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21 Days Process

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:35 pm    Post subject: 21 Days Process Reply with quote

Hi everybody,

I am in the liquidarian stage now, and I am fasting each saturday. Now, I want to try the famous 21 Day Process, I have not read the Book of Jasmuheen yet, I read the LSWF book. I don't know how is exactly the 21 Days Process, Could anybody share all the steps from the book?

I agree, that no process can convert us in inedia people, it's more an spiritual process, but I am feeling the need to left physical foods. Please, share all the steps, considerations, and exact process from the Book "Living on Light".

Thanks a Lot!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

May be you should read Jasmuheens book...

Here I have found the questionary on English, written by Charmaine Harley:

Are you prepared for anything to happen?

Are you willing to surrender to God?s way?

Are you prepared to explicitly follow a set of ?rules? for 21 days?

Are you willing to put your entire life ?on hold? for 21 days?

Are you able to give up the attachment to ?things? in ?your world? if it were asked of you? That may mean your family, your children, your relationships, your home, your car, your career, your money, your lifestyle and/or your possessions. This could be for 21 days and/or beyond.

Do you realize that the attachments you have to people, beliefs or things may hold you back from realizing your true potential, your greatness and achieving Self-Mastery?

Are you aware of the difference between giving people and things up and giving up your attachment to people and things?

Do you fully appreciate how powerful the mind can be and that it creates your so-called reality 100% of the time and that would include the time you are in the 21-day process?

Do you also know that this means that whatever happens in the process has been created by your mind and is part of the process you created to surrender to for release and healing?

As an example, say that after 11 days into the process you haven?t used your bowels. Shall we say you create a pain in that area and you become fearful that you have a bowel obstruction. Are you aware that even though your mind created it ? it may also tell you that this could be real? You could get more frightened and if you succumbed to this fear-based drama, you would be saying no to the wonder and greatness of your being and the ability to heal yourself with the God energy. Because you created it with the mind, you can heal it simply by your belief, going within and asking for assistance. This process was created by the mind and it can release you from the mind. Do you understand this?

Do you understand the 21-day process will change your life from the very moment you hear about it and that you may never be the same again?

Do you know that you do not have to do this process? The challenges it can bring are yours and yours alone, so it is really important that you understand what it is you are committing yourself to. Have you spoken with someone who has done the 21 days? Do you feel absolutely positive that you know what it is about and what you are choosing?

Are you 100% sure you are choosing to do this process for yourself and no other reason? Not for your family or friends, your leader, your teacher, nor because of any group pressure?

There are many benefits that can come with this process, like improved health and ideal weight. However, your desire for these benefits alone is not enough for you to commence this process. Are you aware that your faith in God or a Higher Power is needed to get you through to achieving Self-Mastery or expansion of consciousness?

Are you aware of the possibility of the beauty, the clarity, the lightness, the state of being, the connectedness and bliss, the gentleness, the love and peace, joy and freedom this process can bring you? Are you ready for that?

Do you truly desire God and to be in a state of Oneness?

In short words, translatet by myself from the german book
Lichtnahrung (Living on Light, the english Version) by Jasmuheen:


You must hold on your normal live.

No telephone, no computer!

No work, family, friends, relatives, pets ect. around you during 3 weeks!

No drugs and cigarettes!

No sexual activity during this 3 weeks! Think about how to handle sexual activity after the process.

No gym, train ect. during this 3 weeks! You can do them again after the process, if you want.

You must be able to concentrate full and only on yourself, nothing other!

No distraction, from nothing, nobody!

Surrender and Confiedence are most important!

Nature performs surgery without knife!

Signs, that detox has begun:

- sleeplessness

- headache

- nausea

- testiness

- muscle pain

- coated tongue

- bad breath

- weakness

- restlessness

During the first week, the first 7 days of the process, donīt drink, donīt eat anything, donīt swallow anything, or the process will be hold on for 24 hours!

You can suck icecubs, but you must spit out everything, nothing swallow!

The first days are the difficultest, if you feel nausea, this wonīt hold on long normaly. Pain will be gone in hours, rest for this time and wait that they are gone. Nausea is a result of the poisons during the detox. If you have done everything well before, nature wonīt detox to much, so your organs wonīt overloading. Then you will enjoy this time and have a lot of happieness.

