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The "Methuselah diet"

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André K.

Joined: 19 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:54 pm    Post subject: The "Methuselah diet" Reply with quote

I want to inform you about the so called "Methuselah diet", discovered by Henning Müller-Burzler (HMB). But first something about this person.
At the moment he has written one big book, which contains all necessary concerning a healty nourishment and getting rid off allergies. He found out all that, while he was searching a way to cure his allergies. In this context he also writes a lot about cleaning the body from toxins.
Usually the body stores the toxins, it can´t get rid off, in the cells. So the first step is to release them by energizing the cells. This can be done by many methods, e.g. just with healthier food, by sportive activities or with special energizing methods like Qi Gong, etc. Another good method is fasting, but here HMB says, that he has found an even better method, which cleans the body more efficiently. He called this method the "Methuselah diet".
HMB has also called it "third level of combining food" in his system, because you have some very special rules of combining your food here. Basically you have two choices:
- one sort of raw nuts and one sort of raw fruits OR
- one sort of germed grain and a cold pressed oil from one sort of olives
It has to be chewed very good in order to activate the energy of these combinations properly. Once activated, it will mobilize your cells to release toxins and - which is very important - it will regenerate your digestive system if it was weakened by any reason, which is common today. That can also make the body to release a lot of toxins over a long time, which I´m becoming to feel right now...
Anyway, there is a lot more to know about this combinations. The two mentioned above are not the only one. For example, there is also the possibility of combining milk and honey - Yes! You have listened (read Wink ) right: Milk and honey. But for that you have to know a little bit more. There are also other things you have to know if you want to practice that kind of nutrition. This will be the content of the second book, which HMB is going to write in 2 years. In the actual book he has only described the basics to use the Methuselah diet to clean the body and to rebuild a weakened digestion. For that it is sufficient to use one combination 2 or 3 times a week in a certain amount based on your health. If you use it to often, you can get in serious trouble because of the huge amounts of toxins released from the cells. I know that, because I´m exactly in this situation at the moment.

So, I will finish here for now. There is much more to say about this topic but it is a very complex theme, and it takes me much time to compress it into short paragraphs, and that in english too, which I´m not very used to at the moment...
It would be better to get the book if you are further interested, because there all is explained in detail. It is called "Gesund und Allergiefrei", unfortunately it is not available in english yet. If you speak german, there is also a website where you can get more information:

A last word to the Methuselah diet: HMB sees it as a prestage for living on light or "a nutrition by cosmic energies" as he calls it.
So there is also the connection to the LSWF. Perhaps it can be considered as another method for adapting LWSF but I don´t know enough about it. It looks like a kind of the "Natural Method", described in the book LSWF.
I will find it out...

So long,


[Edit] I found that there is a webpage called It hasn´t to do anything with what I presented here. At least I assume that, because on the page aren´t really information about it Rolling Eyes

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Joined: 15 Jun 2007
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Location: mississippi, usa

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 5:10 pm    Post subject: ancient diet Reply with quote

Here are some excerpts from The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1, (all about the raw food diet):

"So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grain and
grasses of the field, the milk of beasts, and the honey of bees. For
everything beyond these is of Satan, and leads by the way of sins and of
diseases unto death. But the foods which you eat from the abundant table of
God give strength and youth to your body, and you will never see diseases
For the table of God fed Methuselah of old, and I tell you truly, if you
live even as he lived, then will the God of the living give you also long
life upon the earth as was his.

"For I tell you truly, the God of the living is richer than all the rich of
the earth, and his abundant table is richer than the richest table of
feasting of all the rich upon the earth. Eat, therefore, all your life at
the table of our Earthly Mother, and you will never see want. And when you
eat at her table, eat all things even as they are found on the table of the
Earthly Mother. Cook not, neither mix all things one with another, lest your
bowels become as steaming bogs. For I tell you truly, this is abominable in
the eyes of the Lord.

