a U-tube put upside-down, you can easily work out helpful positions and movements. For example, you can pull the belly in and out, shake it to the sides or down and up, massage it. You can also rise your heels and immediately let them down hitting the floor (shaking the belly).

After the time from a few seconds to a few minutes of these movements and positions, push all the contents out. Your imagination can help also in case of this activity. For example, in order to pull out all the water from the ascending part of the intestine (on the right), you can put the feet on the wall and then rise the belly up, even up to the vertical position. In this position pull the belly in and out a few times. Then turn on the left site and move the feet down. From this lying position (on the left), at the same time rise the buttocks and pull in the belly, but keep the head down. Then squat and throw out the intestine contents as much as possible. Repeat the procedure as many times as needed, so that all the water will flow out (2 to 5 times). Then you can, again, pour in water and repeat it all.

To master the described method of intestine flushing, one needs to exercise. This is an efficient method for cleaning the intestine's sides, removing the fecalith and bringing back the right functions of the intestine.

Some people wash the intestine with urine, herbal infusions, coffee, water with lemon juice or other liquids. This may be a good idea in some cases, especially when you want to give the body a painkiller (caffeine), a medicine (herbs), a substance softening the gum-like mucus. In the past a soap solution was used, but this is not a good idea as it irritates the intestine and poisons the body. According the the principle, that the simplest solutions are the most efficient ones, most often the ordinary water is enough.

If you intend to make a dry fast, first carefully wash the intestine. Start the washing at least a week before you stop drinking — this period is a fast on water only. Before you stop drinking, the large intestine must be clean inside. Thanks to this it is much easier to live without water, because the body needs it much less, comparing with the time when the body is removing toxins (which entered the body from the intestine).

On the second or third day of fasting you may want to cause diarrhea. For this purpose one eats herbal or non-toxic chemical laxative. One of them is magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts, about 25 grams). Also 100% pear juice (about 1 liter bought in a story or produced by yourself) works well.

It's worth to remember that many people have abdominal pain after drinking large amount of a pear juice. This can be quite painful, depends on how long the person has been fasting before drinking the juice and what is remaining in the intestine. After drinking the juice, strong spasms and peristaltic movements occur in the intestine. If the intestine was not clogged too much, the diarrhea will come within several minutes.

You can warm up about one liter of pear juice. Then drink it all within or less then five minutes, but not too fast so that you don't cause vomiting.
Pear juice used in this way is effective for a few hours. This may be unpleasant, the person may feel bad all the time (could be most of afternoon) because of abdominal pain, headache, “hits of energy”, etc, depending how sensitive he or she is. Pear juice works quite suddenly, therefore one to three days before using it, you better wash the intestine with water (so that it is not clogged because if it is, the pain and the spasms are stronger).

Of course, this doesn't happen in such a way in case of every person. There are people who, with full intestine, if they drink one liter of pear juice, feel not more then just a little rumble in the belly (which indicates that the intestine is so large). There are also people who have nausea and feel very strong pain having drunk only two glasses of the juice — this method is not for them.

I've described this method for those who would like to try it and experience, how it works in their case. If you are not sure, how it will work on you, you may start from just one glass of the juice and see, what will happen. In the next try you may increase the juice amount if one glass works too week.

There are other methods for cleaning the intestine, not only the large one, also the small one. Simultaneously the whole digestive track and the gall bladder are cleaned. The most known and efficient method origins from yoga. Describing it very briefly, this is how.

Make about 1% solution of salt in warm water. Drink one glass of it and make proper exercises, which push the solution until the anus. Then you drink a second glass and repeat the exercises. You repeat this procedure until the solution begin to flow from the anus. First it looks like a diarrhea, then brown water and at the end it will be clear. Then, to finish, you drink two glasses of clean water only.

This works better if it's done not earlier then in the third day of fasting. In case of most people this works well even if the proper exercises are not done. Instead of the exercises you can make some abdomen movements and pressing. Think that you are moving the solution from the stomach, through the intestines, until the anus.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:15 pm    Post subject: Enema Aparatus and Yogic Abdominal Exercises Reply with quote

One useful apparatus for enemas that i use is a Solar Camp Shower which you can find in any camp store or some hardware stores. make sure you clean it out with baking soda and water before using it in your intestine. the proper use of the S.C.S. is to heat water in the sun and the bathe under it. I looks like a large I.V. bag from the hospital, with a hose and a small shower head on the end. Remove the shower head however you can most easily.
Fill it with pure clean water and hang it up so that the end of the hose is near the ground. lay a rug down in front of the new enema bag. lay down on the rug face up or kneel on the rug face down. then procede to insert the tube and begin the enema.

Also the Yogic technique for abdominal exercises is called Uddayana Bhanda. Bhanda means bind or hold. What you do is blow as much air out of your lungs as you possibly can and hold your breath, and then suck in your abdomen. Practice this using the vacuum that is present in your body from the lack of air in your lungs. alternate letting your belly out and sucking it back in, many times. Then let your abdomen back out and Then breathe back in. Once you can do this it is time to massage the viscera.

