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First steps on the fasting path...

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:08 pm    Post subject: First steps on the fasting path... Reply with quote

The addiction called 'food'...

As the title of this topic is saying, I am taking my first steps in fasting. It is very difficult at times, because I don't know almost anybody who has experience with that and - of course - everywhere on the internet, also on this forum, i read totally different experiences.
At this moment I have the impression that it takes too much time to be so busy with it, thinking about it, weighing decisions, and also talking and writing about it. So I will just post my experience of the last days that I wrote to Joachim M. Werdin (he suggested to write it here).

Some general information: I am female, 33 years, normal weight about 52 kilos, living in the west of Europe (at this time it's autumn here). Since a couple of months I don't eat sugar anymore (had my exceptions of course, but still) and untill breaking my first fast last friday (24th of october) I didn't eat fruits. In august I was only eating vegetables and nuts, which was really feeling great! First I was eating very very much of vegetables, in the end a little bit less. For me it is very difficult not to eat in the evening.
In the beginning of september I started again with some spelt, rice and corn and was already feeling that it might be not such a good idea (but I like it a lot!) and the second half of september I went on a holiday to Italy where there was a lot of social pressure to eat a lot, especially pasta (which I love!) and there I ate too much, which I felt immediately: very tired, itching feet and end of intestines. It was exactly on this holiday that I started reading LSWF.
Because of my work and other obligations I planned to do a first fasting period the last two weeks of october and the first week of november. An adventure!

So here are some parts of what I wrote the last days (I copied it from several e-mails, so sometimes it might be strange):

Story of 22th of october:
This is only the second (or maybe I should say first) day, but it's going very good. I do some Tai Chi, I do minimum 5 meditations a day, I try to stay active in house and garden like washing windows, doing dishes, I go on a walk,... and I feel good, I don't have any feeling of forcing my body and that's great!
Yesterday I was still eating a little bit of vegetables and I fell much worse (dizzy most of the time) and I was not thirsty. Today I didn't eat, I only had a few sips of lemon juice this morning, but I decided not to take anything but water anymore, because it doesn't take a lot of effort not to eat.
I have food cravings (I would really eat almost anything Smile but I don't, of course, telling myself that I can eat again in a few weeks as a kind of trick, because maybe I feel so good when I let go the emotional attachment to food that I'm not going back to eating, who knows Smile
And I am hungry sometimes (not so much and when I concentrate on other things or when I meditate it stops very quickly).
And I read that you shouldn't drink when hungry, only when thirsty. But I am not thirsty, so today for example, apart from the lemon juice with water this morning (half a glass) I just drunk about 10 sips of source water in 4 or 5 times, well mixed with saliva for a while, mostly because I thought "maybe I have to drink, because this is still a water fast" Smile I think I drank only one time 2 sips because I was thirsty.
Today I still feel fine with the dry fasting, I only had three sips of water this morning because I thought: 'Maybe I should drink more', but I didn't feel like drinking for the rest of the day, so I didn't. I feel less good in comparison to yesterday: pressure on my chest (my heart, my lungs, my stomach...? I have no idea!) and from this morning on a very low blood pressure - that went better this afternoon after sitting on a stove that kept me nicely warm (because I'm quiet cold, which is normal of course) and after some Tai Chi and a calm walk. And this evening even better than this afternoon, after a very short alternate shower and a very nice meditation. My concentration during the meditations is rather bad, but I keep on doing it anyway.
Furthermore I really feel like eating - although I don't, without harming myself (I am hungry at times but I concentrate on other things and it stops very soon). I try to follow a diet of vegetables and nuts, even without fruits which I really like, but I think it is too sweet for the candida I'm having symptoms of so I didn't eat fruits for a while now although I love them! But now I really feel like eating carbon-stuff like spelt, rice, mais,... or even cookies with sugar, which I don't eat in my diet of the last months (although I must say that I did it a few times).
Yesterday I told myself I could have a vegetables juice if I really wanted to eat, but I knew it wouldn't satisfy me because I was much more feeling for nuts, so I could leave it easily. At the other hand I am sure that carbohydrates would ask so much energy from my body that I would be so tired that I would regret it very much.
I also notice that I can enjoy a smell - for example my sister made a bread this afternoon and of course I felt like eating it and of course I didn't, but I went to smell it and enjoyed that. I knew I didn't have to eat it (I would feel horrible after eating it, I think) to really enjoy the smell.
So I keep on being very motivated to do this fasting - dry since this afternoon - and I promised myself not to force my body, just to see how far I can get without doing harm, concentrating on what really counts. The only thing I am worried about is if my blood pressure would get too low. I think the solution is to move more, to walk more, to do Tai Chi every hour. I don't feel like turning back to eating too soon - and of course I will do it when my body asks for it, but I will first try to give it energy in other ways.