There is no time schedule during this time, itīs your free time, a time of surrender. If you want, you can make fixed times with you caregiver, when he shall visit you. (if you have one for this time, this is a note in this part from myself!)

Four parts of the process:

- First 3 days, where at the end in the 3rd night your spiritual body leaves you

- 4th to 7th day

- 8th to 14th day

- 15th to 21th day

What you need for this 3 weeks:

A warm, comfortable, silent room with an bed, if possible an comfortalbe chair, a lot of light, fresh air. A small place outside for fresh air and sun would help.

Much comfortalbe and warm clothing, according to the weather. Be prepared, that your body temperature controll works different from normal.

Mineral water and/or water.

Icecubs, which can be chewing and the spit out. Some like the cold.

Spit pot and lemon pieces for refreshing.


If needed, telephone for contact to caregiver.

At the 4th, 7th and the 21th day, or if neede, only for the process:

Essential oil and fragrance light - olibanum, sandal-wood and lavender are approved for aromatization of the air, if you like it.

Candles for the ambience.

A bath could be pleasant.

A stool in the shower, if you feel weak.

In most cases, menstruation donīt change, but be aware of changes, more or less bleeding ect.

Creative work, like knitting, guitare playing or some light hobby, if you enjoy it and donīt do it obsessive.

Something light to read, no heavy stuff. Good are poems or novels.

Silent, relaxing music.

For the 2nd week, fruit juice with max. 25% fruit. Fresh orange juice are not approved, because of to much acid, which can cause nausea.

For the 3rd week some fruit juice (equal which) with max. 40% fruit.

Questions for the juices must be cleared before the process, not during it!

Sketch pad, colored sticks, for creative writting or drawing.

A dairy for your experinces.

What you donīt need: (see above, note from me!)

The 21 days

The transformation of the physical body.

The first 3 days:

Your process begins at midnight, from this time on, there is nothing to eat and nothing to drink for 7 days.

Itīs a silent time, a time to rest, to meditate (what ever this means for you), and to be in yourself.

Go to you inner, install the communication channel to the Spiritual, you inner guidiance.

Confirmate, that you want to go on with the process.

This is a time of silent and the communication with god.

In the silent you may ask for the name of you I AM present.

At the 2nd day, it might be, that you have pain in your kidneys, lower spin or thigh. Thatīs normal, because of the lack of liquids your kidneys wonīt jetted. This can also cause headache, detox needs time.

You might urinate a lot, it can burn sometimes.

Donīt worry about your bowel, even if it donīt empty as quickly as you might think.

Your body can feel groggy and weak. Take the stool for showering, and demand your caregiver to be near to you. You can also lay down in the bathtub.

If you need Sarsaparilla, wash out your mouth with it.

Chewing and spiting out ice is an alternative, other ways agains the thirst are not allowed.

Donīt swallow any liquid.

Mouth can be feel cotton, because of relased poisons, then wash it out. Brush your teeths if neede.

3rd day: Be in silent, thats the briefing for that day.

In the afternoon, your spiritual body will leave you body, and wait, that he can return in all his greatness.

Confirmate, that you want, that your spiritual body leave.

You can ask, to experience this when full aware of it.

Mornig of the 4th day:

The spiritual body has probably leave you while you where sleeping.

You feel different probably. The feelings and the love are gone with the spiritual body, this might cause feel you void.

Speak with your adviser (caregiver?, note from me!)
, if you spiritual body has leave you, if you like.

The holy broderbound begins with itīs work, for stopping the dying process, may be the had begun with this days or weeks before. But they will stop with it, if you change your mind! In this four days, the change your energy system, that it can use light for increasing your vibe.

4th to 7th day:

Itīs on going not allowed to drink anything.

If you take in some liquid, the holy broderbound will break down itīs work. And they will wait for 24 hours, before on going with there work (the process will take longer because of this). An essential drip will be installed in your back near you kidneys.

The briefing is again to be in silent at this day!

During these days, you must be aware of the needings of you body.

We suggest, that you for 3 times a day rest for a longer time.

