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The adventures of a American Blue Collar Mom of 2

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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
Posts: 12
Location: Northern Nevada USA

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:33 pm    Post subject: The adventures of a American Blue Collar Mom of 2 Reply with quote

Hi everyone, I have come back to edit these first few posts, I am making them a bit shorter and trying to watch grammar and spelling and clarity a little more as I would like to keep a easier to read record of my adventures!

I was raised in the Midwest, I now currently live in Nevada. I am currently enrolled in community college and am taking courses in accounting. I am 34 years old
I have been a stay at home mom for the past 9 years or so before this, taking a occasional odd job here and there. I come from a poor, abusive, home where I was raised by my Grandparents. We were your slightly stereotypical Irish Catholic home , a lot of meat, a lot of potatoes, a lot of yelling and shouting, a lot of booze, and a lot of getting yer butt beat!

I tell this because I want to make it clear, and this is not to be offensive, but I was not born in Santa Cruz with Vegan Hippie Parents . I make that clear in hopes that others will be inspired by me.
I spent my teenage years partying my ass off, doing drugs, drinking, tons of boyfriends, I ran away from home, lived in group homes and all sorts of things. So you know I was not exactly any sort of * Natural born Breatharian type*

But here I am arnt I?

Which should give people hope, that even the *masses* of America, even the slightly alcoholic raising 2 kids, shops at Walmart , and would love to just drownd herself in a bucket of cheese, food addicted, stressed out, Mom can hear the call that there is something going on
that there is life beyond food
that there is something greater then myself out there..

So how the hell did I get here?

My Grandmother for all her faults, was not a big eater, I rarely saw her eat, most of it was for vanity reasons , call her a Ancient Pro Ana lady ..founding god mother of the movement or something:) She wasn't, it didn't exist back then but she just thought living for food was a sin, she naturally just seemed to think thin was beautiful, fat was icky, and food was not to be trusted or used in excess.

And there I am abandon at her doorstep by my mother in 1977 when I was 4
and she had to try to raise me anti food in a world that was changing..

she failed, I like a lot of children of the 1980's watched more TV then I really should of, and ate mcdonalds and junk food and little debbie cakes and just ate and ate and ate and watched tv and ate..

I was tall and boney till puberty when suddenly all those happy meals seemed to suddenly show up on my hips at age 9. My period started at 9 years old. I was a true oddity in my classroom and I had a 30 year old body almost. Size C bra , 98 lbs, 5'7 ft tall
I was a bit werid looking , then almost overnight the 98 lbs shot up to about 130 it seemed.

And from there I was just your adverage size 6-8 * thick* girl.

But thick felt horrible, having curves like I did at age 10, 11, 12, 13 felt wikked horrible. and Yes bad things happen as they often do to overdeveloped girls, bad things that would haunt me ..well sometimes to this day to be honest.

But thats enough of that topic.

The point is I was extremely over developed, hated myself, and learned to eat to escape

Of course as we all know eating really gets you no where fast and soon came cigs, and drinking and drugs and more boys and more trouble and more bad things
and by 15 I was doing cocaine and figured out that I could stop eating when on cocaine, shot back down to 98 lbs, still at 5'7 and got myself hospitalized for a dual diagnosis of a eating disorder and coke addiction.

I stopped drugs with no problem, went right back to eating up a storm, shot up to 155 in almost a mili second:)

And then started drinking more

and that didnt

Shot up to about 160 , fell in love, and started having kids and turning my life around.

I had gone vegetarian in my teens because as wild as I was I had simply loved animals and hated eating them.
When I was preggie with my second child I met a Vegan.

I didn't know what a Vegan was up till then, but it was through our talks that I became interested in all these things he would tell me about and I would look back at my grandmother , because as I had aged into my late 20's I realized she wasn't aging like other people's grandmothers.

by then my friend's had all started to loose their grandmothers, or their grandmothers were in hospitals or getting cancer

and there is my stubborn ass crazy Grandmother still trying to beat the hell out of me if I was too look at her wrong, mowing her own yard, fixing up her own roof, just carrying on like she was 20.
Even Chain smoking cigs, god knows she was never a health nut
cussing, grumpy, judgmental, angsty, fiesty..
and downright pissy ..

