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JMW in Brazil, and ayahuasca, with photos, film, songs.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:29 pm    Post subject: JMW in Brazil, and ayahuasca, with photos, film, songs. Reply with quote

Between the 10th and 24th of December 2007 I was traveling with Andrzej (see him on the photos) in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro and Paty do Alferes. This spiritual journey was not planned, its purpose was to experience a plant decoction (brew) called in that region of Brazil ayahuasca (or ayawasca).
Ayahuasca is a brew made of two plants, which in that region of Brazil are called chakruna (the liefs are used) and caapi (the vine is used). The name ayahuasca is used for the plant or a brew made from this plus other plants.

Ayahuasca is widely used in medicine in South America, it is well known for its very efficient physical and psychical cleaning functions. Among others it removes microbes from the digestive track especially the all present fungi and intestine tropical parasites. In this function, when it is used a few times, ayahuasca is more efficient than three weeks fasting with enema every day; this is why this decoction is given also to small children even.

Ayahuasca individually deeply touches the psyche – it gives a person, depending on the circumstances and intentions, exactly what the person needs most in given time, for example amusement, healing, knowledge, learning, understanding, remembering. Deep insight in your own mental processes, whole understanding of, for example, mechanism of your addictions, blocs in the psyche, full feeling and understanding of the essence of relations with other people – all this causes automated self-healing, which in other cases requires years of psychologist or other “specialist” work.
In this case the efficiency of ayahuasca is so extreme that it is a good comparison to say that the power of the entire academic psychiatry and psychology is an ant and the power of ayahuasca is an elephant. This cannot be described, it is impossible to intellectually comprehend, this can be conceived only when you experience it.
But one thing must be known, when you drink well prepared ayahuasca, what happens is that if you don't control aya (her spirit) it will play with you and you may just have some fun and time will be kind of waisted, so you need to control her well, tell her what to do for you, then she will serves you.

You can find more info about ayahuasca but be aware that some info is false or is the belief of their authors. Only your own experience gives you knowledge which is true for you, and gives you knowledge about this most powerful healing, mystical and “holly” (as followers of several churches believe) natural, plant drink.

Within nine days I drank ayahuasca six times. I could write a book about this – so much happened. Very shortly – ayahuasca gave me an access into this parts of the mind which normally are blocked. This let me deeply understand some of my behavior, relations with other beings, remove blocks in the psyche, heal some parts of my body, exchange information with extraterrestrial beings, communicate with some animals, plants and with the Earth, learn the essence of some things and people – and much much more. One interesting thing that happened when I was under the influence of ayahuasca: I was scolded for eating and especially for drinking coffee. I was made to feel like food is harming my body and puts my mind in (kind of) mud. I should stop eating for ever.
In my physical body a deep and efficient cleaning of the digestive track occurred as well as some inconvenient nerve and joint troubles were removed.
In general I received (gave to myself) more than I had expected.

When staying in Paty do Alferes we could participate in the preparation of ayahuasca. You can see Boris and Serena present on the photos (persons of great heart), who treat ayahuasca as a sacredness (the plants grow on their land and ayahuasca is prepared there). They change the preparation of the decoction date especially for us. They usually do it only once a year, in January or February. We are so much thankful to them.

As you can see on the film we started from plucking the chacruna leafs. Next we removed the skin from the caapi vine and crumbled it. Every leaf had to be separately plucked and washed in water. Finally the plants were put in big pots, mixed with water, where they were brewed a dozen hours. A filtered brew is bottled and can be stored for a few years in refrigerator or in room temperature (it's ~30C in Brazil) in this case it tastes as an acid wine (after fermentation).

It is a principle that every person participating in the preparation of ayahuasca will receive a part of the brew, so Andrzej and me received two bottles. For the rest of our stay in Brazil we could use it a few times. A part of the brew we left for our friends, who had us as guests. Unfortunately it is illegal to bring it to Poland (officially considered a drug although it is not), because profound knowledge of the truth and self-healing are against the principles in this slavery system of majority of the Earth society.

Here are recordings of Boris and Serena singing during the brew production and also voices of nature:

Video film about preparing ayahuasca:
or here:
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