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Unexpected but wellcome

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:43 am    Post subject: Unexpected but wellcome Reply with quote

I'd like to share my story about less eating with you.

I came across Joachim Werdin's book because I had a remarkable experience after starting with sungazing. In march of 2013 I started to look at the sun just after sunrise. I first read about the procedure, but since I don't want to be bothered to much in keeping the time, I just look for as long as I feel comfortable (a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes now). I sort of daydream when watching the sun and listen to the birds in the forest. Sometimes the sun changes into a black disc, this is probably an optical illusion. A few days after starting this sungazing my lust to eat dropped dramatically, while everybody knows me as a really big eater (2x daily stool). I read that this could happen, but had not suspected that it would happen so soon and abruptly.

It was not my first goal to stop eating, although the idea of not needing food is appealing since it gives lot of extra freedom, and freedom (next to knowledge) is what I seek most.
At first I thought it was just a matter of wishfull coincidence and that the need to eat would return soon. So far I'm not sure if will, because eventhough I still eat, I noticed that eating seems to cost me more energy than it gives me. The feeling of hunger sometimes happens, but that looks more a signal of the stomach itself, than that the body is asking for food. If I don't take anything I wake up the next morning feeling great, and almost not wanting to take breakfast, but since my wife likes it when we eat together I still eat one sandwich instead of the usual four. Now I only eat things I really like and feel comfortable with.
A problem that I do have now is belching and a rumbling stomach after eating. Before, I had the reverse: a rumbling stomach before eating.

It is amazing how much better I feel, while only eating 15-20% of what I used to. I get more work done, need less sleep, intuition seems sharper, and I also have finally started trying to meditate, something that I have postponed for years because I thought I just could never stop my racing brain. It still is very difficult to be still, but there seems to be some progress now. During meditation sometimes I feel very nice and light (with lights flashing in my head) and I also noticed the breathing can stop. I don't know for how long, but there is no gasping for air when I get aware of it. At first that worried me, but lately I figured at worst I would probably just faint, fallover and awaken myself in the process.
The meditation exercises now have become something I look forward to doing, every day!

I will watch my body and psyche carefully since I have lost some weight (we don't have a scale but it might be some 2-3 kg) and I don't want to feel weak or get too skinny. Luckily I didn't get the foul mood, yet. I also noted that alcohol and marijuana have less effect than before. How strange because before, I could not drink a glass of wine on an empty stomach without getting a little drunk. Also no more headaches, horay!

Thanks Joachim for your well written and helpfull book. So far, this is a very strange but interresting experience and you answer a lot of questions, and help to manage the fear of possible damage to my body.
I will continue and see what becomes of me.

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