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Diets Leading to Breatharian Mastery

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:30 am    Post subject: Diets Leading to Breatharian Mastery Reply with quote

I would like to first say that its time to give up cooked food. Cooked food drains your life force more than you may even know. When you begin eating Raw Food you will notice your life beginning to change. Start a cycle of Fasting for One Day every Week. I also recommend Living in Nature - The Wilderness, or sleep in fresh ventilated air and spend a lot of your time on outdoor activities. The Earthly Mother wishes for us to return to her enfolding embrace, and you will find peace and healing with her. Get all your food Local and Organic, in fact, learn Permaculture and Grow it Yourself. Start Sungazing every morning or every evening, whenever the sky is clear enough to see the sun rise or set, ask Hira Ratan Manek. Sunbathe, let there be Rain on your skin and Barefeet on the ground.
I feel and think that: If you can't become breatharian while living an active lifestyle then your body is not ready for it. If you transition too fast you will end up with a caved in belly, like, forgive me dude, Peter the Breatharian on youtube. Of course over time your belly will come back to the ideal shape but it will take longer and be much more uncomfortable- for your body and your social life. If you transition thoroughly you will be more like Jericho Sunfire, yet your muscle will be relative to your level of excercise. I'm not talking 15 year transition tho, like jericho says.
It will help to understand that the Mayan Calendar charts the progression of change in a given time period. The amount of change that occurs in a given time period gets exponentially faster as we move into the future, so more change can happen now, in the same amount of time that it would have taken in the past. If this doesn't make sense then learn about the mayan calendar - Ian Lungold. knowing this, 15 years is now more like 5 years, in 2012 it will be like 1 year. Some are ready for Ascension Now!

Here are the stages:
Raw Food
Pranic Nourishment

The best fruitarian diet i have found is the Low Fat Raw Vegan - 80 10 10 Diet, or LFRV 811 for short. I like to call it the Calories for Carbs Diet. 80 10 10 stands for 80% Carbohydrates, 10% Protien, 10% Fat, this has been proven to be the ideal ratio for the human body, to date, in Douglas Graham's book - The 80 10 10 Diet. The best foods for this diet are Fruit because this is the basic ratio that fruits have. Nuts are low in Protien, low in Carbs, and High in Fat. Meat and Dairy is high in Protien and Fat and low in Carbs. Vegetables are good mineral content but dont have much Carbs. So fruit is the best.
If you think of your body as a car - protien is like the engine parts, Fat is the storage like the seats and trunk space, and Carbs are like the fuel. Your body doesn't need new engine parts and it doesn't need more seats, it needs fuel so it can turn that fuel into energy, just as the engine turns gas into fire your body turns Carbs into Calories. Every child inherently knows this, they are always eating sugar (carbs) and running around full of energy.
The best fruits for this diet, with the most carbs, are bananas and dates, you may wish to make it a little more fun and get mangoes, berries, pears and so on. But you can seriously live on bananas, dates, and water. I have done it. This diet will skyrocket your health, help you build muscle, and blast you off toward breatharianism.
Get the Book, Go to, and learn how to master this diet.

Once you have mastered 811, try this. I developed this diet as an off shoot of 811, or Calories from Carbs Diet. Its called the Calories from Liquid Carbs Diet. So far it is working for me as long as i get enough calories for my physical activity.
I developed this because while on the 811 diet i noticed a couple problems, Don't let this discourage you from doing 811 LFRV. Most people dont think of these to be problems except when looking at this diet as a stage toward breatharianism. the problem is: you have to eat a lot of fruit (luckily bananas and dates are a low $), you therefore have a lot of poop, and you have to drink a lot of water. Bananas and Dates have very little water content so you have to compensate for this by drinking a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. In the end you build up a lot of poop, this poop is the left over waste from the food, it is unnecessary stuff that your body has to get rid of. All your body needs from the food is the carbs, the rest it pushes out to become compost soil.
So the idea came, i need hydration and i need no poop. If you can get all your carbs from liquid then you will have no waste leftover to digest and and eliminate, and at the same time you will stay well hydrated. Thats two birds with one stone. The perfect food for this is Honey, or Sugar Cane Juice. In the Bible, John the Baptist lived on the wild honey and the locusts of the fields, when he lived in the wilderness with a raiment of camel's hair. I'm using honey now. For 2000 Calories is 33 teaspoons of honey a day. But if you get other juices you won't need as much honey. I have about 15 juiced oranges, 10 sips of honey, 3 glasses of water, and 2 coconuts, more or less, each day. (i live in hawaii so thats what i can get locally) I am active, building bamboo structures, riding bikes, walking and swimming!
In the beginning it will help to have some way to wash out your bowels. for this, refer to the topic on washing large intestines on this website. you can use Salt Water Flush, Senna Tea, Enemas, etc.. This will help get rid of the poop, and allow you to contain more energy.

Once you have mastered liquidarian its time to live on water. i haven't gotten this far so i cant say much. i'm sure guidance will be with you. Fortune will provide. Fast on water. Wash your Bowels. Consume White Powder Gold. Meditate. Sungaze. Study Divine Teachings

breatharianism doesn't mean: that you have quit eating and you can never eat again or else you are a fraud. it means you don't need food to survive. Hopefully you will come to a point where nothing from the outside world can bring any satisfaction, and all desires for the worldly allurements will cease, so that you may enter the kingdom of heaven and abide on the earth with the angels.

Pranic Nourishment
There have been yogis who have burried themselves underground and lived without air. If you learn to teleport, with your activated MerKaBa, you can venture into the cosmos and live life as god wishes for his creation to live, by the light of spirit. that same light that lighteth every man. For I AM that Light, and You are that I Am that I Am.

Blessings and Peace to all
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:10 pm    Post subject: Kingdom of heaven Reply with quote

Hi Smile

When you say enter the kingdom of heaven, does your body still stay on this earth? I naturally don't eat or drink because my body doesn't want food. But I literally feel like I'm going to leave my body and all I think about is God. I force feed myself to turn this off which is not good. I keep thinking I need to leave society in order to "ascend"
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