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Daily narration: '21 day process'

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 4:04 am    Post subject: Daily narration: '21 day process' Reply with quote

Right now, there are 2,5 days left to start the process! Since now, I ask, humbly, to my Divine Inner Essence... that this desert may be full of ?LIGHT??also that the hunger of food may be transformed into hunger of love? and that the water may be substituted by the thirst of more and bigger FAITH! That my self-giving not be in function of only a simple initiation for the ?act of not eating?, but first that I feel it irradiating through my whole body? the Reverence, the Thanking and the Absolute Recognizing? that I have ahead a precious opportunity for a ?Secret Initiation?! That this effort may be, above all, for me to turn into a ?much more perfect instrument?, worthy of being touched by God? and that the melody produced by this Integration make hearts peaceful, bring Conscious to the necessity of Forgiveness, Peace and Fraternal Love among our peers. Thanks for the help of our brothers here reunited? and that we may become Unique and worthy? of expressing all FREEDOM, ILLUMINATION and HAPPINESS, from The One who created us originally? just like HIM! We have forgotten that, thousands of years ago our hearts are ?HOLY COVENANTS?, with all the Divine Potential to flow, uninterruptedly and abundantly, the precious nectar of ?LOVE?! May each one of my brothers and sisters, here together, feel the same devotion to the ?INNER LIGHT?, to make the process essentially ?IN HIS NAME?, because this lighting irradiation inside each one of us, may become little torches spread all over the planet in order to became a cosmic place of INTENSE LIGHT, REAL HAPPINESS AND PEACE? OVER ALL THE FRONTIER OF THE CREATION!
A Fraternal hug to all of you ? ?I?m AYAM? (Ric.Brasil)

1st day

The suggestion of absolute resting, just like Jasmuheen
recommends? is ?a good thing?, that?s what I can perceive
by now! It?s 8pm and, so far, I haven?t got either hungry
or thirsty? and I believe that for 2 important reasons:
1) I am positive that if I was not eating ?exclusively for
good looking reasons?, I would not be ?so free?? and I
would be really nervous or mad by now, crazy to eat a
gigantic pizza and drink lots of juice or water. But,
some months before starting the process, I started to
continuously about my pretensions about
adopting this life style? and I?ve got to the conclusion
that this period would be a sublime opportunity to reach
a much bigger ?Integration? with the ?Divine Inner Essence?!
I feel that this when exercised ?intensively?, increases
our love to our Inner God, the belief that you are being
supported by own God?s hands and that our capacity of
resistence and persistence has ?multiplied?! That approach
between our external conscience and ?Divine Conscience?
can be reached through means of good meditation, just
like Yogananda suggests in his Book: ?'Paramahansa Yogananda ?
Autobiography of a Yogi'
2) When we read Jasmuheen?s book, ?Living on Light?, we can see that she talks to her Divine Essence, with the Elemental of the Body, with the Angels, Masters and all those she can, before, during and after starting the process. And that?s the point: she is not more special than anyone? she has only been exercising the right that is given to each one of us ?pseudo-mortals? over this planet of ask, request and become deeply humble and, above all, put our lives toward the ?Divine Portion?, that has always kept us? in all senses! We just don?t have conscience of that?We have always given power to external, finite and limited things! I think that in this first day, my friends, it?s all I could perceive? and that?s all I wish to all of you: FAITH ? DISCIPLINE ? SELF-GIVING?
Thanks to all of you for the positive energy? and let?s keep going,WITH MUCH FAITH AND LOVE, because the goal for all of us is the broadening, in ourselves, in our peers, and in our planet? ?OF GOD?S LIGHT THAT NEVER FAILS!? ?AYAM?

