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Awakening of Kundalini - The Serpent Fire by Raymond Bernard

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:43 am    Post subject: Awakening of Kundalini - The Serpent Fire by Raymond Bernard Reply with quote

i'm really drained from typing this , will add more of my own input next time. I can't reallyr ecommend this book as I haven't really read it yet. It seems to be mostly about breathing exercises and maybe yoga/ meditation techniques for awakening kundalini but i haven't read let alone given trial to anything. but it seems like a promising book so far. I'm curious as to what you guys think of this.

No food, no sex, no pooping? What's left? What other purpose to life is there? Before I used to at least sort of dream oh I will have this great tantric sex for hours and hours and just never ejaculate. I have been masturbating less and less and less but I mean completely stopping these "nocturnal emissions " seems like a dream come true.

Meanwhiel I'm here in hawaii and there's a nude beach I go to sometimes or other clothing optional places and I'm not really aware of how much stimulation I'm exposing myself to... I mean... in an ideal / natural world I should be able to look at a naked woman and not feel aroused ... but it's certainly not how most of us were brought up... I still feel weird when I go there...

But on the other hand sometimes I fantasize about living naked all the time, just eating fruits, not talking, out in the jungle away from civilization.

pg 4- "For the awakening of Kundalini complete conservation within the body of the genital secretions of each sex is absolutely essential, otherwise the electrical energy generated at the base of the spine is dissipated through the genital glands and lost from the body in their secretions and can never ascent upward toward the brain. Not only voluntary organisms ( did he mean orgasms?), but involuntary losses as well, as nocturnal emissions in males and mucus and menstrual discharges in females must be prevented, which is best achieved through a low protein, non-stimulating, saltless strictly vegetarian diet ( excluding flesh, eggs, and dairy products, all of which contain stimulating animal sex hormones), and by avoidance of all sources of sexual excitation, physical and psychic. For so long as the gonads and associated genital glands are active and producing secretions, they drain the brain and nerves of lecithin ( organic phosphorus, of which nerve and brain cells are composed), which is a chief constituent of all genital secretions. It is for this reason that all sexual activity, petting, and leucorrhea and menstruation in woman, devitalize the brain and weaken the nerves, making one nervous and irritable. Kundalini cannot ascend under such conditions when its energy is sapped and lost by gonads ( testes and ovaries and their associated g lands).

Yoga adepts teach that when the body becomes regenerated and there is perfect and complete conservation of genital secretions and mucus and blood discharges of the female cease, the Kundalini Force, no longer drained by the genital glands and turned in a downward direction, is able to ascend up through the center of the spinal cord and vivify the various chakras and their sympathetic nerve plexuses in its upward course. It is claimed that the cerebrospinal fluid is not liquid but in an electrified etheric state in the living body and only turns into a fluid on exposure to air, when it is tapped....

In the living brain, the pineal gland is phosphorescent and glows with a radiant light....

The pineal gland has the structure of a vestigial atrophied eye that was once functional and contains photo-sensitive cells that respond to ordinarily invisible ultra-violet rays. When the pineal gland is vivified by the ascending Kundalini Force and commences to function as an inner eye, these photo-sensitive cells commence to receive visual impressions in the ultra-violet part of the spectrum and beyond, covering a band of light radiations to which the human eye is normally insensitive and blind. This is the physiological basis of clairvoyance of four-dimensional vision. When this capacity is awakened, one can look into the fourth dimention and overcome the barrier that space ordinarily imposes on the sense of vision, being able to view other planets of distant stars and to function in one's stellar body inhabiting such planets. This is the goal of Yoga- namely , the dissociation of consciousness from the earthly brain so that it may function in the brain of the stellar body.

Total and absolute continence, or returning to the pre-pubertal state of complete seminal conservation, is the precondition of regeneration and rejuvenation and is absolutely necessary for the awakening and ascent of kundalini

