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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:35 pm    Post subject: WHY THIS ADDENDUM? Reply with quote

Nine years have past since ?Life Style Without Food? was publish. During that time, when giving seminars, talks or meeting friends, I was talking and writing to many people about topics described in the book that is inedia, not-eating, fasting, Consciousness, Life.

Many people that I met were asking me similar questions. That gradually made me to finally decide to write more details, to better explain and to add more material.
I have written this book in order to give you more information if you are interested in inedia, not-eating, fasting, proper eating, Consciousness, Life etc.

In Summer 2014 when in China I was talking with people about topics mentioned above, I understood how important it is to publish new material forthwith. I saw and felt it how seriously local people are interested in those topics and how sincerely they are looking for information that I know.

During those past nine years I noticed how many false beliefs about those topics prevail among people. Beliefs are limitations. When enslaving the man they constitute barriers against manifestation of the Inner Power. Getting rid of beliefs is a process to freedom of the man. Free man does not have beliefs.
I hope that information included in this book will help you in getting rid of beliefs. Such a process will be happening if you use those information for benefiting yourself and the others.

It's worth knowing that for yourself you are the most important being in the universe, therefore take care of yourself, that means give yourself highest regard, see yourself as admirable man and Love yourself.

Remove all fears and let Joy manifest itself through you, because this is how you are creating Life and that is Love is emanating from you.
From then on you do not need or seek any help. That is how you are becoming a happy man, who naturally share their joy and Love with the others. The more you give, there more you receive. Others are following such life style thus the worlds becomes paradise, because people become free.

It is difficult to beguile or stultify free people in order to enslave them, therefore free people do not have rulers, lords or guides. They know and utilise their natural Inner Power, they consciously create their own life.

I am dreaming about such man and mankind. I see in future mankind is like that. This is why I am sharing my knowledge in form of information contained in this book.

Texts contained here are extensions of the content from the first part ?Life Style Without Food? (LSWF). It is indispensable to read the first part in order to understand the content here, because chapters written in the first part are extended here only, not repeated.

Pay attention that titles of this book line up with titles of the first part LSWF. When reading this book, at the same time have the other book open on same chapter title. First read given chapter from the first part, then read the chapter with the same title here. When you proceed like this with both books, they become as one book and you get best understanding.

Thus, if you are continuing now, first read ?THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION? from the first book and then read the following chapter here ?THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION?, before you start reading ?DEFINITIONS?.
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Post new topic   Reply to topic    Inedia, Breatharianism, Non-Eating, Living on Light, Fasting. Forum Index -> The book "Life Style Without Food -- Addendum" by Joachim M Werdin All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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