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My creation - The Ultimate Truth.

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PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 8:17 pm    Post subject: My creation - The Ultimate Truth. Reply with quote

The ultimate truth.
From behind the mind curtain.
Attempt to describe the ultimate truth makes reduction Her qualities, attributes, because She as itself is beyond any description and exists with no matter on the writer. The writer being aware of Truth can make many beautiful descriptions which gives Her nondescriptiones and it will be a part of the Ultimate Truth.
When after 50 years partners are still love each other does any beauties confession of love can describe theirs feeling? Yes, a partly and it?ll be a small piece. The rest is beyond all descriptions wonderful, this that sometimes it cannot be described doesn?t mean it not exist. Simply it is something much more greater, something what goes beyond ability of understanding or perception. Something what to be understand requires you to step out of your perception tool, step out of your mind. Because the mind is limited cannot understand Something that is unlimited. So our consciousness have to pull aside mind, make silent mind to experience self, to experience Divine I. For mind such a experience are gonna explain all questions about Ultimate Truth. It may take pieces of second, however in essence will contain everything and nothing, complete explanation by own experience with It.
I?m not going to write here about nature of truth because truth itself is subjective. Somebody believes in something and name it truth, someone else doesn?t believe and do not call it like that. This is not my main theme. Daily truth / no truth, would it be reasonable to call it like that, is subject of your free will, you can do with it whatever you want, believe in this what you feel like and accept anything as a real and truth or not. And very well, for that you have right, you may play with it as long as you want. Believe me or not but this is why you are here.
I?d like to write here about truth that exists and at the same time do not exist. Perhaps I?m crazy enough to write about this themes and describe them in this way, like I see and understand it.
This that I?m writing about truth that exists and not exists at the same time, I?d like to say about something what as in a daily life you may do not recognize, but it doesn?t mean this Phenomenon don?t exists, simply means it eludes your attention. So no matter if we say about it that it?s true or not this Phenomenon will be enjoyed in His being, without meaning on our reality view. I must say here that every human being is separated universe center. Based on how thinks or not, what understand or not, and what know or not creates own universe. Own reality view, daily truth which has no common with Ultimate truth, unless the theme of searching is Ultimate Truth. To easily reach the Ultimate Truth first you have to erase from your way daily truth. Other words saying from your consciousness you have to move a side daily duties, functioning like a every day.
"I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation." ? Joachim M Werdin
This sentence already contains the essence, all truth, the ultimate truth on which we?re gonna consider. Ultimate truth coincides with initial truth. At the beginning there was a word and at the end will be a word. I believe still you may do not understand it, dear reader, but as you progress in reading more things you will understand, I believe.
Ultimate word as a beginning for Ultimate Truth, behind there?s only Truth.
All of this happens in your consciousness. Everything goes in you. You are the Consciousness and everything else is your creation. Word, any kind would it be, appears in your consciousness, in your mind. Thought appears in your consciousness, feelings, images etc. all of this is your creation, but it is not you. It is only your product.
Ultimate truth is the reason of word appeared in consciousness. Ultimate truth is pure, undisturbed Inner Consciousness. It is You as a passive observer of all your thoughts, emotions, feelings, imaginations, desires.
Imagine, you exist for so long that you even don?t remember for how long. Like it would be whole eternity, since always, just like that and that?s all, you are here and now, for so long time that even time got bored of you and disappeared.
Finally you have desired to experience your magnificence. You know that you are great, wonderful, merciful, you have all great abilities, qualities, attributes, you know that you have no limits but nothing more you know, only this how divine you are because only you exists. Willing to experience self you create opposite of yourself. Something what is exact reverse of you in every aspect. You create this to experience it and thanks to this find out who you are not and what is more important who you are. Yes, by the experiencing of your opposites you experience understanding of your self and who you are. Self-understanding by experiencing seems to be more deeper that just self-understanding.
Since centuries humans try to understand what is God. Appears a lot of descriptions with more or less clarity and if you would collect all greatest descriptions they will be not enough to describe Him totally. It?s impossible. It?s like to say how much is infinite number. Knowing that God is infinity in all aspects to understand Him we need to open up for infinity. Just like God knows Himself by experience we can also understand Him by experience Him on our self. Other words saying, dear reader, fuller you get know yourself dear God when you experience your self. Yes you in your essence are God, yes this greatest, having all hugest and infinity abilities, merciful and love. You are here, live and experience this life without being aware of your Divine. And it?s very good, experiences you are collecting are very intense, and that?s the point. Yes my dear friend, you?ve came here without shape, formless, as a Consciousness, God. You as a god have all abilities, possibilities, you can everything everywhere. You decided to play in experiences of self and nonself, experiences of what you are and what you are not, for better self-knowledge. To make your life play intense and real, true you forgot about your divine and limited you self by giving you mind, thoughts, faith, free will. Still you exist as a Divine Consciousness, but probably, what I don?t wish you, your consciousness is limited to a ?normal? state of daily functioning . there are places in World where daily mind activity / state of limited awareness beta sunk in constant thinking is not natural state. Yes because this what is all about. As many masters already have pointed, it?s about to break out from this state of constantly thinking mind. At the end there will be a word / thought and after everything and nothing appear. Ultimate truth unites with first reason. Your Divine, individual self will return to Itself. Basically It never went out, but just Consciousness narrowed and when decided to finish playing went back to primary formless. However wonderful descriptions if collect all together they won?t replace experience of This but they can be magnificent pointers. Great divine wise full is that God / You a long time ago decided to know yourself by experiencing. Fun in life keeps on going.
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