If you know who Dennis Leary is..
My grandmother is his much older female form

And here is all my friends with sick yet sweet, loving , calm grannys, grannys who had made huge dinners with love, had babied them, had done wonderful things in their life, who didnt smoke , maybe even never drank a glass of wine,

and there is the news telling us that smoking kills
and I am looking at my grandmother going..
um are they sure? LOL
I don't see her stopping any time soon
The news says stay out of the sun
My 75 yr old grandmother has sunbathed every dam year of her life with BABY OIL

and she still looks better then a lot of ppl 10 years younger then her do.

At the time she was nearing 80, looked 60 and acted like a pissed off 12 year old

I could not figure out what was so different about her

And I remember the first time I went to read a CR or CRON
(Caloric Restriction Society )

Article or Essay
I was like oh dear god

She was right..

Food is more poisonous then we think.

And i was like really is this it? It's not the stress, or the smoking or the sun or the wine, is it..could it be? The food??


And that is when more and more people had been going Raw and more and more sites were coming up anti chemical

I read anti MSG articles, anti splendia, anti everything

and slowly, very slowly it all started to sink into my subconscious.

And that is why I want to keep blogs and diaries about my progress, I know how this works. You read about it, you may disagree with it, but somewhere in you, some way you know it's now in your mind, you know that you have heard some sort of strange truth.
That the food is going bad.
It may of always been bad but were eating it in excessive amounts and it's going to kick our ass

So I went Vegan, screwed up, Went Raw Foodist, screwed up, Did a lot of fasting , always screwed that up:)

and all the while there I am, very lower middle class, Hanging out with some good people that did stupid drugs still, even though I didnt,
I mean we are not the people that you walk up too and have any idea you are talking to fairly progressive minded vegetarian. And my friends were not that type either, but they accepted me, I became kinda the little hippie of the crowd, got into Yoga, belly dance, I still teach belly dance actually..

And the years in my first of my 30's here have just sort of pushed me off, I have quit smoking a few times, to start back up, gone raw to go back to cooking, the one thing I have managed to do is get much better at fasting,
and then I found Michael Werners book Life from Light
and I knew after reading it, I actually knew the moment I heard the title that I heard some sort of call from somewhere, or some sort of feeling that this is it, this is what I am gonna end up doing

And I am not even sure why.

I have looked at the 21 day process and it has never felt right for me personaly.

Just a few days ago a person recommended Quantum Eating to a few of us and I went and got the book, I love it and I think for me it is going to be the basic way I go, weither I will come out a true Breatharian or not
I have no clue, I may always eat a lil morning and dry fast at night or what not

I am a spiritual person for the most part, somewhat agnostic, somewhat Wiccian, a lil background in Buddhism and of course raised Catholic
I also had a phase where I was really into the Law of Attraction, The Secret, What the Bleep do you know..ect ect

So I do believe that the mind creates our reality and that I have a higher self all nice and curled up dreaming my reality away here in the Summerland..

And I do feel like I am starting to feel way more connected to that Summerland..

And I do feel like it has everything to do with fasting for 13 days now.

And I do feel the chains of food addiction slowly releasing their grasps and maybe even the ciggeratte addiction too

And I do feel like I am a much more friendly, happier example of barely eating then my grandmother was..

who btw is 90 , finally does semi look her age, probably still better then most 90 year olds and still has no disease and is still up and going ..she is not as vim and vigor anymore..but she is still just *crazy* healthy for her age medication..
no nothing
still chains smokes..lmao


she is just such a character..I am not sure anything will kill this woman..not even

All I know is as my friends are getting older, all of us in our mid 20;s to early 40's now, me in the middle at 34, I am watching the ones who eat the most get the sickest, it's not the ones that partied the hardest, it's not the ones who smoke the most, it's not the ones who binge drink on Friday nights, it seems to seriously be the ones who are obese that are already on medication, I have 2 friends both age 25, both obese who are just seriously starting to fall the hell apart..
My 90 yr old grandmother could out run them with 2 cigs hanging out of her lips..

