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why do we have a digestive system if prana can feed us.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:16 pm    Post subject: why do we have a digestive system if prana can feed us. Reply with quote

Hilton Hotema say in his most enlightening and inspiring book. Man?s Higher Consciousness: that modern man has slowly descended through the five stages 1. Breatharianism; 2. Liquidarianism; 3.Fruitarianism; 4.Vegetariaism; 5. Carnivorism, to quote from that book: ? Man?s traditional ?Fall? occurred when he migrated to the lower levels, where he found fruit growing and ate thereof ? an event symbolised by eating the apple .... Man as Breatharian received all his substance of the Cosmos directly through his Air (Spititual) Organs, and thus functioned on the Spiritual Plane while dwelling in the Material World. His spiritual capacity and faculty to function on the Spiritual Plane failed in direct ratio as his body changed and became more material through the internal changes suffered by his organs as a result of the body?s adapting itself to the evil influences which it could not control, and which it was forced to endure or die.

?As a Breatharian man?s alimentary tract was rudimentary and his lung capacity was much larger than now. The lungs decreased in size as eating forced the development of the alimentary tract and reduced the capacity of the air organs, because eating reduced the need for ?cosmic food.? From its original state of Breatharianism the body gradually changed through the ages and declined to its present state of Gluttarianism. The Body has changed from a Superior Substance to an inferior Entity that subsists largely on the on the gross products of materialistic substances.?

When a baby enters into this physical realm out of the womb in the form of a soul inhabiting a physical form this soul has come from a realm where it existed in a state without a physical body and without the necessity to digest gross physical food. This physical body as a tiny unaware baby is now subject to the influences around it including a society with the belief of food being needed for survival. The usual path is for a soul on this physical plane is at some stage through ignorance of our divinity create a disease or an accident then leave the physical plane and return back to the non-physical realm. It is the Soul, our body of Light, or higher aspect of our bring that animates the body, when the soul leaves the physical body it is attached to this physical body component of our being remains as a lifeless shell. It seems then that over eons of time with this ?fall from God? we have forgotten our true spiritual nature as limitless beings of Love and Light. So much so that we have evolved a physical body with teeth, taste buds, organs for digestion to mirror our consciousness of being in a material state simply to adapt to a denser form of survival on Earth where a loving Creator provided fruits in their natural state. Hilton Hotema even contends vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes are artificial creations of man. And yes, the body and all its organs including a digestive system designed to consume physical food is a marvel in itself, indeed our physical body is our temple that houses our spirit in which we enjoy being in a physical state and the earthly pleasures that can bring, including the pleasure of food, for pleasure though, not through need. Our physical bio-system was never designed to deal with the saturation of chemicals and toxins present in our typical processed supermarket food, in our water, in the air, in our cleaning products. So having forgotten our true spiritual heritage people believe the physical body is designed for eating and on one level as just explained it is and that eventual breakdown and death of the body is inevitable. And so today we live in a society that has limited ideas about who we are, and where nutrition can come from and is obsessed with food and all the socialisation around the eating of food.

Supermarkets are filled with rows and rows of lifeless ?food? filled with additives, sugar, chemicals etc. which people buy and eat and this slowly over many years causes the body into the break down and move into the death cycle. People buy and consume this ?food? and then assume their body just naturally ages with the passage of time and then eventually dies, not realising their own contribution towards this break down through their dietary habits and lifestyle. Since our cells are in essence God substance then God?s Light (energy) is the superior nutrition for them. Our cells react to physical food, even so called healthy food, as a foreign substance and this creates a disharmonious frequency match and the eventual breakdown of the physical organism. Now, this is definitely not about going around and telling people to stop eating and convert to pranic nourishment as few at this time are drawn to pranic nourishment. Obviously if we eat we should be choosing to eat a healthy diet of unprocessed food, free from toxic substances, chemicals etc. and along with other supporting lifestyle practises we can gain high levels of health this way. Consuming purer food frequencies such as fruit and raw food slows the breakdown of the organism, but even eating the most purest, healthiest food lacks the potency of the way one can be nourished solely by prana, where we are eliminating toxicity that comes from eating food. Many foods people consider the so called staples of life such as, bread, milk, and promoted as such are in fact deleterious to the body. Also of course we are not saying the answer to stop the aging process is to simply stop eating, convert to prana and you will maintain eternal youth.

As I see it there is nothing miraculous about Prana feeding the body, no big deal. Living on Light doesn?t make someone more ?special? than anyone else, as we are all one and connected into the Source of All Creation, thus we all have this access to Divine Nutrition. Being nourished directly by the prana flow is just a remembering of our true nature, something we have forgotten and are now awakening to as a more refined way of living that can bring amazing benefits on many levels. This is just a natural consequence of lightening up our frequencies that doesn?t require a special talent, it?s just a process of tuning and the realignment of our frequencies. With the desire to fed from prana is that prana is all around us, everywhere, within and without, flowing through all matter, all life forms including our atoms and cells. It is present everywhere, in all the cosmic energies, in all nature, in the seemingly empty air around us, just like we can?t see oxygen and mobile phone, TV signals air but we know they are there. How well prana can feed us to the extent we can become food-free, should that be our desire, is largely dependent on how toxic-free we are, how strongly prana can flow through our bio-system and our focus on the external and internal prana flow.