2nd day
It?s been 46 hours since I started the process, and I?ve got happily surprised because I haven?t got hungry or thirsty, but for some moments ago, when someone toasted a bread with cheese in the kitchen? then my nose was pleased with such a small (yucky!) . That was the first time that gathered some gastric juice and I could listen to my stomach ?roar?, but soon after, I could dominate my thoughts? which would be a disaster in case they continued. I?m positive that this victory over hunger and thirst is due to an intuitive thought, which can be equally useful to those who will try to cross path someday. ?At least one week before starting the process, I had been talking to the elemental of my body (corporal conscience), requesting that would start immediately the work of getting from the pranic energy everything was necessary to keep myself healthy; also that the creams and liquid food I was going to ingest , for one more week, would be equally worked, but the concentration of my efforts were directed towards, mainly, to the ?Light?. Together with this procedure, during my morning meditation, I still evocate the ?Inner Divine Essence? to intensify the rays of White-Golden Light of the Vital Energy, visualizing it entering through the top of my head, filling all the cells, atoms and electrons of the central nervous system, energy conducting channels (nadis) the sides of the spine and the ramifications distributed all over the body skin, lungs (requesting this organs to get all the ?prana? necessary from air and redistribute to the tissues of the body), heart, all the other organs, bones, muscles, vains, arteries and, finally, with much dedication, ordering to each endocrine gland (with its correspondent charka) to produce only the hormones that will conduct me to the perfect health and general rejuvenating.
Naturally, the orderings (affirmations) are of a supreme importance; for instance: ?I am... the COMMANDING PRESENCE?, ordering to this elemental partner of my body that take off all the necessary nourishment to my Perfect health? directly from the Pranic Energy in the air around me! ?I Am the Resurrection and the Life of my perfect health through the Light, keeping me without the immediate of hunger or thirst!? An so on... because the Commands constitute Direct Orders of our ?Inner God?, since our proposals be perfected aligned to the Divine Plane for each one of us... and without affecting our peers; preferentially, if our goal is to help! When there is no selfishness is the INTEGRATION with the ?Divine Face? of our nature?. All the orderings, just like the ones above, are immediately shown in our external experience!
I hope I have helped, somehow, and I will be always available... to share! We are here exactly to Exchange fraternal experiences... and cheer one for the others! Thanks for all the support...

3rd day
As I?ve already told about the first and second days, the third was the same: no headaches, no nauseas and the ?tired leg? I felt yesterday is gone! Actually, Jasmuheen was right when she said that the best thing would be to keep ourselves connected to our ?Divine Inner Esscence? the most we can. That was particularly good for me this morning, when after one night without sleeping, I woke up with some kind of tension, also with a mix of ?emptiness? and ?anguish? inside my chest? and I immediately felt that it was the way my body found to react, to expel all toxins from inside my organism. I woke up, brushed my teeth, and made a ?mouthwash? wish ?salsa-parrilha?. Then I went to look the sun and, on my way back, I sat on a setee and requested to Superior Being that, together with my beloved Guru Yogananda, to take out all that bad feelings from my soul and fill that emptiness with His Orange-Golden Flame of the Divine Happiness and the Pink-Purple of Devotion and Peace. Guys, it was practically instantaneously, because I was invaded with huge relief, love and peace?which are still present until now, around 12 hours later! With the Grace of God! (Ask and you shall receive) All you need is Faith and Conscience that your request is completely balanced with the Divine Plan to each one of His Creatures! There?s no mistake! About the physical resistance, I?m feeling stronger today, despite the fact it should be the opposite; but I decided to go deep in the ?Decrees? and then I requested: ?I AM AYAM?, the Powerful Light of God that never fails, spilling over my coronal chakra his Golden-White Light of Vital Energy, filling it and penetrating in all my cells of my mind and my body, feeding me abundantly with Light, at this very moment and forever!!
I believe that what really defines the success of this walking? is the intensity that we self-give ourselves to the first proposal: Which will never fail if we do not think in ourselves only, but considering this period as a Real Holy Initiation? to be Reborn, which goal will be turn ourselves into ?more perfect instruments? so that God may express Himself? and then we may better help our peers in such a special moment of the construction of A New World of Peace, Love, Fraternity and Happiness! See you people tomorrow... Fraternally, Ricardo

5th day (complete)
Guys, during the day, everything was fine, I did the 3 periods demanded to realignment, putting myself with great gratitude, although a little confused, the salsa-parrilha was not working anymore and I couldn?t sleep since the 2nd day,(I feel that this was the strongest way of taking all toxins away, in my case, because physically I was fine, no headaches, no nauseas, or even any kind of pain anywhere). I think that the worst of the tortures happens in the emotional plan? and that?s how things got really complicated? for me! I already didn?t know if I was a human being or a dry mouth who could think, but the memory that I had a Holy Initiation going on, would make come up a very distant light, in the end of the tunnel (Thanks God)! But it is gone? and when I realized, I was already in the 6th day?

