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There is more than one way of being nourished

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:55 am    Post subject: There is more than one way of being nourished Reply with quote

Hi One and all ? Hara, Miriam (aka Sky High), Jordan, Joachim, Arhart and others ? Enjoyed your sharing, great to see some great discussion here. Aspects and methods of transition to LOL is a fascinating topic. Really when you think about it absorbing prana directly from Source or by way of gross physical food is one and the same thing, as food is prana in a more condensed form. People eat food for all kinds of reasons, for the pleasure it provides to their taste buds, for social interaction, out of habit, for emotional reasons etc. And because they think they need it to keep them alive is an obvious one too! Because they can see, taste, feel the food, maybe smell the food, and even hear the rumblings of the food in their digestive tract it is definitely very real, evidenced by these 5 senses (which incidentally provide us with a limited view of the world around us). These 5 senses confirm to one they are providing themselves with nourishment. With pranic nourishment the ?if you can?t see it, it doesn?t exist? game kicks in, hence most regard the idea of not eating and staying healthy with incredulous disbelief. Yet for someone who is being nourished by prana, free from the need to eat, it is just the same process of prana feeding the cells except we are cutting out the middle man called ?food?. THE CELLS MOST DEFINITELY PREFER TO BE NOURISHED BY PRANA RATHER THAN FOOD. Although we developed a physical body through the realms of evolution and believed it is designed for eating. And it is, but it is just that we have limited ideas by the way we can be nourished. Prana of course feeds everyone of us whether we eat or not and once the prana flow is severed into the physical bio-system we have what is called ?death? although of course our other bodies move on into another realm (which is another story altogether). Yet for most people because of toxic thinking, toxic emotions, toxic food and poor lifestyle habits the prana flow is only just barely enough to keep alive which creates the gradual breakdown process to physical death due to aberration of the energy flow through the body to feed the cells and tissues. Our body is built to naturally rejuvenate, which certainly doesn?t mean to stay on Earth forever and again that?s a whole different discussion. Getting back to prana flow, free flowing prana flowing vibrantly through our energy matrix ? the physical/etheric; emotional; mental; spiritual fields - of our bio-system and keeping these bodies clear and healthy resonating in harmony in an integrated manner allows prana to nourish us on all levels that has just so many benefits, not just personally but on a global level as well. We then need to live a toxic free lifestyle for prana to fully nourish us. Personally as far as a smooth and easy transition goes I feel we need to have a strong mind//body connection, well that?s probably obvious, but also I love the idea of ?talking? to our cells, organs, glands and regarding ourselves as the Master of our body and it being our servant, where we lay down commands into our body. With the understanding all is Living consciousness and the cells respond to our thoughts and feelings (as per the Law of Attraction) this is easily understood. So ask to receive strong, clear guidance from your body in a manner that removes you from all doubt re transition guidance, reducing food intake, etc. then LISTEN!!! Your body?s intelligence knows better than any pendulum, kinesiology test. (If you do use kinesiology make sure it is Self-testing as someone else doing the testing has its limitations). Also go through the body and lovingly tell the individual organs (lungs, heart, liver, kidneys etc.) to now take all their nourishment, nutrients, building blocks etc. directly from the inner plane prana feeding field through the open atom doors (or use your own terminiology) and to remain healthy and function optimally through the transition process to full pranic nourishment and forever more after. It is especially important to address the digestive system and elimination organs so they know what?s going on and support you. Not all people living successfully on prana have done this of course, it does seem there are those who can just simply hold the mindset prana feeds them and it does, although some say where are all these gifts and benefits I am supposed to be having? My feeling is though is doing all this talking to our body and recognising prana as Divine Love enhances the whole quality of pranic nourishment.
Love Malika
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is really beautiful; thank you so much for posting! Smile
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