and thats what I know, I know I don't want to be a food addict, I would also like to kick cigs, look young and beautiful, feel vibrant and connected to spirit, find something more in this life then walmart, mcdonalds, and shopping,

And I know reading Michael Werner's book did something to me, I know reading at the Breatharian list at Yahoo did something to me, I had even gone into Pro Ana websites because I was obsessed with trying to figure out if my own theories about food were right and if they were, why do some women end up like me hospitalized and others end up like Granny , perfectly able to go on tiny amounts of food forever
and was it just a mental state?
She truly believed food was bad, I had believed I was bad
( and of course had used stimulants to fast too)
but why could my grandmother barely eat and live well while children in Africa couldn't and just what the hell was going on?

And I am still searching for those answers, I am not sure I will find them, but those questions have led me to a very nice loving group of people , raw foodists, sun gazers, you guys here:)
I still am not sure exactly what I am doing.

But it's becoming one interesting adventure for sure:)

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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
Posts: 107
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 4:27 am    Post subject: Replying to Nirvanagurl! Reply with quote

Hey there 'sis,great to hear another like-minded spirit spilling their beans - so to speak! - please,as i say to all the "newcomers" here on this forum,keep in touch and tell us of your insights,as that's what this forum is about after all,is it not peoples!?!?Your "introduction' into Breatharianism sounds soooooooo similar to mine back in 1999,when i was informed of the Breatharian reality by a raw-fooder,on a balcony in a beautiful rainforest setting on a summer's day,when i was told of the book of Jas - "Pranic Nourishment" - and how she did the process,e.t.c,but if there is any advice i can give you it's that there is no rush but with not a second to loose,stay in touch,you have friends here(even if they don't post regularly!!!) - lOVE AND LIGHT - HARA NAMAH XXXOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
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Location: Northern Nevada USA

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 4:57 pm    Post subject: update 2 Reply with quote

I am editing this post and the next as they were just to me hard to read, and I like to look back at where I have been and re read and if I cant comfortably read it, it bugs me:)

I had gone on a water, watered down juice fast and thought I was just going to slide right into Breatharism.

And I was also feeling a bit lost spirituality as in what I actually believe.

I joke and tell people I am having a *blonde* moment

I was having a *Agnostic* moment in this post, had no idea what I really

I still have yet to work that out totally, but I am making more peace with my *Agnostic* moments for sure:)

Last edited by Nirvanagurl on Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:06 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:00 am    Post subject: REPLY TO NIRVANAGURL. Reply with quote

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Joined: 16 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome from me too Nirvanagurl - loved your post and experiences, thanks so much for sharing, there's been some great sharing lately from Sky High, Hara and others, it's all wonderful mutual support in this most wonderful delicious journey of prana nourishment, I hope you will continue to share here.
Love Malika Very Happy Smile Shocked Wink Cool
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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
Posts: 12
Location: Northern Nevada USA

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 5:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey everyone so good to see you all!

I am here for a update! Smile

I have started to eat a little bit again. I really cant even say why that happened, it just happened, and I am ok with it. I am not feeling like I failed or anything like that.

I still fully believe in living on light and my interest in it is still very high, so I will still be around here for sure:)

And I truly intend to try again at some point, actually if you want to know the truth I believe I am still living on light, but I ate out of a food addiction and that is the real reason I am still eating.

I know it when I do eat, I know very well I am eating for pure earthly pleasure and not because I HAVE too you know what I mean?

But it's the pleasure I am kinda hooked on:) And I am in a lot of areas of my life and if anything this whole experince has really taught me about addictions and pleasure seeking and just how human I am:)

And I am at a crossroads with so many things in my life right now, it will be interesting watching it all unfold:)

I will still be here reading and learning more and I do plan on trying again, I am really thinking about New Years Day giving it another shot, seeing whatelse I can learn by then and if I still feel called to it, to go ahead and give it a shot.