Each drop of semen represents a concentrate of lecithin, hormones, minerals and vitamins equal to 60 drops of blood. Hence, the loss of this fluid drains the blood of its best elements. Seminal fluid is potential nerve and brain nutriment and when not wasted of lost through involuntary emission, it is absorbed by lymphatics which line the seminal vesicles and carried to the recepaculum chyli, from where it ascends via the thoracic duct to the left subclavian vein prior to its entrance to the heart, and in this way lymphatically resorbed seminal fluuid enters the circulation. The conserved lecithin is then carried by the blood to nerve and brain cells, which require it for their nourishment and vital activity. FOr this reason, sexual losses, voluntarily or involunarily, rob the nerves and brain of nourishment; and, if they are excessive, lead to nervous and mental diseases. Since ancient times, it was known to physicians that the gonads or sex glands manufacture a vital substance which, if retained in the body, passes into the blood and feeds and stregthens the nerves and brain. The spermatozoon and brain cell resemble each other both in shape and chemistry. Each have a head and a long appendage ( tail of the speratozoa and dentrites of the brain cell). The loss of millions of spermatozoa through each seminal discharge must injure the brain. Many cases of death and insanity have been the immediate consequences of the shock caused in a feeble, sickly, or aged person by the act of coitus. Coffee, tea, meat, fish ,eggs, salt , pepper, mustard, tobacco, and alcohol are all aphrodisiacal stimulants of the sex glands that cause them to lose their previous, lecithin-rich, phosphorized vital secretions. To achieve and maintain natural physiological continence at all times, a low protein, strictly vegetarian diet is essential.
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Joined: 25 Mar 2013
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The basis of awakening Kundalini is sexual regeneration. Sexual regeneration of the male involves cessation of voluntary and involuntary seminal emissions, which is achieved by biochemical control of the gonads through a low protein, strictly vegetarian diet, eliminating dairy products and eggs. Noctural emissions are the physiological effects of a protein excess and an end-product of such excessive protein metabolism. When protein intake is reduced to physiological limits and there is no excess of end-products of protein metabolism to eliminate beyond what the kidneys can handle, nocturnal emissions automatically disappear, proivded the organism is not subjected to aphrodisiacal stimulation by use of tobacco, alcohol, salt, coffee, tea, cocoa, or irritating spices, as well as raw onions and garlic.
What applies to nocturnal emissions in men also applies to the homologous function in the female-- menstruation and mucous discharges. These likewise are pathological and disappear on a low protein strictly vegetarian diet, provided the woman is not exposed to erotic stimulation by the male, leading to uterine and overian hypereia. The common female airment of leucorrhea or chronic mucous discharge from the vagina also disappears when the above conditions are applies. strict sexual abstinence and avoidance of contract with the opposite sex are necessary to cure the above diseased conditions. Phychic causes of local congestion of the circulation in the genital area should be strictly avoided.

It is best to sleep on a hard and flat surface, as a thin mattresss placed over boards on top of the bed, to avoid a sagging down and resulting congestion of blood in the pelvic region during sleep. One should wear no bed-clothes and should eat and drink sparingly at night and should rise from bed immediately on awakening, preferably no later than dawn, as it is during the early morning hours when the bladder and rectum tend to be distended, compressing the seminal vesicles that lies sandwiched in between that nocturnal emissions tend to occur. ( the seminal vesicles, where the semen is stored, are lined with absorptive lymphatics which resorb it and carry it through abdomen, from which the resorbed fluids are carried up through the Thoracic Duct which empties into the right subclavian vein priori to its entrance to the heart. In this way, resorbed sexual fluids enter the circulation. A similar process of lymphatic resorption also carries up the uterine secretions of the female and brings them into the circulation.

Many women have noted the gradual disappearance of menstruation after adopting a low protein strictly vegetarian diet. the periods tend to occur at progressively longer intervals and the flow diminishes until it disappears. The same applies ot the mucous dischages of leucorrhea, which represent the loss of potential nerve and brian nutriment ( lecithin ) and should be rigorously avoided. When thie tendency is apt to manifest, the woman should adopt the reverse posture, with head down and feet up, either by elevating the foot of the bed or by yoga postures described below, and then vigorously contract the vaginal sphincter muscles. Cold sitz baths will help such muscular contraction and tone up the vaginal musculature.

Regarding the increase of intelligence and mental capacity by using the sex functions for regeneration, there is a scientifically established physical basis for this increase in mental power-- brain and nerve developments depending largely on the available supply of lecithins in the body. these may be taken into the body in added quantity and some benefits derived, but we never get the maximum benefit unless we retain the secretions of the sex glands and reabsorb them. It has been found that these secretions are especially rich in lecithins needed by the brain and nerves. when these secretions are lost in any way, the brain is deprived of the raw material it needs for nutrition, growth, and further development. These losses, if continued, result in brain degeneration, in loss of mental power and in premature senility, which is really a disease.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