Story of 23th-24th of october:
I didn't feel as if I was forcing myself. The only thing today was that the last days my blood pressure was low to very low in the morning and better in the afternoon and very good in the evenly. But today it didn't go up anymore, also not after Tai Chi or drinking water. At 16 o clock it was still too low to go for a walk, so I felt it was time to start eating again.
It was a wonderful experience to smell the apple very well and to eat it consciously, really - it was the first apple in half a year Smile chewing until it became juice of course. And one hour or so later I also had two walnuts, same process, really sooo good Smile in my belly all feels well, it moves a bit but no pain or uneasiness. Almost two hours later I put some hot water on a cup of very nice, organic dried fruits and now I am very slowly drinking the water of it, mixing well with the saliva. I will wait with eating the soaked dried fruits until I have gone to the bathroom to see how I have digested the apple and the nuts. What an adventure!

Story of 25th of october:
Today I went on with eating fruits: one pear and some weakened dry fruits about 11 o'clock (for about one hour I was eating consciously). I got hungry in the afternoon but wanted my stomach to take some rest too and planned to eat about 17 o'clock. Finally it was at about 19 o'clock that I first ate 5 little nuts and half an hour later two bananas, an apple and some coconut. I feel totally great about all this: I don't need a lot of food and still listen to my body. It's great to eat the slowest possible and so to taste everything really well. Of course it is still difficult not to eat more, but I know I can do it, that's wonderful!
I am very curious how it will go when I have to go to the bathroom, because nothing happened yet. My belly rumbled just a little bit, but not a lot of movement (also no pain). We'll see!

Story of 26th of october:
First I'll tell you that also today I didn't eat much, thanks too the CE method, and I feel absolutely fine. I am really craving for other things, but I don't want to stop the detox-process after these days of fasting. It's a serious job, because my thoughts are going to longing for eating other stuff than my body needs very soon, also during meditations of course Smile
I find it crazy that without eating anything my blood pressure is so low, and with eating one or two pieces of fruit a day, everything turned back to normal.
So this morning around 11.20 h. I had a mango, which was great (spitted out the half of it after having swallowed the juice, each time after more or less 3 minutes of chewing) and after that 7 very little hazelnuts that I was chewing for more then 10 minutes. I felt very good about that. Later, around 13 h. I got hungry but went for a biking tour of a little hour, which was better than eating Smile Hunger went and came back, went and came back,... At about 14.15 h. I was still feeling hungry but I only wanted to eat raw fruit or raw vegetable. I was craving for the pure, organic, from the garden vegetable soup my roommate made, which was smelling really great. So I asked "What is it?" Suddenly I became sad: "I am eating so healthy all the time and now I have to eat even more healthy and I can't even have a soup because it's boiled?!" And so I talked about all this with my roommate, who also started to read your books and who lives also very healthy (compared to...) and about not putting the goals too high and about this detoxication process that is really working (I think) and about BEING, regardless of who you are or what you achieve. After that conversation the hunger was all gone and I only had a few sips of water two hours later. At 19.15 I wasn't really hungry, but ate a handful of homegrown yellow cherry tomatoes with some family that was visiting, so more because of the social thing. I didn't eat it fully consciously, but it felt OK.
And in the evening it starts again: Very little hungers came ?nd went between 20 h. and 21.45 h. I didn't want to eat less than 4 hours before going to bed and I was planning to try to go to sleep at about 00h. (I have holiday also next week) At 21.45 h. I decided to take my time and to ask seriously "What is it?" I asked if my body really needed the substance 'food' as in 'vegetable, fruit, nut, grain,...' Yes. So I was summing up some things I found I could propose my body to eat Smile Luckily a pear showed out to be the best to eat. I thought: OK, a pear is fine, because I didn't go to the toilet since the last enema I did (and that was thursday evening!) So I ate the very nice organic pear with CE, spit out a bit of the fibers and felt my belly moving a bit, nothing more. Now, after a little two hours (without hunger) I turn up with the hiccup (don't know what that means in stomach-land!) and later some pressure on my stomach.

