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Staying Healthy LOL

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:41 am    Post subject: Staying Healthy LOL Reply with quote

The below two questions and answers come from Jasmuheen?s e-book ?The Prana Program?.

Q: Why do we have a stomach and teeth if we are not supposed to eat physical food?
A: Our current digestive system has evolved over time to mirror our beliefs and as these change so will our digestive system. The fact is that we can do anything we choose when we merge again into the stream of our DOW?s power, for we are the masters of our own body, and as such every cell of our body is constantly listening to our thoughts, words and actions to which the molecules and atoms then adjust themselves in response. As we are the first generation of light eaters in the west we are also dependant upon the process of evolution for the inner system to change. However in time the future generations of light eater?s internal circuitry will end up quite different so the short answer to this question is it is just a matter of evolution, and time, and our body?s ability to mirror our beliefs and practices. Those who continue to eat will keep their digestive systems and those who choose Divine Nutrition will eventually have a digestive system that reflects this new way of being nourished.

It is said that when we first took form on this planet we had a different bio-system that was self-sustaining and needed neither food or fluid; we have evolved over time to our current system and our future bio-system evolution depends on our life style and choices. With re-education and experimental prana program awareness, over time our internal feeding structures will evolve differently, and eventually the new Prana Program feeding mechanisms will merge from the etheric to the physical and we see biological changes to support our new way of feeding.

Q: How is prana transformed into gross matter to support and sustain the body?s weight and physiology?
A: Prana is to God like sunshine is to the sun; both are natural by-products of something Radiant. It?s everywhere already existing as Earth prana, air prana and cosmic prana and doesn?t need transforming ? it feeds everything anyway. We have just forgotten that it does so. Over our evolutionary process we have come to expect food to do the job instead.

Because the body already knows that prana is its natural source of food, it gets quite relieved when we ? as masters of the body ? know this also. It?s kind of like sacking a dish wash person to replace them with an automatic dishwasher. Eating pranic light is just easier and quicker and cleaner. Also the body prefers it as it can then stop the complicated process of digestion and redirect its precious energy for other matters. All food has prana and when we eat, we absorb this into ourselves, but we can also learn how to by-pass this middle man and go straight to Source.

Malika: I believe that over time when the masses are being sustained by prana then obviously the human bio-system would evolve to accommodate not having to digest food, so we would have no digestive organs, as the cells would be responding to the mass consciousness on the planet being pranically nourished and free from the need to eat. Who knows what would we look like then in a physical form! Many have trouble accepting we can be nourished prana and not have to eat because of the strong well engrained conditioning that the body is designed for eating because we have a digestive system.

As this belief system that we will lose weight and get weak if we don?t feed the body with physical food is so deeply held on a subconscious level in the mass consciousness this why we see hunger strikers, people afflicted with anorexia, malnourished people children etc. lose weight, looking sickly etc. It?s only the body responding to our inner beliefs. The fact is prana is feeding everyone anyway, regardless of whether we eat food or not, but prana can?t healthily nourish us if we have internal programs running saying ?If I don?t eat I?ll waste away?. As the subconscious mind has no reasoning ability it just goes about creating the reality of whatever is programmed into it.

So the need to reprogram these limiting beliefs of wasting away, one great method we can use is to vividly visualise the body being strong, muscular, symmetrical etc. coupled with creating the feeling this brings as well using programs such as for example ?Gaining healthy and weight and strength every day?, ?strong healthy muscles?, whatever comes to mind again remembering that the cells hear then respond to thoughts, words and feelings and go about obeying our commands to them whether consciously or unconsciously. Adding the imagery of Violet Light flowing through the bio-system is most powerful also and into the parts of the body where we want ot create change. A metaphysical explanation of this how this works is that what we constantly focus on i.e.- having a strong and healthy body causes the subtle atomical energy pattern of the body to coalesce into physical form to mirror our imagery.

Prana is just an alternative and much superior form of nourishment which is feeding everyone, it?s just most haven?t been exposed to this reality so the idea is ludicrous and impossible to them. And of course many say things like ?I love to eat?, ?I would never give up my food?, Why would you want to anyway, food is one of the pleasures of life?.

With Love - Malika

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