But I wanted to let everyone know for the record as I know accurate records are important to those lurking and learning that I am eating small amounts of food again, mostly crackers and banannas
because for some reason I seem to be able too, unless I am just loosing my but I swear when I touch a food now I can feel some sort of vibration of the food, how it was grown, where, how it was picked, packed, the earth it came from ,ect
And of all the things I have touched my Kashi Crackers seem to have this really neutral vibe, not good, not bad, but somehow better then a lot of other things I have run around touching..
I dont know if the owners of the company just have a lot of love in their hearts and it transfers to the food, I dont know anything about Kashi really
but for some reason those crackers feel ok to eat.

so I am playing around with that some..eating by how *good* the food feels in my hands vs how nutritious the food is * said* to be.

In my old ways I would of gone raw foods ..fruits and veggies because I would of assumed that would be the *correct nutritional* way to go, now sensing these vibrations I find I am more attracted to foods my friends have hand made with Love, I take a bite of a handmade food with love and I swear it has this really nice little vibration , espically breads..
I am wondering if bread soaks in love vibration more or something
does that make sense to anyone?

But I figure if I am gonna give into my lil addictions right now I am going to atleast do it with foods, beers, ect that are more of a handmade nature that atleast seem to radiate some love..

which is a bit hard to find:) But maybe it's good that they are hard to find, other wise my addictions would get me binging again:)
So the few and far between might actually be a godsend for

but I find since doing this whole thing I do pay way more attention to the vibration of all sorts of things, some things arnt really good or bad..they just are..but somethings when you go to touch them you can either feel a sense of happiness and love or something along those lines
or for example, I went to touch some celery at the grocery store for my husband and I swear to god I had the nastiest little vibe come over me touching was just like YUCK..dont eat it!
I dont know what the hell that stuff was grown in ..but ewww ..
It was about as bad as touching meat..
which I do sometimes cuz husband still eats meat and always had

It's like I gotta smudge myself ten times after fixing his dinner..lmao
no I don't..but I feel like I should..

so I am learning more from this apparently senstivity that has seemed to of arisen from this whole adventure so far

and it's that senstivity I plan on using to guide me on through the journey now.
It's a little hard to trust it, there is a small part of me that is just thinking I have lost my marbles and will end up commited in some fine asylum for the rest of my
I keep joking with the spirits, well if that does happen can it be a really nice luxury one in like santa barbara on the beach please? LOL
I am just kidding though:)

but I am trying to learn to trust all these little things I feel and go by gut instinct and stay as connected as I can to whatever is out there

One of the things I really struggle with and have been for awhile

and I never know if I can explain this right.

Ok it's a spiritual thing and it's what I feel I might be on the crossroads of but I get stuck here a lot.

On one side you have the ..belief that you are seperated from , and I am going to use God here just to keep this from getting really sloppy.
Ok so our higher self is roaming around with God ..kinda having a as we know it here is that dream
and everything in this dream has a big part of keeping you seperate from god. Such as food, wealth, drugs, good times, the pleasures, ect
And your mission is kinda to stay as connected as possible and non seperate and kinda see through these tricks and traps that keep you focused on the dream and not god it's self..
So the mission of being here in the dream is more along the lines of , I see the dream, it can be lovely but I choose to keep my focus on God and my higher self and not get too involved in this dream and keep my eyes to the sky so to speak..

And then on the other side you have the belief that God wants you to expand the dream by partaking in all aspects of the dream and enjoying the dream and trying to create your own reality of the dream in a loving way and enjoying the dream and adding your true wants and wishes to it , there by expanding the dream for all .
The main difference is the focus, in this way you are focused on yourself and the dream with a belief by doing so you are doing god's work of expanding this dream and your higherself and god are still together observing this dream you are expanding..