To Massage the Viscera or intestinal organs: Breathe out and Suck in your Abdomen, then Flex your Abdominal Muscles. You may need to bend over to be able to do this. It will look like you can only see the column of your 'six-pack' or 'abs' but on the sides your belly is all suctioned-in and void. Flex to the left side, then flex to the right side. Once you can do this, you may practice flexing your abs from left to right and right to left making a Wave across you belly. This Flexing pulls the abdominal organs out and in and massages over them from side to side.

You can also incorporate Inverted Yoga Asanas. for instance: Lay on your back with your hands by your sides, pull your feet by your butt with knees bent, and raise your feet up then straight back over your head, and then even farther behind your head with back bent, support you back with your hands so that your elbows are bent at your sides on the floor, then raise your back up and your feet straight up over your head so that they are pointing up to the sky, the back of your head should be on the ground with you shoulders and elbows supporting the weight. If you can do Uddayana Bhanda in this Asana then that is great!

Practice these techniques before your enema and also do these exercises during your enema to help remove residue from your intestines, and also afterwards just for practice. it is very helpful
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:14 am    Post subject: Cleansing the colon Reply with quote

On 01/01/2014, the I Am, working through this personality construct, began the process of preparing its physical expression to Live on Light alone.

Meditation has been the whole focus of the I Am in this personality for three decades. The particular path of practice for this personality has been a two-fold combination of inner focus on the Third Eye, between the eyebrows and back a few inches, where the Light of God can be seen, felt and experienced, and inner listening to the Sound, the Word, the audible and inaudible Voice of the One. The I Am has graced the personality with profound spiritual experiences and deep peace and bliss.

The initial focus of the I Am Awareness, with respect to moving the physical body away from the experience of eating physical food, to the simplicity and naturalness of "eating" Light alone, has been on the cleansing of the physical vehicle. The instruction has been a threefold process:

1. Drinking 10 oz. of purified water mixed with 1 oz. (2 Tbl) of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, 1 oz. of raw, organic agave syrup, and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. This drink begins to dissolve the toxins in each of the cells of the body and purifies the blood.

2. Drinking a mixture of 2 Tbl. of Montmorillonite ( and 2 Tbl. of organic Psyllium Husks mixed into a pint or more of purified water. "The Montmorillonite is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals that typically form in microscopic crystals, forming a clay." This substance is tremendously absorbent. The microscopic crystalline structure acts as a scouring brush that scrapes all of the old fungus, parasites, feces and other unwanted material from the inside walls of the entire alimentary canal, the stomach, the small and the large intestines.

The psyllium husks are a non-nutritive bulking agent that insure that the Montmorillonite is pressed against the inside of the alimentary walls so that it can better act as a scouring agent. Both of these agents act to both remove the build up the toxic plaque on the inside walls, but most importantly, they both absorb the toxic waste material so that it does not get into the blood stream and cause sickness and nausea during the cleansing process. Most of the toxins are removed during regular bowl movements. After a few days of using this concoction most people will see some really disgusting and strange looking stool coming out, as layers and layers of old feces are uprooted from the walls of the intestines and eliminated.

3. The Salt Water Flush, or the Master Cleanse. This is drinking a mixture of 1 Tbl. of Sea Salt mixed with 1 Quart of purified warm water. This is a challenge for the personality as it is not a pleasant concoction. Though it is not really unpleasant either. It just needs to be drunk down quickly as possible. Here is a link if you want to read more about it. This mixture will not be absorbed into the body because it is the same specific gravity as the blood, so it just passes right through and out.

So it is necessary to stay close to the toilet. The instruction to the personality is that this is a kind of litmus test to determine whether the body is finally clean: when the water coming out is totally clear then the body is very clean. The personality has used this cleanse just every other day so far, allowing the Montmorillonite and psyllium husks to do their work thoroughly first for two days and then a good flush. This is used in lieu of the the ennema that JMW recommends.

A constant focus at the Third Eye by the personality though is absolutely critical to this whole process, as this is where the intuitive Knowledge is received. During the day, the personality experiences mild pangs of hunger, but the Bliss and the Light at the Third Eye immediately satisfy this hunger. Today is the 10th day of following this regimen and the personality has very little distress from either hunger or from the effects of the detox process. Only one glass of the lemonade concoction has been consumed this morning so far and it is now 7:40 pm. The body has lost a bit of weight, but not much. The instruction is also to walk for an hour everyday - so far this has been with good energy and little fatigue.

Everyone will have to find their own individual process though. I have posted this in response to a post by JMW about this subject of cleansing the colon.

The personality did a fast many decades ago, using this regimen, but there was not the spiritual development then and it was a very difficult process. The physical body was ravenously hungry all the time and drank a gallon or more of the lemonade concoction every day. The body became emaciated after two weeks and finally sucumed to illness and bed. The spiritual development, I believe, is central to this process of moving into this Lifestyle of living on Light. Now, with a constant focus at the Awakened Third Eye, able to see the Light and to hear the Voice, the personality is making this transition very easily.
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