6th day
Nothing very special... and very similar to the 5th day, but I was trying to dedicate myself to the three periods of 2 hours each, which I selected as suggested: 10am,1pm and 4pm;this contact with the Ascended Masters and Angels, even though I was feeling myself ?empty?, helped me out a lot, because I would e out better and happier with one more victory. I still couldn?t sleep for 5 days and 4 nights? and that provoked more mental confusion, but I grasped my Saint German?s books to which nowadays I have as treasure due to its content and explanation about the days of three weeks, of the process, searching for strength to find a better horizon! Summarizing, these two last days passed by like two dry lianas that go up grabbing the Tree of Wisdom with a very positive future preview! I was mouth washing every moment, night and day, and it was a torture having water so close to the mouth and spit it out. But the 6th day was gone?

7th day
It was 7pm already and I went for a last look at the sun, making the breathing exercises that seemed endless, but, at 7:20pm I took a glass of water, which was part of a ?special juice?, having put in proportionally 1 litter of water (around 36 oz) with 18 blackberries (since I haven been for 7 days without making my intestine work); I raised the cup to sky, prayed in order to thank and to make a decreed over that liquid? and I drank ?the liquor of the gods?, mixing each swallow with saliva that, now, was coming up thankful! It was a great moment.. I realized that all the suffering, finally, was worthy! Victory against the necessity of sleep, victory against my mouth that by that moment I could barely speak the words correctly and coherently, victory against my ego and to increase my happiness, I realized that God had never let my hand go, since the very beginning! ?My beloved Inner God!?

7th day (complete)
I woke up, I mean, I didn?t even have any more conscience of what day and night meant because I had a nap of exactly 30 minutes, between one and other glimpse to the watch;I knew I hadn?t slept for 6 days and 5 nights, but the certainty that in the end of this day I was going to drink the ?wonderful liquid? and have got one the biggest victories of my life, which is ?put my Ego in the place to which it belongs?. I can?t describe this feeling in words!

I put all my strengh I could find, in this desert, together, also some songs to accompany me in this 3 last periods with the minimum of movements, always intermediated by the vicious movement of taking cold water to mouth and spit it out in a bucket? put right beside my bad, but finally, it was 6pm:as I had proposed to have my first drink after the sunset, I had to do something to make the time go by, because the sun goes around 7:30 or 8pm here in Chile! I went to my mother-in-law?s garden, I requested permission to the elemental of the roses, picked up 3 of a beautiful yellow color and three more of a pink which reminds the Divine Love Vibratory frequency? and I did almost three litters of tea; filled up a tub, put the tea together with the water? and there I was, ?almost able to laugh? when imagining the ?tssss? sound and the smoke coming out when I dove that Blessed Liquid (warm). When coming out, I was feeling sleepy, almost dizzy, but much better than before. It was 7pm already and I went for a last look at the sun, making all the breathing exercises (which seemed endless) but, at 7:20pm I took a glass of water, which was part of a ?special juice?, having put in proportionally 1 litter of water (around 36 oz) with 18 blackberries (since I haven been for 7 days without making my intestine work); I raised the cup to sky, prayed in order to thank and to make a decreed over that liquid? and I drank ?the liquor of the gods?, mixing each swallow with saliva that, now, was coming up thankful! It was a great moment.. I realized that all the suffering, finally, was worthy! Victory against the necessity of sleep, victory against my mouth that by that moment I could barely speak the words correctly and coherently, victory against my ego and to increase my happiness, I realized that God had never let my hand go, since the very beginning! ?My beloved Inner God!?
It?s been 3 hours since I started drinking... and I must have drunk around 2 and half litters ( around 80 oz) ? I gotta slow it down! ?
I feel my strengh is coming back, with more clarity of the conscience, since before the water I couldn?t even write something good, I went to the bathroom, but there was almost nothing else inside my intestine as far as I knew. Unless, during the night ?it~? comes down... that would be astonishing; but know, EVERYTHING IS JUST GREAT! A kiss for all of you? Thanks for the strength, keeping working it, day after day? also the communication with the Divine Inner Essence, because without it? nothing definitive could be reached! In the next few days, I will describe what happened to my weight and stuff. Bye (I am not going to stop drinking as long as this dry mouth doesn?t get back to its natural flow of saliva; no matter if juice comes out from my ears!) Tomorrow will be a beautiful day... I AM POSITIVE ABOUT THAT, because God is beside me!

