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one day one meal weight loss and problem solve

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:10 am    Post subject: one day one meal weight loss and problem solve Reply with quote

Practice after noon not eat has been nearly two years, summarize as follows: First, after noon not eat is feasible. Second, after noon not eat and za-zen (a difficult sit type, two leg crossed and put feet on leg) are mutually reinforcing. Third, one day need eat one meal, if not eat before noon, eat after noon. Fourth, exercise after noon not eat should be gradual, by three meals a day to breakfast lunch two meals, when adapt to two meals, then go on for one meal, go steadily, haste makes waste. After noon not eat just like quitting smoking, as long as survive the first few days, comfort more and more as the time goes on. If one feel difficult not to eat dinner, he can abandon breakfast and practice za-zen. Stronger za-zen ability, smaller meal quantity, naturally to one meal.

At the end of 2007, occasionally saw one meal a day on Internet, and decided to try. Weight loss quickly, from 145 pounds reduced to 123 pounds, afterwards weight stabilize. I felt good, walking ability enhanced and standing time extended. Sometimes, hunger feeling is strong, and could not resist temptation of food, eat breakfast or dinner.

Sometimes go out to play, not want to eat lunch outside, so try a period of two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. June 15, 2009, try after noon not eat again, abandon dinner. July 22, 2009, try eat only lunch. Because eat two meals, need defecate twice, otherwise fart more. Even if defecate twice, after 7 pm fart increased noticeably.

During practice, insisted on the basic exercises, including sit-ups, push-ups, squat. When practice begins, sometimes feel weak, after a few sports, feel strength abundant. As the time goes on, feeling is better and better.

Sometimes eat fruit at night, in fact, need not to eat, eat purely for enjoyment. Later, see Buddha sutra《Sutra on the Twelve Disciplines十二头陀经》中关于断数数食的描述,?我今求一食尚多有所妨。何况小食中食后食。若不自损则失半日之功。不能一心行道。为佛法故。为行道故。不为身命。如养马养猪。是故断数数食。应受一食法。过中饮浆则心生乐著。求种种浆果浆蜜浆等。求欲无厌不能一心修习善法。如马不著勒。左右啖草不肯进路。若著辔勒。则啖草意断随人意去。是故受中后不饮浆法。?So, decided to be strict, and feel more comfort in the evening, think more clear and get more inspiration.

Za-zen helps calm mind, to eliminate hunger feeling and overcome temptation.

To overcome hunger, Recite the Surangama mantra (楞严咒). Mantra helps achieve strong za-zen force, strong will power. Or, Great Compassion Mantra (大悲咒), Heart Mantra (观音心咒).

When hunger Strong or stomach discomfort, can imagine stomach is full of soft gas, and feel comfort.

After lunch, brush teeth helps restrain, and also helps dental care. On several occasions, I almost could not resist temptation of food, but think of trouble of brushing teeth, and overcome the lure. Defeat temptation, first time is difficult. As long as Defeat the first, next times will be easier. After defeat a few times, the temptation disappear.

Once, I also want to strictly stick to after noon not eat. Even not eat before noon, not eat afternoon. However, this would create a special hope to lunch, the subconscious will upset some plans, in order not to miss the meal. It is uncomfortable. Think again, even if today stick to, if tomorrow have no chance eat before noon, and always have no chance eat before noon. So, I need eat one meal a day, if not eat before noon, then eat afternoon.

I generally do not engage in hard phyiscal activity afternoon. If afternoon phyiscal activity is strong, can one adhere to after noon not eat? In this case, I eat or not according feeling.

Realization of "not hunt for color sound fragrant or smell, always hunt for supreme wisdom (不求色声香与味,常求无上最胜智)". When I read, good sentences will be extracted down to take notes, later read again. Once this habit really help, In re-reading the notes of 《The Flower Adornment Sutra华严经》, I got inspiration from that sentence. Strangely, no impression in the first read. Because, in the first time, I have no sensation. So, good book need read times, taking notes is a good habit.

Pay attention to overcome thought of delicious, eat as medication. Do not revel in delicious, do not thought about it after meal. When hunger, overcome especially, otherwise feel more and more hunger. Dreamming eat because thought of delicious, no matter body?s need. Do not think about food, drooling is because of these thoughts. If overcome thought of delicious, not drool when watching others eat, even if long time no eat.

Overcome preference for a certain food.

Must be diligent, overcome various temptations to success. as 《The Flower Adornment Sutra华严经》,?佛子善谛听,我今如实答,或有速解脱,或有难出离。若欲求除灭,无量诸过恶,当于佛法中,勇猛常精进。譬如微少火,樵湿速令灭,于佛教法中,懈怠者亦然。?。Buddhist slack like a small fire burning wood, wet and went out. Therefore, diligent za-zen, reading sutra.

December 2009, feel adapting to one meal, experience many benefits of one meal. So, write feelings and summary.