And I see really valid points in both ways, and it seems nearly impossible for me to pick
Not that I HAVE to pick but you know how your spiritual truths and beliefs do affect your choices in life
so thats why i want to pick one, I want to have some sort of belief that guides my direction because living with 2 conflicting beliefs and never knowing what exactly I am doing is getting
it's just a bit annoying:)

I think deep down in me I want to believe that it's ok to love and enjoy the dream and I want to believe it's ok to use my mind to create happy things for my family but there is this fear that if I am doing that, then I am giving my love to the dream and not god

and I guess it comes down to the simple question, is the dream from god, or is the dream the seperation from god ( not god )

and I am not sure on that..I really just am not sure..what I believe on that..I could go either way easily and there is valid points for either side easily

but I feel like I am at this crossroads of this question and I am just standing here going back and forth and back and forth on it.

and then I have to take in mind I am a addict by nature , human by nature, of course I want to believe in the more..and I will use this word loosely..but almost Tantric side of what you want..enjoy came from's beautiful..
and of course being wiccan most of my life..there is do as thy will but harm none..
but of course i like that theory..I am a addict and a pleasure seeker..of course I want to think that my enjoyment of life is totally ok with

so I am just leaning towards that side because it's easier ? Because there is less guilt..

I dunno..wears me out thinking about it..LOL

so I will take a break from it again and ponder it much later:)
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This thing about the vibes in processed food - I can relate to that. Although it's processed, I do feel some processed food is right vibe for me. Some sorts of bread are example. Rusk also - bread baked twice. Aivar also - mixture of some vegetables combined with thermal processing... food specific for eastern Europe.... it just feels right from time to time. It is interesting to mention that Aivar made by mother doesn't feel right. Specific manufacturer in my area, whose Aivar can be bought in local stores, feels much better. I expected the other way round, since as kid I was partaking in creation of home made Aivar with my mother... therefore having some emotions wrapped around that food.
As for two "choices" you cannot decide between.... I've had an experience couple of nights ago. I woke up in the night, went to bathroom, returned to bed, and remembered vital parts of my dream. I got some insights about the meaning and thought I'll continue sleeping soon. Usual practice when I'm able to remember a dream. But something happened. These insights were connected to similar "choices" you describe, at least that's the way I see it. I also have two versions of perception. One is dominant, but the other one sometimes comes in. This other one represents materialistic picture of the world I now feel uncomfortable with. A picture where I have no control at all. For some time during that experience I realized I cannot really tell which one is the truth... and I felt completely ok by that. I felt ok with each one. I just felt peace. It seems to me I was in state of nirvana. Then I felt I started coming out of that state. As if 16 ton weight started pushing me down. I saw my "center" - my true self - as the point behind my eyes... it seems to me it's the point of pineal gland. I felt as if that's the place where I reside in this plane of existence. I felt as if that point is pressured and pushed down by my heavy brain... by my heavy beliefs and conditioning. I felt like that point was expanded to brain and beyond my body, when I was in described state of consciousness.... and then it was reduced only to point of pineal gland by the pressure of my conditioning.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you so much for sharing your experince with me!

Since I posted here a few days ago I have had some strong spiritual experinces and I think I am putting things together more for myself..

hard to put in words but I think I am passing the crossroads or something like that:) But I cant really say how I have come to see it, except that I dont feel *stuck* anymore, I feel more free to just observe and like I dont have to have the *right* answer, I just need to stay in this nice detached, in the moment, sort of focus and go on and do enjoy it from there, but let go of the control some

Does that make sense..

I think what I have found is there was much much more to the two paths then I even can comphrehend and they may not even really be 2 paths as in seperate
and that it's not really a choice I need to make anyways

I am still called to eat a lil bread from time to time, and I have had some cheese, that was more a pleasure seeking/food addiction thing.
But the crackers still seem to *be* ok
if that makes any sense? LOL

But I just today had a serious, serious call to not let breatharism or the pursuit of it out of my life any time soon

The sun was strong today and I feel really good and clear and for a moment, just a brief flash I was out on the porch sitting in the sun and for a moment I thought ..that I saw in my head something about the food being hurt and this was * mama nature for lack of a better term here* way of reaching out to those who reach out to her those who are open to her I will say..
she will open up back and give you the means of nourishment beyond food

but you have to open to her for her to reach you..

and then I kinda though I might of seen a small vision of eventually..way way way on down the road this will be as normal as someone maybe going vegan or what not..
or maybe even more normal then that..

that there will be a shift to the light rather the food
that this is just the baby start of it and it could be way past our life times this time around

but then I dont know if it was a true vision or if that's just my fear..that the food is going bad ..
cuz I do have that ..well it's not even a fear..I actually dont fear it, I feel totally ok with it, but my sorrow for those still eatting what I percieve as *bad* food
is fearful to me and
I am not sure why I see the food as *bad* anymore
I really am not sure where that came from
and it's not even a Joey was *bad* in class today

it's not like bad..bad

but more like poisoned or tarnished..

and not in a negative way even..just a more of ..just the facts way..

