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Dynamics of Prana Feeding

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:01 am    Post subject: Dynamics of Prana Feeding Reply with quote

Hi All -
How is prana nourishment possible???
The Source of energy that is behind all Creation, whatever name you want to put to it is everywhere, within and without, creates all form and sustains all forms of life and it is also residing in our atoms which make up the trillions of cells of our body, therefore it is feeding us. This is a Quantum field of Supreme Loving Intelligence, referred to by some as the God everywhere within and without. The life force = force that gives us life. This force of eternal Light, love, bliss, joy and all of God?s heavenly qualities within each atom runs the bloodstream, the cells, the molecules, the organs, the glands and all the biological actions of the physical body. Our bio-system actually produces prana naturally within all our cells. One being nourished by prana is matter of frequency, how well we can tap into and our continual focus on this inner God and our frequency is determined by factors such as our thinking patterns, our feeling patterns, our dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

So particularly in the West for someone to be able to live off prana without the need to eat their frequency has to be refined through particular practises such as meditation, programming, yoga, pranayama etc. The fact is Prana sustains everyone and gives life to everything. You could be pumped full of oxygen and food but if the supply of prana from source was cut off you be lifeless very quickly. Most people?s reality is on the world being external or outside of them. In reality nothing exists outside of ourselves as the outer world is a reflection of our internal thought projections which creates the reality we experience.

Our doctors/scientists love to make up fancy sounding names for dis-eases and then look to some biological factor in the body to determine how the disease may been caused, when all dis-ease is created through blocked energy flow initiated by negative thought/feeling patterns, lack of exercise, poor dietary choices etc where prana can?t feed the cells in their natural state of perfect health. Similarly the nutritionists have made up terms like vitamin A, vitamin B6, omega 3, zinc, potassium etc. and then tell us we have to eat a wide range of particular foods to make sure we get a balanced diet and obtain our energy requirements this way. Being externally focussed makes us think things we need to happy and healthy come from outside of us, like physical food, a lovely house or a lover. This is because of seeing the world in a fragmented view where everything is separate from one another. In the Prana reality IT IS ALL JUST ENERGY and the energy is THE LOVE WITHIN. One of the best things we can do is to radiate Love from our heart to every single cell in our body and then out into the world, telling our cells with great sincerity over and over how much we love them. As the cells are open and receptive to our thoughts and feelings they will respond very lovingly we do this simple practise.
Malika Very Happy Smile Surprised

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:06 am    Post subject: Dynamics of Prana Feeding. Reply with quote

I came across an interesting tit-bit in one of the text books that i have to study for my Naturopathy Course,and it co-related with one of Jasmuheen's techniques in her fabulous book - "The Law of Love" - as well as one of Mantak Chia's techniques of internal Qi/Prana cultivation for the "production" of what's considered the "Golden Elixir" in Taoist practices,or alternatively "The Fountain of Youth",or "Amrita" in the Tantric/Yogic texts/practices...from "Fundamentals of Complimentary and Integrative Medicine"(from the chapter on Traditional Chinese Medicine" - Kevin V.Ergil - this could be used either by those that are interested in cultivating Prana for added health,or for those that are "transitioning" to LOL,or even for those of us that are at the stage where we are considering transitioning eventually to being fluid free,as practices like this actually enhance the "inner/internal hydration" for the body's needs) - ..."the exercise is begun by breathing naturally and allowing the mind to become calm.The upper and lower teeth are clicked together by closing the mouth 36 times.As saliva is produced,it is retained in the mouth,swirled with the tongue,and then swallowed in three parts while one imagines that it is flowing in to the middle of the chest and then to an area about three fingerbreadths below the navel(the "Dan Tian" - or "cinnabar field",or the "inner central sun"...).At this point,one imagines that one is sitting in front of a reservoir of white qi(Prana)that enters the mouth on inhalation and is transmitted through the body as on exhales,first to the lungs,then to the "Dan Tian",and finally out to the skin and body hair.This process of visualization is repeated 18 times(as in 36 "clicks" of the teeth upon inhaling and exhaling - whilst visualizing either "white qi' or the "cosmic ocean" - swirling in the mouth before swallowing and distributing to the whole body-as per the above steps x18).This process makes use of the relationship between the mind and qi to strengthen the function of the lungs(and also the entire physical AND energy system!)and to pattern areas of the body associated with the are awhere the qi that governs the lungs and respiration is stored".Just some thought for food/food for thought!!! - Love and light - Hara Namah XXXOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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