8th day (night)
You know what? The human fraternity and solidarity are things that touch me deeply! It?s all we got left to so really we can call ourselves ?brothers?; that?s why all Christ?s teachings talk so often about ?Love to God?! I want to thank for all the private emails I have been receiving and for the strong support received at this space either; it?s beautiful to see how people celebrate with the victories of their brothers? without even knowing them: ?that is the true spirit of the New Golden Age that here is?!

This 8th was? ?WET?, thanks God! I imagine that it would be only a bigger blessing, even bigger than this diluted pear juice, if here in ?Andes? had Brazilian coconut water! Super Natural Hydrator! But that?s fine! The interesting thing is that even though I have much liquid ?getting in?, the amount ?getting out? is not proportional; I believe that billions of cells are being rehydrated?. And soon the urine will flow in all it splendor.
Just for information, I?d like to say about some details of my preparatory phase: I started running (lightly) three months before the process, I bought one of those boxing bags, which made me sweat a lot, every day. When there were 10 days left before starting the process, I requested my ?Inner God? that I?d like kind of lose toxins previously, which came, in the following that, in such a strong flu, with fever and all that made me feel bad for a week. Those days, my resistance seemed to have gone to ?zero?.. and I ended up commenting with my Partner, that I might postpone the beginning of my journey? her answer was marvelous: ?Have faith!? Than I thought: ?This flu came as a way to lose my toxins? and, either I believe God or not! Three days before I was apparently fine, I did the exercise of ?Focusing Vital Energy? getting in through the topo of my had, filling up all my cells from my mind and my body?and I stepped out to a run; for my own surprised, I found my results were even better than before the flu! ( one more lesson was learnt: when you ask God something? TRUST HIM! Because for Him? everything is possible as long we got Faith)So, in this 3 preceding months, I was 87 with Kg (around 174 pounds); one day before the beginning of the process, after having vegetable soup for 2 weeks, I had lost already 4kg (around 8 pounds); and now, after 8 days, I have lost 8kg (around 16 pounds);it means, 1Kg per day! That result, itself, would make any conventional physician or scientist red! Since I started my walking, I have been talking to the elemental of my body, with the Divine Essence, requesting that my weight would stabilize around 75 and 77 Kg; today a friend of mine came with a weight checker? and bingo:75 Kg sharp! Now, I keep talking to my Beloved Presence and my ?body conscience? so that I keep my look good, stable weight and in process of rejuvenating! My friend that hadn?t seen me for over two weeks said that I looked fine, and it seemed I was much younger than before! I burned all the tendency of Vanity in the Blue Light? and thanked, saying that it was only a prove of my Faith in the Superior Being? ?who Knows everything?!
This is the healing week, in all the levels of the inferior being... and I?ve had been much thankful and trying to irradiate Love to all the Light Being that around here to help us in this work; I?m still a little bit empty, yet, but according to Jasmuheen it?s natural since the spirit ?came out of the body? and will only return after the 15th day! Once more, thanks for all the support and may these words come to help those brothers who truly understand the real meaning of ?Living on Light?!
Fraternally... for my brothers and sisters on Light!

