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scientists surprised by fasting results
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Visualisation is a great interest of mine.

I know we're all the result of thoughts we keep thinking and entrenched beliefs as a result of those thoughts. There's also experience. As soon as we were born we started learning about the solidity of matter. We're told, in scientific terms, that this solidity is an illusion -- but it's a powerful one, that's for sure. I still can't put my hand through the wardrobe door; I have to open it.

Twice in my life I've had improbable visions that worked, and I understand what is meant by KNOWING it's going to work.

1) I was living in a run-down crime-prone area in a major city. One day I locked myself out and discovered it was child's play to break in. Eek! I gave a month's notice on my rented house and started the foot-slog of looking for a sturdier dwelling.

In the final week, with a new tenant ready to move in at the weekend, I got home from another abortive search, shucked off my shoes and lay on my bed, thinking: "Where am I going to live?" Immediately I got a sense of being whooshed up a flight of stone steps towards a red front door. I saw every detail of it. I KNEW it was out there.

Next day the agents sent me to look at a place I'd passed many times without noticing it. It was exactly what I'd seen while lying on my bed. The tenant was madly vacuuming the carpets, because she was worried, too. She'd had a family crisis, was breaking a lease, and had been told she was liable for rent until someone else signed up. We were both amazed to find we needed to move on the same day.

Looking through it was just a formality. That was a weird one. Two frantic women beaming off distress signals, brilliantly matched up by... what?

2) I went with friends to a casino, also something I'd done many times before. Within a very short time I found a poker machine I 'knew' was going to pay out. Every other time I've been to a casino I've taken an amount I could afford to lose, and lost it. This time, once I'd gone through my 'bank', I went to an ATM in the foyer while an anxious friend guarded the machine.

I went back to the ATM several times while my friends got increasingly worried. When the machine paid out about three times what I'd put in, we were all happy to leave.

In both cases there was a 'knowing'. It was very strong. I realise example 2 is a concern, because all addicted gamblers are convinced they're going to get it back with interest one fine day. Or are they? I suspect it's the energy of desperation that robs them over and over again.

I don't think I've had more than my share of manifesting things with visualisation that challenges the status quo. Both my examples 'happened' to me. They seemed to come from elsewhere, or rather, the 'knowing' came from elsewhere.

The easiest stuff to manifest is change in ourselves. We can defeat or exalt ourselves in our own heads, right? Hopeless thoughts lead to hopeless outcomes. We need to KNOW we can change our lives before we can do so.

For me, this KNOWING is a gut feeling (solar plexus region) of connectedness. I felt connected to the new home, the casino win. I also have the experience of disconnect from two or three long-held aspirations. In each case, I suspect it's because I'm concerned about unknown repercussions of having what I believe I'm asking for.

Right now, the 'easiest' goal for me is altering my physical-emotional self. I'm committed to regaining bodily health through fasting, and perhaps becoming a long-term non-eater. There is no dread of unforeseen repercussions, because I've been through it before and my only regret is that I was unable to keep going with it. If I'm hungry, I'll eat. Simple.

My task now is to visualise the results and feelings of ingesting nothing but water. I'm so glad I have that earlier experience, so that the visualising is backed up by memory.

When I get that KNOWING Joachim writes about, I'll be on my way!
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