to awaken kundalini, it is necessary to refine the emotions, eliminating the emotions of anger, hate, etc., which are intimately related with sexual emotions. on a low protein strictly vegetarian diet, continence becomes a normal permanent uninterrupted state requiring ( MAYBE RELYING IS A BETTER WORD HERE? ) on volitional control to maintain it. When the kundalini force is not dissipated through the nerves leading to the sexual organs and gland, more of it is available for higher purposes and it flows more easily up to the brain to vitalize the pineal gland, which is undeveloped until the conserved, sublimated kundalini reaches it and the lecithin of the transmuted sex hormones nourishes it. Really it is not sexual secretions themselves that are transformed into Ojas, which rises up to the brain, but rather the vital force, or kundalini, is not dissipated into the sexual channel and less of its nerve energy is wasted in the elaboration of useless excessive sexual secretions to replace their loss.

It is erroneaous to think that the awakening of kundalini consists in first overstimulating the sexual centers and then trying to conserve and transmute the superabundant secretions and energy thus aroused, which is done through methods of continent sexual union. This temporary overstimulating of the sex glands may produce an illusory temporary exhiliration, which will later be followed by exhaustion and degeneration. Such methods are deceptive. They produce pelvic hyperemia in the female and increase menstruation and leucorrhea, and eventually lead to the development of pathological growths in the uterus. The ideal to be aimed at is not hyperstimulation of the genital centers and then to seek to control and transmute the forces thus aroused, but rather to regain the state of the little child in which the genital centers are dormant and the gonads function unconsciously and automatically in their work of internal secretion like all the other endocrines, without becoming over-active, which is really a pathological state.

Most people today suffer from sexual overstimulation and we should seek rather to normal the sex function than to stimulate it. the aime should be to remove all unnatural stimulation, either internal, through food, or external, by sexual contact, so that this function can return to its natural health state as in the wild animal between mating seasons or the normal child. To accomplish this it is best to practice yoga breathing combined with contraction of the muscles of the anus, thereby increasing the lymphatic circulation in the muscles and tissues of the sex region, which the object of eliminating all irritating and stimulating waste matter from these tissues and insuring their adequate nourishment. Stimulating is avoided by concentrating the attention not on the sex center but upon the upward flow of kundalini from the base of the spin to the brain, passing the sex center on its way, without being diverted there. There should be rigorous avoidance of mental images relating to sensual indulgence. This calms and quiets the overstimulated sex functions and brings them to a healthy condition and enables the individual to use all the creative energy of the organism for higher brain regeneration, without seeking to control the overflow generated by excessive activity of the sexual centers.

The pineal gland is richer in lecithin than any other organ in the body. Lecithin is an organic phosphorus compound whose oxidation and resulting phosphorescence produces the "brain glow" observed by the physiologicist Crile. Lecithin acts as an insulator of brain cells and serves to connect the brain with cosmic radiations coming from the Higher Selt. That is why conservation of lecithin in the blood through coninence and its non-dissipation through sexual activity is necessary for most optimal pineal nutrition and vitality. Hence the connection between continence and spirituality, as recognized by all religions of the world.

While it is claimed that "the vital essences produced by the sex function supply the refined fuel which the brain converts into vibratory electrical energy to carry out its functions and to receive cosmic radiations from the higher brain of the Real Self, which come from outer space, really it is the Kundalini force or cosmic energy in the organism, its source of general vitality, which vitalizes the brain when not diverted into the sexual channel and wasted in the elaboration of excessive sexual secretions to replace those that are lost. It is not the sexual fluids that are transmuted into brain substance, but rather the blood lecithin and related substances that are not withdrawn by the gonads and thus become available in greater amount for the nutrition of the brain.

Loss of sexual fluids, through indulgence, weakens the brain in proportion to the quantity lost; and it makes no difference how this loss occurs, whether in masturbation, sexual intercourse, of involuntary seminal emissions. In either case, the detrimental effects are the same since the chemical loss is the same. Biochemical balances are not affected by moral attitudes. In reality, the time-honored act of sexual intercourse is really an act of mutual masturbation and has the same detrimental effect of body and brain through the resulting loss of lecithin, hormones, vitamins, neceloproteins, cholesterol and minerals present in the seminal fluid.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for this, it is useful reading for me, even if I dont believe all the claims, because, instead of Alenara's "emotional eating", I tend to "emotional sexing" Smile, I believe that different people let out emotional pains in different ways. It is interesting the guy Santos Bonacci has taught similar thing about continence being important these days... however I dont think is much of a big deal... the electromagnetic and other aggressions has rended almost everyone sub-fertile and almost a-sexual.
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