Choose your times and then donīt change them. Suggestion 10am, 1pm, 4pm.

This newadjustement process will take two hours each.

You might feel this.

You will know intuitiv when to lay still, when to move, or when to go to the toilet.

You feel groggy or heavy.

Itīs most important, to be silent in this time. Even if you think, there happens nothing, it will happen. Many things are subtle.

Your inner guidiance leads you, you are safe and secure.

All what you must doing, is to surrender to the process.

Perhaps might you talk with the angels, they help you.

You can take a bath or shower if you like.

You make the experience of an essential/aetheric (Iīm not sure, which word is the best, note from me!) temperatur, at which you feel hot. This is a sign that everything is good. You migth be tempted to take a cold shower or to jump into a swimming pool. Resist this wish, because this would be to radical for you body. You can use some ice on the neck, there is an temperature controlling area, this will make it colder for you.

In these days you might be very thirsty, be aware of this!

Because, thinking is major in these days, your thoughts might be very volatile. A flood of thoughts without feelings. Try to calm down your mind, meditate, that your mind became peacefull.

You might be easy cranky. There might be qualities come up, which you had never known before, you must be aware of this, and calm down your mind.

At the 7th day:

Ask your adviser (caregiver?, note from me!), when you can drink for the first time. Normaly, the first juice is allowed at the late afternoon or evening.

Juice with 25% fruit, bit cold, (at cold room temperature), and only less. One hour later, you can drink some more juice.

Be aware, that your body has get nothing for seven days. Drink slowly.

You will get detailed advice from your inner, while drinking.

8th to 14th day:

Silents is on going prior over the day.

Talk with the angels, for getting help from them for you healing. Be happy! You will soon feel wonderful.

From now, you can drink fruit juice with 25% fruit.

Itīs given advice, not to drink less than 1,5 litres per day during these seven days.

Please be aware, that you have an big surgery behind you, even if it is an essentiall/aetheric (Iīm not sure, which word is the best, note from me!). So be careful, do rest.

Now, the healing process begins. It takes the next seven days, and you should absolut follow this instruction.

Eating is no more part of your reality, because your reality is no more that, that it was.

If you get bombed with thougthprojections from an outside source (what is negative), you must find a way, to engage your mind with something more peaceful. Your mind and ego could be out of controll in this time. Your are secure, there are no doubts. So, donīt believe in something negativ.

This healingweek is a wonderful time, enjoy it and rest.

You could be compared with an fragil person, so accept this and act in this way.

Perhaps do you sleep a lot.

May be you feel far away in mind.

You could feel nausea physical.

The experience from each is unique.

You might feel perhaps loaded up with energy, donīt use it, storage it for your healing.

Some people have found, that they feel ill, if the donīt rest enough. This is a sign, that the spiritual body want, that you rest.

You can take a bath.

Rest, read, use the day to get closer with your higher self.

15th to 21th day:

The integratioin week an the healing ends. The higher engery, higher self, your I AM presens came down into the empty body. Each day a bit more.

You begin feeling stronger.

Ask yourself: What is my purpose, what is my destination? Why Iīam here?

Fruit juice with 40% fruit is allowed, no soup, no milk.

Take every day like it comes, be in the now.

21th day:

Speak with your adviser (caregiver?, note from me!)
, for clearing, if at midnight the process ends. (Midnight not beause of something else or spiritualistic reasons, but because not till then the day has finished.)

Changes after the 21 day process:

You might be aware of you detachedness. Perhaps feel you like ever, perhaps not. It could be, that you have higher sensitive senses for smelling, taste, touch. Your teeths could be oversensitiv. Perhaps do you have pain in your body... Be aware, that there is on going healing.


Puh, I have more translated, than I wanted... hope, you can understand everything, my english is not the best... *LOL* But hope, it helps you. There is much more inside the book, but I think, this is the main instruction for the 21 days process with the most important informations.

Good luck, love & light to you! Wink

And donīt forget, follow your heart, your feeling, your intuition, your inner voice!!! Prepare careful!
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks a Lot!

It's was very useful. I think that this help me to clear some things.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I strong recommed to read Jasmuheens latest Version of the book, it has several updates, which might be very important for you.
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