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john mc

Joined: 10 Dec 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2004 10:20 pm    Post subject: approaches Reply with quote

Hey Stefano Smile

thanks for the email!

you asked about possible approaches for becoming a Breatharian...

for formal approaches, you might do a web search on
Bigu Chi Gong or Bigu or Qi Gong Bigu. it is a type of
Qi Gong which focuses on Bigu (not eating).

also, there is sungazing. search for "sungazing" on the web
and there is also a sungazing list at
do a web search for Hira Ratan Manek, the guy who has brought the
sungazing concept to the west and who used it himself to
become something close to a Breatharian, but not a full
Breatharian, as he still consumes some liquids ocassionally
on a social basis.

i do sungazing myself, but i do not rely on it to actually
get me there. i am hoping that it will help, but the sun
is so inconsistently available that i prefer to not believe
that it is the only way.

Breatharianism, for me, is a spiritual thing, and as such,
what i rely on first and foremost for the power to get there
is the Will of God. if it is god's will that i get there,
then i trust that He will make it happen in my life. if not,
then so be it.

the most important thing for getting there, IMO, is to have
a desire for it that simply will not go away .. a desire that
you could not make go away if you wanted it to. of course,
the whole idea is that you would not and could not even
want it to go away.

if that type of desire is with you, and if it is truly
god's will that you become a Real Breatharian, it is my
belief that it will happen, but not necessarily by your
time table, but by God's.

so, for me, a primal key is to simply surrender to god's
will on the matter and be ready to make efforts now and
again when god prompts you to do so (efforts meaning fasting,
praying, affirming, etc.).

and, you mentioned a soft, gradual approach. my personal
opinion is that that is the best approach to take. if you
try too hard and jump into a situation that you are not
really ready to be in, the greater likelihood is that you
will be bounced back into a situation that will provide the
true level of comfort for you at that time, which would be
eating. however, if you take your time and
move at god's pace, when you finally get to the point where
you are ready to become a Real Breatharian, there will be
no falling out of the state, as you will be ready to be there.
so, yea, take it easy. go soft and gradual. go by his timing,
not yours Smile

you also asked about motivation to begin the practice.
the motivation must, i believe, come from deep within you, or
in other words, it must come from Above, from god, from one
of his Helpful Spirits. when god finally lays the motivation
on you, your success will be absolutely assured.

there are probably a thousand good and logical reasons to become
a Breatharian, but until the power is given you to actually
do what has to be done to be a Breatharian, all the logic and
reason in the world is not going to get you there. and, when
it is time to get there, you will literally not have the power
to be anything else other than a Real Breatharian.

this is my belief.

hope this has helped.

there are also a couple of breatharian lists at
both tend to be a bit slow most of the time, but every now and
then we do experience a burst of activity.

good luck in your Quest!

john mc

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