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Consciousness alternating reality manifesting desires

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:20 pm    Post subject: Consciousness alternating reality manifesting desires Reply with quote

anyone else experiencing something like this? Im relatively young ( 20 ), biologically I don't even feel like im born lol...I mean in terms of health I feel immortal, invulnerable and ageless , at least that's the mindset i achieve through fasting and meditation...I alternate fasting and eating, and i do eat whatever i want, to the point that i can maintain the body look i appreciate, even if i dont care THAT much about aspect...actually i only do like about 5 days of calisthenics daily and am relatively free about the eating topic cause i do eat whatever i want and whenever i want...and i look in shape and pretty much more well than i used to when i was eating 6 meals everyday ( typical bb diet) and used to spend around 5 hours every week at the gym Laughing...well btw here's the main topic i'd like to discuss...i noticed that when i eat i get bound to everything concerning the material, dreams come to surface, i visualizate myself with the car I want, the experiences i want to live, the persons i want to enter in my life and sooo on....when i dry fast even for some hours...everything falls apart...the magic surrounding these dreaming/visualizing...disappears. Everything seems so pointless to me. Why should i bother finding more girls, getting money, partying and so on? does that make any sense? its pretty much like drugging to me... I mean, reason with me with a sober intellect just a bit...we're been told that we're born, we have to struggle for surviving, we have to eat and drink in order to nourish ourselves else our bodies cease to exist and die, we have to find a job to survive the economic system and buy food, THEN we have to fill our free time: friendships, relationships, love, fun, entertaining, hobbies...waiting for the day of our death...does it make sense at all? I keep dreaming about the things i wanna attract in my life and the experiences i wanna live...then i fast and...bliss, will to pratice abstinence from everything...dont get me wrong, recently i do feel very very happy, others think im crazy, i sing alot in joy Laughing , everyone loves me, they all salute me when i am around, im a very effervescent personality, others, compared to me, expecially those around my age, lack of imagination and creativity, they all look so dead to me, i dont even do drugs ( except food) and im always up for anything, i think positive, i smile with a happy heart...others don't. But expecially when i fast...i dont care about this material stuff anymore. Sorry if i wrote too much but i just wanted to know...anyone else experiencing something like this? how do you deal with that? JMW? what about you? lol it feels weird...maybe i do feel like this because i cant really manifest the reality i wish? i had a wonderful life, im not rich but i always had the money to fulfil my interests, almost all my desires have been satisfied...i've met and had a wonderful time with the people i wanted to, both boys and girls, i enjoyed what this society and life in the country where i live offers: i havent took everything in moderation, but i learnt alot, im grateful for that. i wouldnt change anything of my past. gym's passion, techno parties, occasional drugging ( psychedelics mostly), girls, specific relationships, esoterica etc....that has been and still is wonderful. but what now? maybe i still have to achieve? i would love a certain car and more money, i'd like to attend the university and find a girl, even just one, as crazy as me, a flexible one, that knows how to have fun in terms of partying etc. and be romantic at the same time you know Laughing sorry about my eng. i would like many things...but when i fast...puff. everything disappears...bah...what about you? bless and love <3
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Joined: 09 Jun 2014
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Merolos

I think we are like soul siblings because I realized the exact same thing, not just currently, but in the past (I was unaware I was doing it though).
When I eat, I realize I get joyous in all these "desires" and I manifest some of them in No time. Sometimes I don't get them. Funny thing is, after I get something now, I get bored with it very quickly and realize I didn't really need or want it. I also realize that I attract people around me, but if I eat, my personality changes. I can get really excited or I can get edgy and snappy. I find myself putting people in their place but I don't like doing it. It makes me sad. But I have this power that I didn't realize. I was always low self esteem growing up.
I also got everything I wanted growing up. Grew up in USA very humble, not a lot of money. I was always very aware and awake child. Very intuitive. My mom said I was an extremely happy baby and could sit still for hours very self content.
Also, my "desires" go away really quickly when I start fasting. I start to feel empty in thoughts and my heart starts to expand. I wish my physical appearance didn't get affected. I get reactions from food very easily and quickly, even itchy skin. My skin tone usually changes color. Some stuff makes me swell. It's kind of embarrassing! Even my Mom noticed.
I think I have been longing to find romance and some sort of awesome life as well, but it's a very free life I can't really explain! Like I want to go roll down grassy hills and laugh and play.
Just two days ago I wished to go have some "fun" with a new guy. Well, low and behold I went with a friend to drop something off at her guy friend's house, and he ended up asking me to go hiking after work. We went and had fun. Then he wanted to make dinner, so we ate and I even drank wine, but this all affected me. I haven't mastered the food-not-affecting-me thing. It made me feel more dull and lifeless. So I think everything that's happening is for a reason. I think my soul might be "done" here and by me releasing all of myself, I will be helping everyone else. Make sense? I can't help having a lot of compassion for humanity. So when I join them in the material, I feel like I'm just lingering around in their world when I'm supposed to be going much "higher."
I'm leaving this weekend to fast again, this time not in my house. Going to nature.
I'm in awe of your experiences and feel everything will fall into place for you. And all of us.
Infinite blessings!!
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