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1922 Formula for Vitality - Body as an air machine

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:32 am    Post subject: 1922 Formula for Vitality - Body as an air machine Reply with quote

by Arnold Ehret 1922


"V" = "P" - "O" ("V" equals "P" minus "O") is the formula of life -- and yet at the same time you may call it the formula of death.

"V" stands for VITALITY. "P," or call it "X," the unknown quantity in this question, is the POWER that drives the human machinery which keeps you alive, which gives you strength and efficiency, endurance for as yet an unknown length of time without food!

"O" means OBSTRUCTION, encumbrance, foreign matters, toxemias, mucus; in short, all internal impurities which obstruct the circulation, the function of internal organs especially, and the human engine in its entire functioning system.

You can therefore see thru this equation that as soon as "O" becomes greater than "P" the human machine must come to a standstill.

The engineer can figure exactly "E = P - F," meaning that the amount of energy or efficiency "E" he secures from an engine is not equal to the power "P" without first deducting "F," the friction. . . .

The next fact is that its [the lungs'] function is that of a pump by air-pressure, and with an inside circulation of liquids, such as the blood and other saps, and that THE LUNGS ARE THE PUMP AND THE HEART IS THE VALVE - and not the opposite -- as erroneously taught by medical physiology for the past 400 years!

A further fact -- one that has been almost entirely overlooked -- is the automatic, atmospheric outside counter-pressure, which is over 14 pounds to the square inch. Immediately upon, and after each out-breath a vacuum is created in the lung cavity. In other words, the human body animal organism in its entirety, functions automatically, inhaling air-pressure and expelling chemically changed air and outside atmospheric counter-pressure on the vacuums of the body. That is vitality, animal life in the first instance and importance.

That is "P" (power) which keeps you alive -- without air you cannot live five minutes! But the unseen fact, let us say the secret, is that it works simply and automatically thru atmospheric counter-pressure, which is only possible because the "engine" consists of elastic, spongy material with a vital strain power -- with an ability of vibration, expansion and contraction. Those two facts were the unknown secrets concerning the automatic function of "P" as the phenomena of vitality, and the Chemist Hensel has proven thru chemical physiological formulas that this special vital elasticity of the tissues is due to a lime sugar combination. . .

Here, then, is the cause why so many "fasting," "fruit-diet" etc., "cures" fail. THE INEXPERIENCED LAYMAN ALWAYS COMES TO THE DEATH POINT . . .

? First -- Vitality does not depend primarily and directly upon food, but rather from the facts of how far and how much the function of the human engine is obstructed -- "clogged up" by the obstructions of mucus and toxemias.

? Second -- Removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" thru artificial stimulants, shaking and vibrating tissues thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of "V," Vitality.

? Third -- Vital energy, physical and mental efficiency, endurance, superior health by "P," air and water alone, is tremendous, beyond imagination, as soon as "P" works and can work without "O" -- without obstruction and friction in a perfectly clean body.

? Fourth -- The limit of going without food and before solid food becomes necessary under such ideal conditions, is yet unknown.

? Fifth -- The composition of "P," besides air, oxygen and a certain quantity of water-steam, increases -- but only in a clean body -- thru the following other agents from the infinite: ELECTRICITY; OZONE; LIGHT (especially sunlight); ODOR (good smells of fruit and flowers). Further, it is not impossible that under such clean, natural conditions, nitrogen of the air may be assimilated. In the following lesson I teach you a new but true physiology of the body, which is necessary to know in order to understand why and how the MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM functions in its complete perfection, and for this purpose it was first necessary to lift the veil from the secret, FROM THE MYSTERY OF VITALITY.

For more free articles, and low priced books visit:
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awsome information.
Alot of wait have been said im already doing, nice that a professor confirms it Very Happy
Have you read any of the books? Will problably order some books from the website.
Thank you for sharing!
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