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14. METHODS - natural

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:16 pm    Post subject: 14. METHODS - natural Reply with quote


The name of this method indicates the direction in which the person drives. The goal on this way is to restore, according to the nature, the eating habits and the diet. Using the discipline one gradually transforms his/her own diet so that it is in accordance with what the nature has created for human. In other words this method can be called diet refinement.

The person using this method, in order to accomplish LSWF, gradually changes his/her eating habits. The goal of this activity is to attain a diet, where only food of ?highest vibrations? is consumed.

First the heaviest (concerning the digestion process and the vibrations) foods are eliminated from the diet. These are fried, grilled and smoked meets, sausages, etc. To the same group belong fried and backed products of cereal (grain), corn, potato, rice, etc. (fries, chips, popcorn, pizza, cakes).

The next foods eliminated from the diet is milk and all the dairy. Some people claim that human can drink yogurt and acid milk or buttermilk because they favorably influence the intestine bacterial flora. The fact is that eliminating this food from the diet gives the body more advantages. There are many researches about influence of dairy on human body ? you can find them to study more. If you care (believe that you need more) about the bacterial flora, you can drink some juice of sauerkraut or pickled cucumber (made without salt).

The next step consists of eliminating everything defined as sweets, from the diet. Chocolates (also the bitter ones), drops, soft drinks and every thing produced with additives of sugar, honey, glucose or fructose and chemical sweeteners. Natural sweeteners, not containing these carbohydrates, (e.g. the plant stewia rebaudiana) still can be consumed, if you can't live without sweet (e.g. drinks).

After eliminating the above mentioned foods, the are still vegetables, fruits, grains (seed), nuts, legumes, fishes, eggs, meats and fats left for eating.

The next step is to eliminate all food processing. At the beginning of this method frying, grilling and smoking was eliminated. Now you are gradually eliminating all the other food processing. You no more: boil, steam, pickle, cure the foods, with one exception, washing with water and parting (to pieces).

See the nature on Earth. In general, washing and parting are the only food processing methods used by almost all known beings on Earth, except human. If not, tell me, besides human, which being cooks the food before eating it?

It is a fact that processed food, e.g. a cooked egg, is a different substance comparing to the raw one. The appearance can be the same but an assay (chemical analyze) shows a different substance. A kitchen is a small chemical plant, where natural substances are changed (in chemical reactions) to artificial ones (because normally they are not found in the nature). These chemically produced substances are eaten by humans.

Giving up all food processing is a big step towards reunification with the nature ? human is a part of the nature. Being a part, a cell of the nature, the human organism is not fully adapted to the artificially produced substances in the kitchen. This comeback, reversion to eating only natural substances (originating directly from the nature), brings beneficial changes for a person. Thanks to such changes the person comes back to the bosom of the nature, to his/her mother, home. The nature heals his/her body and mind.

The next step in this diet refinement is elimination of the grains (wheat, rye, corn and the like) and meats, fishes (if you didn't give up eating raw meat at the step where food processing was eliminated). So, now only raw vegetables, fruits, seeds (e.g. sun flower) and nuts can be eaten.

Most of what is named vegetables and grains are products of genetic experiments made in the past (some of them made tens of thousands of years ago). Most of the vegetables and grains, when they are not cultivated but just left by itself, will degenerate, go wild and disappear after some years. This happen, because they are not part of the nature. This is why in this step they are eliminated from the diet. After this step only fruits and nuts stay in the diet, the only things produced by the nature for human beings.

Eating just what the nature gives us, is one of conditions of living in accordance with the nature. The ancestors of some people living on Earth, chimpanzee and gorilla, eat mostly fruits. Thanks to such a diet they are strong, healthy and full of life energy. But if they are fed with food prepared by human, then (if they decide to eat it) they start to fall ill, age faster and dye earlier.

One of the last steps in the natural method is gradual transformation of the diet to fruit juices only. You can squeeze the fruits and drink the juice or you can chew the fruits in order to suck the juice (spit out the rest). Better don't buy juices because they are chemically produced liquids. Their aspect, taste and chemical composition are quite different from the natural juices. Drinking them would be like moving back on the way of the eaten food refinement.

In the last step you dilute the juices with water, more and more, so that you end with clean water after some days or weeks. Then you drink water, no more then the body needs, less and less, so that one day you will be able to give it up.

People, who chose this method, needed from a few months to a few tens of years to achieve LSWF. It depended on many factors but mainly on their engagement in the so called spiritual self development.

First essential comment.
When gradually removing foods from the diet, make sure that you don't fight with the body. Fighting does hurts, so if you fight with the body, you hurt it. For example. If you are dependent on fries and eat 3 kg of them a week, you don't have to give them up at once. Instead of fighting you can use a discipline. You can still eat fries but in every week eat less, say, by 1%. The body will not notice the 1% change and gradually will get satisfied with the lower and lower quantity, till finally it will be able to give up eating fries. Instead of linear, you can use logarithmic gradual quantity decrease.

You may think that the body is free of a specific food addiction / craving, say fries. You will have not eaten them for months, but one day you may be passing nearby and notice the smell. Then you may feel the saliva coming out, stomach spasm and difficult to control internal sucking hunger. In such a case don't fight because it could give your body more benefit, if you took a small amount of fries in the mouth and chew it long. If you don't do it, it might happen, that you will dream at night about fries, often think about them, day dream about eating fires, so, you will be suffering unnecessarily.

The body has a tremendous ability with it's individual functions to self adapt for changes in diet and other life circumstances.. The body is very flexible about it if the changes are made gradually and if the time given is long enough. The sum of the small gradual changes, although the individual changes are unnoticeable, can be enormous. For example, a change in living environment from tropical to cold temperature or to grow fat / lose weight by 120 kg. Also such a significant modification of the diet is a great change for the body. If you do it too fast, then you suffer unnecessarily. When you love your body you give it enough time, as much as the body needs for adapting itself, for all the changes without any pain.

Second essential comment.
The described sequence of changes doesn't have to be followed. Every person is a different world. What works and is true in one world, doesn't have to be such in the other. So you can change the sequence. Your feelings and intuitive guidance are more important then the information contained here and examples from other people. I know people, who were following so called optimal (Atkins's) diet (mostly animal fat). They used a different way to adapt the body for living without addiction to eating.

Third essential comment.
Using discipline, not force. What is discipline? It is consciously planed and wisely, systematically realized action leading to achieving a definite goal. In the discipline there is no fight because Love is leading. It is more beneficial to be able to distinguish between discipline and fight. The discipline leads to success, the fight leads to wounds.

Following the natural method pay attention to the body. For some people this method is (or seems to be) harmful. The body suffers, becomes weaker, falls ill and ages faster. Those people force the body to follow a specific diet, so they hurt it. You can easily recognize them: extremities blue with cold, emaciated body, low lever of life energy; often sadness, depression and fanaticism about eating.
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