Story of 27th of october:
After a nice autumn but sunny walk this morning and a few sips of water when I was thirsty (having hunger but postponing eating a bit to get energy of walking and sunshine) I had one and a half piece of chicory, CE, at about 11.30 h. At 14.30 I was getting hungry again and really felt like eating carbohydrates. I took some spelt flakes (not much of course) and asked my body if it could handle some pumpkin and sunflower seeds to add some flavor. But then I boiled the spelt and the seeds I used were roasted (very very very nice taste, eating it consciously) although normally I will soak seeds and nuts before eating them. At about 17.00 h. I started to feel hunger again. It was a hard moment (and day, because the cravings are really getting stronger and stronger), because I don't feel enough support around to help me discerning well and encouraging. On the contrary: "you lost a lot of weight (which isn't true, I only lost a bit), better be very careful", although I am not forcing my body and telling them! Anyway, I notice I talk too much about it with people who are not interested enough in the subject. It really hit me a bit, this reaction of my friend (with words) and my sister (without words): my blood pressure suddenly got very low and I got very hungry. So I took some time to sit down and feel how I want to be in this. After that I just went on doing the things I was doing and I went for a meditation, but I was very tired and my stomach was aching a bit - I think because the spelt was too heavy and takes a lot of energy to digest (so less energy for detoxication).
After working on my computer and writing all this, I feel much better. I will do an enema this evening before going to bed, because I didn't go to the toilet after the last enema thursday evening!

The big thing for me is that this whole process is not about not-eating! Of course a big part of my motivation is detoxication, that helps me a lot with not giving in on my cravings. But because of the great addiction the not-eating and the feeling-like-eating and the cravings and all the recipes that come into my head while meditating - or whenever Smile are taking so much space that at the end of this day of Conscious Eating I think maybe I will try for another couple of days to keep on doing CE, but after that I might go for the gluten free vegan diet and as much as possible the raw vegan between the fasting periods that will surely follow this first fasting. I shouldn't be perfectionistic, but I want to keep focussed at the same time.
Maybe like that I can empty my kitchen from all the stuff I clearly don't need and won't need in the future - but can't give away yet because I really feel like eating it!! Very Happy I think I am still too addicted and maybe it's better to observe well and to get to a more pure lifestyle (as I did in the month of august: only veggies and nuts), then to cut off so strictly that it's really taking all the attention and energy of my day... And let's hope the detox is still going further when I eat some things I wouldn't eat with CE... Maybe I can have longer periods of CE, fasting and again CE and get used to more and more pure food.

Well, this is it for now. Getting back soon I suppose. Don't feel like giving in, but probably it's also a matter of exercise, getting used to, feeling what it does, eating more and more conscious,...

Thank you, Joachim, for all your support and answers to questions. I am really grateful. I am sure this is not the end of my fasting and CE adventure!
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