At beginning of 2010, begin eat only breakfast at 7:30 am, brush teeth and defecate after meal. Adhere to ten more days and feel better. However, if eat only breakfast from start, difficult to persist in evening, eat only lunch from start as transition. ( 100116 added )

In order to overcome drowsiness after meal, further practice za-zen, eat only dinner for a few days, results good. ( 100911 added ).

Common problems Solve:
●defecate difficult(排便困难). 1, eat ripe pear before meal. Or, drink a bowl of white vinegar water, then eat a long pumpkin, eat flesh first, then peel. Defecate after meal. 2, za-zen, and sit-ups (two types: head or feet ups and downs). 3, vegetarian, steam or boil with light savor. 4, Defecate patiently, focus mind. Defecate as rain, a burst after a burst. Emptying feces is not easy. Most people need half an hour, mental focus ability stronger can be faster, as yogi.

Defecation should drain, as a precondition.
Only pursuit of speed, undesirable.
Empty feces as rain, a burst after a burst.
Feel easy when discharge a burst, mistaken empty.
In fact, patiently go on, often discharge more.
The more dischaged, the more easy of feeling.

Body is clean after empty feces, no fart for a few hours.
Most people need half an hour to empty feces. mental focus ability stronger as yogi can be faster.

Ripe pear help clear bowel, eat before meal, defecate after meal. Occasionally eat a few, well drain, see the amount. Otherwise, not clear about empty or not. "Natural laxative: pear" pear clear bowel. Eating two pears, raw or cooked. Drink water afterwards, usually diarrhea. Non-eat period, to drink pear juice. Diarrhea due to food, not bacteria. Need not take medicine. After noon not eat, naturally heal.

Choose the best defecation time. After meal, wait two hours to defecate. After meal, intestinal peristalsis active. Two hours later, some food into the intestines, intestinal pressure increase. After meal, wait one to three hours to defecate is good; if too long, intestinal peristalsis is not active, the intestinal pressure decrease. Then, drink a bowl of white vinegar water to promote intestinal peristalsis. If want to defecate as soon as possible after meal, drink a bowl of white vinegar water before meal, or eat pear or long pumpkin.

Occasionally, feces is not emptied. sometimes in Rush, sometimes on travel. Do not upset, and always think about that. Do not be too concerned about body health or safety. To insight ?drop and Let it go? of Buddha theory. The more drop the more comfort, the more persistent the more uncomfort. Thoughts can cure disease, also induce disease, such as extremely suspicious (杯弓蛇影). Think comfort toward health, not follow pain.

● stomach discomfort (胃部不适). drink a bowl of hot flour panada before meal. One reason of stomach discomfort may be eating too much. Reduce meal quantity, eat peanuts or other foods high in fat to increase energy; or, eating two meals. One day one meal need some time to success, do not rush. Non-eat for several days clear intestine, enhance gastrointestinal absorption, decrease meal quantity, but is dangerous, try carefully.
Microwave ovens make flour panada easily, can make high consistency flour panada, which is advantage of microwave, heating at the same time from both inside and outside. Procedure as follows:
first, mix some folour and water.
second, high heat one and a half minutes. Take out, some panada would deposit at bottom, otherwise, continue suitable heating. Then, mix well. Or, use small amount of water to mix, then, pour boiling water, can directly enter the third step.
third, high heat for two minutes. Take out, can see boiling signs on the top, or, another suitable heating. However, if heating time too long, it overflows. Several times later, can master time.

● weakness(乏力). move Slowly, focus on current movement, strength gradually abundant.

●halitosis (有口气呼气臭). It is because gastrointestinal is not clear. dirt affect absorption, and emanate foul smell. Eat a lot, hunger quickly. The longer after noon not eat, the cleaner gastrointestinal, the stronger absorption, the smaller meal quantity, the lighter halitosis. Moreover, eat raw apple, eggplant to clean.
This problem many people will encounter. Some people practice after noon not eat, feel halitosis in evening. Some people feel halitosis in morning, especially after noon not eat for a period, the body gradually clean and sensitive.

● abdominal pain(小腹隐痛). Two reasons: First, constipation, feces is not emptied; second, dirt in gut. constipation see the problem defecate difficult. Clean intestinal can eat raw eggplant or apple. The peel of eggplant is hard, not easy to chew, can be removed.

Chinese original version see:《过午不食减肥的体会及总结》《日中一食练习歌》
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:56 pm    Post subject: nice Reply with quote

yunhai, thanks for sharing and your advices. I hope more Chinese will come here and share as you did.
I know that this site is blocked in China, probably they don't want Chinese people to be free of the heaviest addiction on the Earth and learn about health in concern to eating.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:27 am    Post subject: yunhai experience file Reply with quote

Continuation of yunhai experience description is in this text file:
This file is updated when ever yunhai sends me new text.
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