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Going through the process

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:44 am    Post subject: Going through the process Reply with quote

Hi guys I've been reading a lot of the threads here adn wanted to share my own experience.

I am 24 from near manchester uk and I have decided to go through the 21 day process to relieve myself of the need for food. I have been improving my diet over the last 1-2 years, cutting out processed food and slowly cutting out meats too. I have been progressively eating lighter and gently fasting for a day or 2 here and there. No doubt I will share more about myself as the process continues.

Today (7th september 2010) is day 2 with no water and no food. I have never been without fluid for so long before and 2 days has also been the maximum I have fasted for.

Day 1 I rose around 8am-8.30am and made the decision to not eat or drink. I have been preparing my mind for this for a while now but I did not pick the day to start in advance I started the day and though should I skip a meal or 2 to fast and clean myself but I fealt compelled and ready to leave food behind.

In the morning I played a few video games and watched a few youtube videos on jericho sunfires page. During the morning I fealt completely normal. I also stumbled across this forum.
Afternoon read through the forum and also signed up, I told 2 close friends who live 5 mins away and they are supporting me / helping to monitor me along the way. Hunger started creeping up on me over the afternoon and I kept thinking "just eat to get rid of this feeling" but as the day went on I started to want a dr pepper or anything processed simply to make the feeling go away.
Evening: my brother and hispartner came to visit and I told them what I was doing and they will also be supporting me. I was feeling dirty so went for a hot bath and relaxed for a while reading. I went to bed around 8pm and I imagine I was asleep by 9pm-9.30pm. Oddly I dreamt about eating, I woke around 5am in bed and nearly text my friend to say that I hasd eaten but I realised it was only a dream, I stayed in bed to think and drifted between awake / asleep till around 7.30am where I got up and started my 2nd day.

2nd day.
Morning, it is now 8.45am and I need to go out, I have been unable to put work to one side but it is only tuesdays and wednesdays each week and I work alone in a 1 man office where I get as much time / space as I need. Today I will explain to my boss that I am feeling a little tired / weak but I am still happy to work.
My mouth is very dry which is annoying and I am sweating lightly, normally my sweat has little or no smell at all but this sweat does smell a little and I imagine my breath does too. I will take a small amount of water with me to work to swil round my mouth to combat the dryness when it is too much. I swilled a little this morning but was careful to not swallow.

I will update this thread as time passes. Smile
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Joined: 06 Sep 2010
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow what an experience this last week has been! I set off with the mindset that I will try and go 7 days no food/water then onto juices etc but only ever wanted to do it for my health, during this week a lot has changed!

After 48 hours of no food/water I had a great mixture of feelings, I could feel my body healing but at the same time my mind was telling me to eat, my initial rock solid intention of not eating was getting harder by the minute. I reall tried to listen to my body and I fealt like I had dehydrated so much in the 1st 2 days I fealt like I needed more fluid to continue my detox and healing. My temptation for processed food was waning by now and I began by sipping tiny amounts of water, slowly getting it into my system and after an hour I had some grape juice too. I went to bed feeling pretty good. ( the dry mouth went away early in the 2nd day too)

3rd day I awoke early for the bathroom, I fealt good and could feelthat my healing had started again, I thought for a while and was happy to continue with no food/water again. I fealt like I should wear white so I dressed in only white clothes. I found myself wanting to lie down in different positions and breath in certain ways, when I listened I was really aware of how different parts of my body were feeling. My weight was down to 56.8kg and my body fat is 5.5%, I started at 60.8kg and 6% body fat. I can really feel the difference in weight but I don't feel weak for it either, my physique was becoming more toned by itself and even my back was starting to really loosen up. I could feel my liver being worked on and slowly a pain developed in my groin, it was quite intense for a while but I knew that it would pass so I was not worried. I went to bed around 10pm

Day 4 I woke around 7am but stayed in bed till around 9 despite it feeling a little uncomfortable. I could feel that my groin had no more pain and my abdominal wall was a lot stronger. energy wise I was feeling fine, the hunger was coming back again but I was fine without eating. I was mentally sharp and only felt tired if I tried to over exert myself. Today I simply wanted to sit around and breath deeply, my back was better again and I could feel my hearing being worked on. At 1st I could feel the wax being drained away and by the end of the day my hearing was sharper than it has been in years! I think a lot about eating this day and why I want to become a breatharian, I want the health benefits, that's a big motivator for me but now I am thinking about not eating meat not just for health but to also respect my fellow animals, to not eat processed food because I love myself.

Day 5 I wake around 7am and rise right away, I feel brilliant right from the start of the day. I take a while to stretch and move, my body is feeling good and like I have little left to detox. Any feelings of weakness have left me, I decide today I will begin taking water and juice again and later that day I also want to eat, I think for a while to work out what it is and I eventually get some spinach. I take a few pieces and chew them for 3 minutes before I swallow. I feel more and more energised. It's clear to me that I still need to get my energy from food/drink for now but it is also clear that I am now sustaining myself more than before in other ways. 3 weeks earlier I badly disloacted my right shoulder, today after no training and the hardest 4 days "fast" I've ever had I was able to push out 64 pressups in a row, I do situps and other things to test my energy levels and I feel great.

Day 6 I rose early and walked to some nearby hills, here alone in a local wood I did some breathing exercises and I felt even better than the day before! I was really aware of how clean I was feeling, my skin is great, my smell and hearing are clear again! When I breath deeply I feel like I can appreciatte a new texture to the air, I feel like I'm drinking the air instead of breathing it in. After a short while I walked back to town to see shops opening and went to meet an old friend of mine. Today I ate a little spinach again (about 6 leaves) and drank some fresh orange juice (1.5 litre)

Day 7 My attitude to food has completely changed, I no longer want to put unhealthy processed "food" into my body. I am so happy that my health has turned around so quickly. This week feels like a year! I was naive to think I would become able to support myself without food in 21 days but I'm overjoyed how clearly my body spoke to me. I still believe I will free myself of the need for food before long and I must say aswell as healthier in body I am healthier in mind after taking some time away from food to heal and get in tune with myself.

I still have cravings for cooked food but they are incredibly weak. I eat mostly fruit now, I have a lovely selection of apples, plums, oranges, bananas and grapes right now! Very Happy
I have also used a warm salt water flush 2 times (I drank around 750ml slightly warm water with sea salt added) and I now feel like my insides are really squeeky clean.
I am exercising daily and pushing myself hard, even though I am only eating fruit I feel great, I'm training as if I had no injury!
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Joined: 29 Nov 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:33 am    Post subject: interesting to read Reply with quote

Thank you for your detailed report of your experience. I am interested in reading such things, because I can feel what it was that you felt going though the fasting/dieting.
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