"And be not like the greedy servant, who always ate up, at the table of his
lord, the portions of others. And he devoured everything himself, and mixed
all together in his gluttony. And seeing that, his lord was wroth with him,
and drove him from the table. And when all had ended their meal, he mixed
together all that remained upon the table, and called the greedy servant to
him, and said: 'Take and eat all this with the swine, for your place is with
them, and not at my table.'

"Take heed, therefore, and defile not with all kinds of abominations the
temple of your bodies. Be content with two or three sorts of food, which you
will find always upon the table of our Earthly Mother. And desire not to
devour all things which you see around you. For I tell you truly, if you mix
together all sorts of food in your body, then the peace of your body will
cease, and endless war will rage in you. And it will be blotted out even as
homes and kingdoms divided against themselves work their own destruction.
For your God is the God of peace, and does never help division. Arouse not,
therefore, against you the wrath of God, lest he drive you from his table,
and lest you be compelled to go to the table of Satan, where the fire of
sins, diseases, and death will corrupt your body.

"And when you eat, never eat unto fulness. Flee the temptations of Satan,
and listen to the voice of God's angels. For Satan and his power tempt you
always to eat more and more. But live by the spirit, and resist the desires
of the body. And your fasting is always pleasing in the eyes of the angels
of God. So give heed to how much you have eaten when your body is sated, and
always eat less by a third.

"Let the weight of your daily food be not less than a mina, but mark that it
go not beyond two. Then will the angels of God serve you always, and you
will never fall into the bondage of Satan and of his diseases. Trouble not
the work of the angels in your body by eating often. For I tell you truly,
he who eats more than twice in the day does in him the work of Satan. And
the angels of God leave his body, and soon Satan will take possession of it.
Eat only when the sun is highest in the heavens, and again when it is set.
And you will never see disease, for such finds favor in the eyes of the
Lord. And if you will that the angels of God rejoice in your body, and that
Satan shun you afar, then sit but once in the day at the table of God. And
then your days will be long upon the earth, for this is pleasing in the eyes
of the Lord. Eat always when the table of God is served before you, and eat
always of that which you find upon the table of God. For I tell you truly,
God knows well what your body needs, and when it needs.

"From the coming of the month of Ijar, eat barley; from the month of Sivan,
eat wheat, the most perfect among all seed-bearing herbs. And let your daily
bread be made of wheat, that the Lord may take care of your bodies. From
Tammuz, eat the sour grape, that your body may diminish and Satan may depart
from it. in the month of Elul, gather the grape that the juice may serve you
as drink. In the month of Marchesvan, gather the sweet grape, dried and
sweetened by the angel of sun, that your bodies may increase, for the angels
of the Lord dwell in them. You should eat figs rich in juice in the months
of Ab and Shebat, and what remain, let the angel of sun keep them for you;
eat them with the meat of almonds in all the months when the trees bear no
fruits. And the herbs which come after rain, these eat in the month of
Thebet, that your blood may be cleansed of all your sins. And in the same
month begin to eat also the milk of your beasts, because for this did the
Lord give the herbs of the fields to all the beasts which render milk, that
they might with their milk feed man. For I tell you truly, happy are they
that eat only at the table of God, and eschew all the abominations of Satan.
Eat not unclean foods brought from far countries, but eat always that which
your trees bear. For your God knows well what is needful for you, and where
and when. And he gives to all peoples of all kingdoms for food that which is
best for each. Eat not as the heathen do, who stuff themselves in haste,
defiling their bodies with all manner of abominations.
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André K.

Joined: 19 Nov 2006
Posts: 14

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah! HMB was very happy when he found that later after his discovery. It seems to me that he is a very religious christian...
Probably he has tried the milk-and-honey-combination after reading this and found that it has also "activating powers". The interesting thing is that you have to keep it a certain time in your mouth before swallowing it in order to activate some glands or something. Actually you dont even need to swallow it. With this combination you should be able to reinforce your milk digestion fast and easy.
So, this is only some information and I wrote it because in some postings I read about putting things in the mouth but not swallowing them, so that all is fine. But HMB says it does effect the body and the longer you keep it in the mouth the bigger the effect.

Peace be with you! Wink

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