9th day
This day has already been better than yesterday, since I could sleep again for around 7 hours! Until 2pm, and since yesterday, I have drunk around 4 litter, drinking water and diluted juice, but I don?t urinate much; I believe that all the tissues of my body were restarting to hydrate, because after that time started to be automatic again: drinking water, going to the restroom! I?m feeling an intense process of healing, in all levels.. and Angels don?t fool around while working; but when I try to feel their presence I realize I?m not totally connected to the ?Source?; that feeling of emptiness is still here, but not so intense as yesterday? and I rarely have any feeling of anguish. Summarizing, it is still an emotional confusion time, although it is not compared at all to the 1st wee, but I can feel that this is transitory. There was a fact I forgot to mention, about blood pressure. I?ve been taking for 1 year ?"maleato de enalapril"; a medicine to keep it stable, and when I forgot to take it, sometimes, I would soon feel a headache, showing that the pressure had increased. I stopped having that medicine one day before the process and? ?wonderful?, I believe that I don?t suffer of that sickness anymore! (And the doctor, one year ago, told me I would have to take it for the rest of my life. But he didn?t count on Divine Mercy, which is intensified in all the periods of vibrational transition of a planet? and which feeding yourself from Light is also a segment!) About the weight, one more happy discover, because having lost around 1kg per day in the last 7 days, it was ?logical? that I was going to keep losing it, since I haven?t feed myself anymore; but? ?how Beautiful?: the same weight of yesterday I could find today: 75kg sharp! My request to the Divine Essence was answered, to stabilize my body mass, keeping what I feel to be ideal for me! The mouth is still a little dry if I don?t wet it every 20 minutes, but that is also getting back to normal! Moments of intense Peace have occurred? and I trust God that these moments will grow in number and intensity, during and after these 21 days. May the blessings of all these ?Lights Being?, responsible for this week of healing, rest over the head of each one of our brothers that equally decide to go through this walking!

10th day
Hello, friends! With me everything is fine... I ask my friends that are following my journey to excuse me? sothat I can get back to the reports in the 14th day (end of this 2nd week).However, I?ll be paying attention and available in case anyone has any question, or if it happens something more special, because everything is fine so far; just a little tired, but nothing that is going to demotivate me to walk around the house, having sunbath or prepare juices? I slept around 4 hours last night... but it seems that
I didn?t miss the 7 hours of sleep that I have always been used to, at least this time!

12? dia
Hello! It?s being much easier to relax and meditate today; meditation is like a balsam in these days that ?something is missing inside?... it is not that ?emptiness? anymore, but simply the wish of feeling again that well known Peace, which I had conquered before, despite ?running through the hands? in some moments of mental and emotional illusions? something that we all can be through, simply due to the lack of alignment with the Superior Being. But the Faith that this period is only a bridge? always makes us patient and calm!
One detail to be considered by those who want to pass through the process is about being conscious that it is a great period of time to learn, to practice self control and to develop patience and exercise Faith! For so, my friends, ?do not take? the walking while you don?t have 21 days exclusively to dedicate to your ?Inner God?. You can?t be in a hurry, neither have anxiety or concerns from the external world; only a deep ?Giving? of your Lives to Love, to Knowledge and to the Power that lives inside each one of us, only waiting to get in Action! The Holier these 3 weeks are considered and the more gratitude we have for our Divine Essence, for the Ascended Masters and for our friends Angels that will be taking care of us? bigger will be the chance of Integrating the ?Inner Onipresence?. Perceiving that we?re being cleaned, realigned, healed and reintegrated to LIGHT, to Peace, to Love and to Divine Happiness; the most important moment of all our millenary existences! Naturally,always conscious that the ?Governing Presence? is here ?in guard?, providing all that it is necessary; any kind of doubt can?t be permited about being completely secure and conducted by God?s own hands! Thank Him and keep up? facing directly the Light, trying to amplify Love to Her and the Spirity of Fraternity with our peers! We should always remember: ?GOD?S LIGHT NEVER FAILS!?. All we have to do is to be aligned with the Divine Ideals!

13th day (4am)
Good morning! Today, just like yesterday, I slept for around 4 hours, while my sleeping necessity has always been around 7. The interesting thing is that, mainly today... with less toxins, is that it is quite indifferent sleeping for more or less hours! I feel that, since yesterday, has grown a sensation of dissociation or independence of mind? concerning the body functions or necessities. Just like as if the conscience were not necessarily a cerebral function (and it is not!); the brain is just there, making perfectly everything that is his job, while the Being seems to be separated, free and without any compromise, just like a ?watcher?? calm and not worried. Despite it is still lacking something, here inside the chest, everything is in a ?suspension? state, an expectation, which I would define as benefic? Everything is just fine, let?s keep going ahead? And thank you for being there, listening to me