I dunno, I have to leave now and go get my daughter but It was good to share..

Love you all...

thank you!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:05 am    Post subject: Reply oy Nirvana-gurl. Reply with quote

Hey there Nirvana-Gurl,Ah-bab,Malika and All - this is very interesting,to repeat myself here,and the various insights specific to an individual's experience is fascinating to say the absolute least!!!...Yes,i agree with you Nirvana-Gurl,that simply,no matter how long the experience and/or insight has been a part of one's reality,that,YES - FOOD IS SIMPLY AN ADDICTION,PERIOD!!!...we are sooooo conditioned over aeons of time(depending how many incarnations one has had in this cycle of time and/or if one has had vast yogic experience in past-lives e.t.c)that one needs to eat to live in the body,that being born implies the fact that death will ensue at some point,and other such out-dated paradigms that are having less relevance the more that we evolve!!! may take some time to get to the stage that one doesn't need to eat to survive in beautiful and abundant health,but to then "kick the habit of addiction" to the pleasure of eating is another matter altogether and one that literally 1000's of people around the world can and will attest to,myself included,so take time with yourself,for as far as i can feel with you Nirvana-Gurl,you sound as though you are on the right track for yourself and with a healthy attitude to boot may i add!!!Keep posting here please,great to hear of other's experiences,love and light - Hara Namah XXXOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:26 am    Post subject: glimpses of reality Reply with quote

one of processes that takes place when you fast longer, especially if it is a long fast for the first time, is sudden discovery that there is another reality behind the intellect and that this reality is ore like illusion. If you go farther you will feel more and more clearly how all this is built and functions. You get glimpses of how clean body works, how much real power it has in creating your life. That's why many people will notice that they feel everything in a different way.
No university or most advanced study will give you this kind of knowledge resulting from experience.
These things cannot be explained and understood by the intellect, one can understand them only having experienced them.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for the replies!

I am on my 4th day of a water, very light juice fast again.
Yesterday was a really great day with it, felt very energized and grounded, in a great mood all day.

And woke up that way today

I was working on a essay for school and got a little caught up in mental mud, overthinking though and I noticed that now I feel more tired and *hungry* again.

But I do really need to get this essay done, so I am taking a short break then going back to it:)

But just wanted to come check in and get my head in a good place:)

And those replies sure did help that! Thank you:)
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Laughing Hi Nirvanagurl and others, It really reads like you are going through such an enlightening process, I enjoy reading about your journey. Probably one of the biggest challenges for me has been the reaction of others and the social alienation and isolation LOL can create, especiially if we're "loner" type people. I know I have spent lmonastic typel lives isollated withdrawn from the world. I have learnt this is NOT the way. WE NEED TO BE OUT IN THE WORLD RADIATING OUR LIGHT. I am a social/family type person but you might say the blacksheep of my family with my esoteric interests.
How do get on with your family situation and LOL? The idea to RADIATE and NOT absorb is what we need to do when out and about in the 3-D world.

One great thing we can do I reckon is to ask the Intelligent Universe to bring us caring,loving, reliable, positive, spiritually minded friends. Believe me it works, one interesting thing is s friend of mine after spending some together is now really getting into the idea of LOL and has gone to a miminal raw food diet whereas 2 years ago she said it would have never been an interest for her, so interesting things happen in energy field dynamics.

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You are so right, I recently did ask for more gentle, understanding friends to help with support and I am already having a few new people pop up in my life that have that exact nature for sure:)

I am on day 11 or 12, I have forgotten and dont have a calendar near me of a liquid fast, I am doing very well Smile

On another Breatharian list a person recommended this book called Quantum Eating and I felt compelled to order it right that minute, so I did and I love the book and it had information I had not read before in it about dry fasting that really helped me with my fears and blocks and walls reguarding dry fasting.

totally opened my mind up in a few ways for sure!

