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what value for the Being is there , becoming Inediate

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:49 am    Post subject: what value for the Being is there , becoming Inediate Reply with quote

I have been here and have read some experiences , not all , I have read Joachim's book and maybe I have missed it , but in most all the experiences I read it is not clear to me what value , I do truly want to experience this style of living for myself and no doubt there are progressive stages while living this style , but it would be great just to read the value rather than going through the experiences .

My experiences with fasting has been to 7 days at most then I seem to lack the value for the fast and to continue further seems to lose it's need , my mind looks for greater reasons , the strength to go on usually comes from the mind for me .

Thus I would greatly appreciate some real value to becoming complete Inediate Living , I know how we each are a world of differrences and I expect not all have found the same value to Living the Inediate Style .
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For me it generally splits into four: Health, Freedom, Maximizing one's Potential, and because it's the Right thing to do.

I'll start from the end. Humans were never meant to eat the kind of food we normally eat and especially not in such quantities and frequency. Most of the things we eat we wouldn't if it wasn't for cooking and processing in general, which is another unnatural thing. Does anybody eats raw chicken? How many people take raw eggplant and take a bite? And what about all the spices we put into our food, and salt? Grains and legumes are another example. There are actually some legumes that could kill you if they aren't cooked first. We invented something that doesn't occur in nature: extreme heat without the substance being burned to ashes. You need lots of processing and seasoning before you can or want to eat this stuff. That's why abstaining from food or living on the occasional fruit just for taste (not hunger) is the Right thing to do.

When one doesn't eat and the body doesn't get affected and self-sustains itself, there's lot of room for living up to one's potential and experiencing a different kind of reality. I think abstaining from food also comes along with the killing of the Ego. That's my own personal theory, though. I think eating is a very animalistic, instinctive act, that humans aren't really aware how it affects their psyche when they do so. Eating is a form of Killing something. If you can live without killing, why wouldn't you?

As for health it's quite obvious as the food we eat usually doesn't suit us and especially with today's industry where even the most pure form of food, fruits, are contaminated by toxins. Everything nowadays, in one way or another, is toxic.

Freedom... well, if you think about it, the main reason for the rat race humans are stuck in is because of food. The reason we go to work is so we could pay for our next meal. People generally slave themselves to food consumption, most of which they don't really need. Without food you are literally baggage-free. Homeless people wouldn't need to eat from the garbage or depend on other people for eating. They could just live freely under the sky with no worries for their survival. Having "the next meal" is such a pervasive act that when it is no longer an issue, your entire world is changing, you feel less confined. Money doesn't become an issue anymore.

I don't think Inedia should be the goal, but living according to what is natural. That's why, first of all, eating raw fruits is a natural act. Fruits want to be eaten, so in a way, when eating them we are aligning with nature. It highly depends on WHY you eat, though. One shouldn't eat out of hunger, out of need for survival, but solely for taste or sharing an experience either with the fruit itself or with another person. I'm mostly a fruitarian for the past 8 months and let me tell you that there's a significant difference in when I eat a fruit vs. something refined/cooked. The experience I have when eating a fruit is of much more awareness, balance, stillness... when eating something cooked you feel like you want to eat more and more and more and it's much more difficult to stay in the moment and pay attention to your eating. It's especially true with wheat products such as bread. After just a couple of chewing you already feel the need to swallow it even if it's not completely broken down to pieces yet in your mouth. Anything I eat that isn't a fruit, I feel unbalanced and a need to eat a fruit in order to balance myself back. When I eat a fruit I don't need anything afterwards, and I'm not tempted to eat in large quantities.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's definitely in Joachim's book.

Perfect health

Freedom from the need to eat or drink (and equally, the freedom to eat on social occasions whenever you wish)

Economy -- the time, money and energy spent in food-related activities

Ecology -- a dramatic decrease in household rubbish as well as the faeces and urine of humans and the animals we breed for food

Increased personal energy

Creativity -- said to accompany the shutdown of digestive and cleansing systems

Spiritual growth -- daily life becomes simpler, easier, happier and more tranquil


What is it like to live completely without food for many weeks, months or longer?
If I do not try this I will never know, because only my own experience gives me knowledge. Other people's experiences can only give information.

All those reasons have great appeal to me!

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