14th day (1pm)
Well, today is the last day of of the second week (healing and realignment) and I?m feeling very well; no pains or the feeling of being tired, in any part of the body! By the morning I was feeling as if the brain were a little bigger, or ?squeezed? in the skull, what made me feel a little uncomfortable, but after a long meditation and ?AYAM? decreeds, that cerebral pressure was gone completely and I was taken by a very pleasant serenity. I feel that next week, the ?Reintegration?, will be really blessed! According to the Great Masters, there is no better attitude than that one that puts together a happy Expectation and Faith! There is not one single day that I don?t thank deeply, fir to Divine Inner Essence, and then to the Ascended Masters, to the Wonderful Angels and to the Legion of Light, for this opportunity to be Reborn and Integration of the external being with the Superior Being? and for the conscience that I can be much more useful to God and to my peers, than I?ve been so far! This gratitude is also extended to Jasmuheen, to Evelyn and Steve, to my dear friend who is translating these texts from Portuguese to English (it was not for no reason that I started, sometime ago, activities in a language school!) and to all those that, somehow, support my individual initiative, despite being in benefit of all my peers, and that doesn?t exclude all the critics, although unconsciously (but not for a long time?)!
Thanks to all of you!

16th day (9:50pm)
Hello people! The day before yesterday I wanted to change things a little bit, and I made a peach juice, but I believe they were not good to be eaten yet ( something like acid)? and then I got a headache that lasted for 2 days; nothing strong, but that boring thing that doesn?t let you evaluate what is, actually, happening inside your own world? I?ve learned this lesson? and now things see to be very fine! Only a disturbing sensation inside my head, but I believe it will be getting better day after day! Now I can already feel a certain ?special lightness?? although something needs to be filled inside the chest; certainly the ?return of the spirit? just like Jasmuheen says! So, between yesterday and today, nothing more important to be added? but these little incidents that tend to change the level of motivation of those that pass through the process? But, this must de faced more like a test? or opportunity to develop ?persistence? and evaluate how deep this decision was? and supported by the decision of ?leaving that old step? in which we were! Ahead ? and Upways! A fraternal hug to everybody? Ricardo

17th day (5:40am)
Good morning my friends!
I slept for exactly 4 hours and I?m not feeling headache at all, tension for lack of sleeping or tired; my ideal quantity of sleeping has always been around 7 hours per night. I decided to write, at this moment, due to an interesting ?insight? I had when I woke up, which is the best time to come creative and best ideas to our external conscience. Since the intuition isn?t connected to time or space and, inclusively,
Projects solutions inside the ?eternal now? a future situation came to mind with some possibilities. It refers to the ?adaptation to a new feeding lifestyle?, once all those who passed through the process have been discussing about the difficulties that the time brings about the flavor memories? I believe that the goals of leaving exclusively out of prana must be respected and, in the beginning, it must be extremely necessary some months without eating anything at all, so that the body registers in its cell memories that unquestionable possibility. Although, when the emotional starts attacking, that?s where the insight comes in, there is a way of keeping yourself only with liquids: for instance, a tomato soup, flavored as the person wishes and after passed through a filter, similar to those used for coffee, which do not let any residues pass through; And as so it can be made with beans soup, peas, carrots, beats, or whatever, but essentially liquids, and since we have convinced ourselves that is not but a distraction for our emotional? until it sets itself free from this new adaptation period and can integrate itself, completely, with the ?Light?! Naturally this resource must be used with all the criteria and good sense possible, so that it won?t become a new way of food, just like before; I perceive that this program also could help to set the mind free from the chewing memories, what might help in a gradual disconnection from that process of liquids: Now I ask: is it viable? I think that only the individual experience will answer, once the frequency of this new stage will pass through the discernment of each one of us, who opted for a way of life freer from toxins, digestive process and searching to become ourselves ?LIGHT?!

18th day
Today was specially calm, in all senses! A certain quietness started to come up inside my emotional and mental bodies, what may mean a ?reaping time?, if we can call it like that. I have been meditating more, searching for the integration with the Source, or at least feel it, with the Grace of God? it already used to happen to me before starting the process; I feel that a certain opening in the sense of ?serenity? is coming? and this is the best that can happen to those who intend to canalize to his world the ?Inner Light?! It is when you get your brain and feelings in silence that the Internal Voice manifests itself more clearly and constantly; so, gratitude for Life and to all things and people in our world, contemplation and adoration to the Divine Essence, is what we best should exercise? Always! Above all during all this process! Irradiate Love and for the living beings ? is what we can best do towards the Illumination of the whole planet, because this is our personal contribution with the Creation Divine Plan! This last night I slept well for around six hours; it?s been happening that one day I sleep better than the other and it might mean an adaptation to a new way of sleeping? which will balance after the process. I still feel the necessity of wetting my mouth, constantly, because that white color which was in the whole tongue it is now getting smaller in size, what corresponds to a final stage of expelling the toxins; and as so, salivation is returning to its normal?gradually!