I love this book:)

So for right now I am reformulating my plans Smile

I plan on continuing this fast, it was from Last Full Moon to this comming New Moon, just liquids..water, light juice, a lil beer and wine from time to time
mostly lemon water

I will end it on Dec 9th and then I will go to mostly raw, about 80 percent raw one day, fasting the next, and so forth till Yule.
Then I will be on vacation with the family and I am going to eat very small amoutns of mostly raw, but maybe some cheese and bread just for the taste of it, but I am going to treat the food as I would a glass of beer or wine, I may love it, but I know it's partially poision, but if it's in moderation and I take a break or fast from it later I will probably balance out at some point with it and not make a huge mess in the body, small tiny amounts and very moderation bound you know..

then on New years eve I am going to start practicing this Quatum Eating, I can not totally explain it , I would prefer people read the book, but the basic plan, and this is very simplified from the book
is to do raw foods either one meal or two meals before 2pm in the afternoon, then dry fast from 2pm to the next morning when you wake up.
providing about 16 hours or so of dry fasting per day.

That is the ultimate goal

I of course am so not there

so I am going to start just trying to dry fast atleast a hour before bed.then move down to 2, then 3..and so forth..
and then during the day I am going to attempt to slowly go from about 80 percent raw to 100 percent every day

that is also going to take awhile:)

But I am going to give myself about 3 years as a goal to shoot for to make the total transition to quantum eating

and then once I have that down good for a few years, I truly believe that breatharism will just happen, I think it's a natural process from this Quantum eating..I really do..

thats just my opinion though, when I was reading the book , I had a little vision of the author of it maybe in the next 10 years suddenly finding out she is a breatharian without even knowing it and maybe someday writing about it too..

OK almost bus time for me, but thats my new goal !

I will update over the years here:) for sure:)
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Hey everyone, just wanted to stop in and say Happy Thanskgiving:)
for those who are in the States and Just Happy Thursday to everyone else..LOL:)

We are going to a friend's house for Turkey Dinner, My husband and kids will eat, everyone over there knows I am fasting and is ok with it and not offended so I will not be eating of course.

Last night I went to a dinner with friends that knew I was fasting too and was totally comfortable while they ate.
And had no problems what so ever.

I have so many social events this weekend and teaching dance on Sunday that I think I will wait till Next Monday to do another all day water only fast.
And I think I might try dry fasting on Monday from 7pm to next morning.
I wake up at 6am so that would be a nice 11 hour stretch for my body.

We will see the last time I did water only then a partial dry fast before bed I was very cranky and all spaced out, but I did it once, so I am sure I can do it again:)

Last time I did it, I did feel from the next day onwards like I had *shifted* some or something, in a good way.

So maybe Monday I will give it another go:)
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Hi there Nirvanagurl - In the last week or so I have been back looking at this forum and I re-read your posts and I remember I enjoyed reading your story, would love here how you travelling now and how are the anklebiters? ( a term here in OZ for little small children knee high to a grasshopper) it sounded like you were on wonderful journey of refinement with your diet Very Happy
I know it when I do eat, I know very well I am eating for pure earthly pleasure and not because I HAVE too you know what I mean?

But it's the pleasure I am kinda hooked on:) And I am in a lot of areas of my life and if anything this whole experince has really taught me about addictions and pleasure seeking and just how human I am:)

And I am at a crossroads with so many things in my life right now, it will be interesting watching it all unfold:)

Thanks - It's really being about free from the need to eat, in other words if we do eat from time to time we sy "I EAT FOR PLEASURE ONLY, ALL MY NOURISHMENT TO BE HEALTHY ON ALL LEVELS COMES FROM PRANA" which is a wonderful mantra I learnt from Jasmuheen, it's a great one to say when we are eating food or other food activities e.g. shopping for food as it rewires our neural pathways and reprograms the programming in our cells which is the subconscious mind.

Love Malika Very Happy
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