So, to answer the question in essence it?s all do with the evolution of the human species on this planet. Both the spiritual and biological evolution. How we evolved into the species we are today with a human body ending up on this planet is a hypothesis discussion beyond the scope of this book. What is important and needs to be realised is that the physical body we identify ourselves with is pure energy or spirit densified into matter. In truth we an energy system with this dense matter making up our trillions of cells clothed around our chakra meridian system and around this again is our divinely perfected Light body or our Soul. This whole energy system, including the physical level of our cellular structure is being fed from the inner planes by prana providing we have tuned it to do so. Really the for pranic nourishers the digestive system which was once a necessity just becomes redundant as one raises their vibration and change over to being fed directly from prana instead of the ?middle man? of gross food substance.

So we have two ways of being fed, one by physical food through the digestive system we are all so familiar with, but we also have this alternate way of nourishing the physical body through our subtle energy system absorbing prana (which carries all the nutrients we require peak health on all levels) directly from the inner planes or as I like to term from the Prana Zone. This can be likened to a car that can run on either petrol or gas, where the driver can switch between to two systems as desired. It?s actually the cells natural preference to be fed by prana. Our body is Divine and wants to be fed by the Divine. Not today?s highly processed ?food? so far removed from nature. Since our cells are in essence God substance then God?s Light (energy) is the superior fuel for them. It bears repeating, our cells react to physical food as a foreign substance and this creates a disharmonious frequency match and the breakdown of the physical organism. Purer food frequencies such as fruit and raw food slows the breakdown.

Maybe over much time for those who choose to come into a physical form on a planet where the masses live on prana their human bio-systems would evolve to accommodate not having to digest food, so presumably humans of the future would have no digestive organs, as their template design would be responding to the mass consciousness on the planet being pranically nourished and free from the need to eat, hence no requirement for a digestive system. This is the evolution of the masses ascending from a physical matter body to a Light Body. This is the reversal of the human species coming into this planet, becoming engrossed in the material world, forgetting their true spiritual heritage. This is pure speculation on my part. Who knows what would we look like then in a physical form! Many have trouble accepting we can be nourished prana and not have to eat because of the strong well engrained conditioning that the body is designed for eating because we have a digestive system.

As this belief system that we will lose weight and get weak if we don?t feed the body with physical food is so deeply held on a subconscious level in the mass consciousness this why we see hunger strikers, people afflicted with anorexia, malnourished people children etc. lose weight, looking sickly etc. It?s only the body responding to both our inner beliefs and mass conscious beliefs. The fact is prana is feeding everyone anyway, regardless of whether we eat food or not, but prana can?t healthily nourish us if we have internal programs running saying ?If I don?t eat I?ll waste away?. As the subconscious mind has no reasoning ability it just goes about creating the reality of whatever is programmed into it.

So the need to reprogram these limiting beliefs of wasting away, one great method we can use is to vividly visualise the body being strong, muscular, symmetrical etc. coupled with creating the feeling this brings as well using programs such as for example ?Gaining healthy and weight and strength every day?, ?strong healthy muscles?, whatever comes to mind again remembering that the cells hear then respond to thoughts, words and feelings and go about obeying our commands to them whether consciously or unconsciously. Adding the imagery of Light flowing through the bio-system is most powerful also and into the parts of the body where we want to create change. A metaphysical explanation of this how this works is that what we constantly focus on i.e.- having a strong and healthy body causes the subtle atomical energy pattern of the body to coalesce into physical form to mirror our imagery.

Prana is just an alternative and much superior form of nourishment which is feeding everyone, it?s just most have forgotten their true divine nature to be limitless being which includes being free from the need to eat food and haven?t been exposed to this reality so the idea is ridiculous and laughable to them. This could be called spiritual amnesia. And of course many say things like ?I love to eat?, I would never give up my food?, ?Even if it?s true why would you want to anyway, food is one of the great pleasures of life?. What most don?t realise is that it?s really love that we?re yearning for and it?s Divine Love that truly nourishes us. It?s love that is the comic glue that holds and binds all creation. This is not romantic type love but a much, much more pure divine love,that literally does nourish our cells and whole being.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I read all of his books but he got some things wrong. It's not a digestive system. It's an elimination system. We don't descend as he describes. There are none of those arianisms. We are either drug users or not if you want to get specific about it. Each different type of drug causes the body to adjust to it. Solid drugs like food have their set of problems. Smoke drugs have theirs and liquid theirs. Everyone lives on the same energy whether they take drugs or not. Drugs don't nourish the body and the body has its on means of animating itself that has nothing to do with what is eaten, smokin or drunk.
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