20th day
Hello! May this day be more glorious and the tests that come up may not be seen as improper but as precious opportunities of transposition and ?freedom?, because this work continues until we are FREE from human weaknesses and limitations; those that have always prevented the Divine Light from expressing itself ? in Its Plenitude, and without the impediments imposed by ourselves!
Since two days ago, a strong wish of eating appeared, not related to anything in special; but with a strong will for salt. Yesterday it was quite strong, but meditation brought me some control; although, it came back after that and it was more complicated at night and now in the morning! During my morning meditation, I felt that we should not fight against or accept the body wishes, but we should ?transfer to the Power to the Essence?, as also I have already been doing to other undesirable wishes! I talked immediately to the ?Inner Presence? and, covering myself with Power and Wisdom I did the following decreed: ?POWERFUL GOVERNING PRESENCE, ACT UNLIMITED IN THIS DISHARMONICAL SITUATION? AND STABLISH HERE YOUR COMPLETE DOMAIN!?. I looked straight to my external self, with its spoiled ego and its emotional that is more similar to a Pulse width modulation (PWM) wave ? and ordered obedience and Absolute silence! Everything got in peace, because or Internal God only waits for the green light sign to Express itself, just as a respect to Its Own Free Will Law; everything depends on our conscience: ?Either we keep giving power to the ego and to the objective world or we transfer to the Superior Being, which is our Immortal Portion, which all Knows, Sees, Protects and Provides?. In the same intensity that we give our lives to Its Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Direction! This is ?SELF-GIVING?!
Today the colors seem brighter, mainly the flowers! Now the tongue is pinker, the toxins practically expelled from the organism? and the necessity of wetting the mouth has reduced a lot, this night which last one day to the end. A great day to all of you!

21st Day
Hi there my dear friends? There are less than 2 hours left to the ?final turn?, although I can fell that the magic hour happened around 7pm; I can tell that I am ?Very Happy? and deeply thankful to God for all I?ve been through during the process. Everything was incredibly beneficial, including the ?dry mouth?, headaches of the last week and all those things we normally consider as disturbing, because actually, I can see all them as tests prepared by my ?Superior Self?, with the goal to evaluate my level of Self Giving and also how I would deal with the difficulties.
I believe this victory is due uniquely to my ?Divine Presence? inside myself, to which I dedicate it. Its Gift I couldn?t neither evaluate nor thank enough, no matter if I live hundreds of other incarnations!
The day today didn?t come as special as I was anxious it to be, but the works started? meditation, Decrees to electronic elevation, healing, improving and self-domination, also the constant search to keep the attention specially focused in ?AYAM?; our Wise, Lovely and Powerful ?Divine Light?! In the afternoon I started feeling that emptiness, that
for days I hadn?t felt, which tried to come up as irritability and impatience? and that lasted for a couple of hours as an ?internal fight?; at 6pm I decided to meditate and an ?insight? showed me, clearly, that it was my ?spoiled ego? (just like a spoiled child), rebelling against my imminent final victory over the ?necessity of water and food?? In that moment, I almost stopped my meditation to laugh, and a big relief came up, as soon as I evocated to the ?Presence? to consume in the Crystal and Violet Flame all that inferior manifestation; that my heart and each one of the cells of my body were filled up with Peace and Love from the Ascended Ones? Wonderful! With the help of the request and focusing of much Golden Christic Light? soon I felt an enormous peace running through my whole body and such a vitality came up that I could even put on my sneakers and go jogging if I wished to do so, just like I used to do before the process ? regularly! The lesson once more was, under my nose, showing clearly that it is useless, and also waste of time to fight against our personal ego, the emotional or ungoverned thoughts, since we have inside ourselves the Omniscience, that all sees, the Omniscience that all Can and Omnipresence, available for those who believe, to serve us AT ALL TIMES? that our proposals be separated of any kind of selfishness! Everything was so clear? but at the same time so distant from our perception, because we allow to ?fog? ourselves in odium and disagreement. That?s how we turn ourselves into dry leaves that go with the wind of emotional storms!

About my weight, I have always trusted that the ?elemental of my body? would faithfully follow the Decrees of ?AYAM?, in the sense that my corporal mass would stabilize at an ideal point. It was happy to me to realize that, although I have lost 10 kg ( around 20 pounds)I was still 3kg (around 6 pounds) over what the medicine considers as the ideal weight.
But God Knows more about His creature than any medical or scientific convention. I also got happy to see what the mirror showed me. Obviously people get shocked when they see the difference from 20 or 30 days ago, when they saw me for the last time, but all of them agreed that I got a much better look now; the color of the vitiu is back to my face, the eyes are not as deep as in the first weeks? and my evident physical energy doesn?t make me have any doubts that I am in perfect health condition and general welfare. I intend to come back, occasionally, bringing some information about the post-process, because I feel that it is an extremely important, decisive and interesting stage.
I have been sleeping well, less hours per night but I don?t feel I miss them; I have the sensation that ?now that it is beginning of the Real Work? in the sense of enjoying a new and worthy ?lightness of feeling?, what naturally will conduct to a more profound meditation? and a consequently bigger Integration with the Source of All Happiness and Internal Peace!
Thanks to all of you my friends, that have always supported me, no matter if in silence or manifesting through messages and stimulating me to go on? the same way I would also like to do for you all when you you?re your conscientious decision? to walk in the same way of LIGHT! May all of you be truly Happy and Believe Completely in your Inner God? because, certainly as I have proved to myself? ?GOD?S LIGHT NEVER FAILS!? and we are this LIGHT! (Now it is 12:15am, exactly the time I was born)
PS: Thank you all, my friends! I hope these narrations come to contribute with your own knowledge and that, you all, conquests the same Love?s expansion I received? with the God?s Blessings! Fraternally,

Idea Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Ricardo,

I am pleased to read you and your experiences here.

Hope, we can now undistrubled exchange our postings.

Thank you Joachim for giving us this possibility here in you forum Smile

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 12:19 pm    Post subject: Re: '21 days of self-giving and Love' Reply with quote

The text describing your experience is a valuable material for me and, I believe, for many other people interested in the subject of inedia, breatharianism, non-eating, which is our main interest in this forum.
Please, continue to share your experience with us.

Although it is much more important to feel your own internal power instead of believing what other people say, looking at experience of others may give you lots of interesting information, which can be used on your path to spiritual growth. Sharing in writing personal experience benefits both the writer and the reader.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, Joachim and Blanche... I'm so happy to post here and interacting ?fraternally? with you, at this free and clean space! So many sisters and brothers, sincere Light?s students, need to share their ?loving hearts?, in this ?cosmic and especial moment? that we all are crossing? along with our generous and beautiful Gaia planet! This is a ?new and fantastic planetary time?? and is an honor for me to be here? giving and receiving so much Fraternal Love!

I hope, Joachim, you all will came to read my posts, be patient with my limited English! My lovely sister Blanche knows well my eng. language difficulty, but she has always been lovely and patient with my limitations! The 21 days process that I posted here was translated by a Brazilian friend, but now I need to continue with my own resourses! Thank you all, my friends?
(with a lil' help from Arhat, who sometimes brush some mistakes away, like now)
Embarassed Laughing Arrow Very Happy
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Joachim wrote:
The text describing your experience is a valuable material for me and, I believe, for many other people interested in the subject of inedia, breatharianism, non-eating, which is our main interest in this forum.
Please, continue to share your experience with us.

I concur 100%, great to have read your entire 21 process experience, valuable information indeed. Thanks so much Ric, good to se you and Blanche here. A grea forum Joachim. With Love Light & Laughter - Malika
Very Happy Smile Wink Surprised
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, my brother Malika... Is very good to see you and Blanche here, at this space created by Joachim!
Really Arrow 'Love is the answer to everything!'... and nothing is most important than to give and to receive: L O V E !

L: Liberty

O: Opening

V: Vastness

E: Encounter

Thank you all, my dear friends! Very Happy
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