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Some reflections on the current unprecedented toxic load

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:16 pm    Post subject: Some reflections on the current unprecedented toxic load Reply with quote

I share here a few opinions or reflections following some research that I've recently done on the intriguing topic of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and why I believe inedia is particularly difficult nowadays and why one should not be discouraged when feeling bad and giving up in short water fasts.

You know what is about, the bubble people hypersensitized to chemicals in the tiniest amounts, becoming sick instantly.
In my country prevalence has gone quickly from 1% to 4% of the population, and is expected to keep going. Imagine what is gonna be in society if you have 10 % of people disabled, isolated at home and wearing breathing masks.

[img] [/img]

More typically, people cracking up are hairdressers, pest control workers, farmers working with pesticides, cleaners, simply people who worked in an office after some pest control treatment, people living close to certain industries, in a general sense women (I suspect because of smaller bodies and heavy use of cosmetic, hair bleaching, etc), etc, but we are reaching a situation where everyone is a candidate. It is a very serious destructive illness. If social support fails, these people are in for horrible suffering and death.

Listening to sufferers of MCS is interesting for a faster. I heard a patient said: suddenly my tongue became black! What a surprise, isnt it? Black, and not even in ketosis, that is a poor body trying to expel the poisons.

They very often suffer chronic fatigue syndrome. Well, that is the typical weakness we feel in some days of fasting, I use to think of it like prana withdrawing from you to devote itself entirely to detox work. But they call it "fatigue", and yes, it is chronic because their poisoning is chronic. No wonder, because the idiotic doctors dont recomend them fasting, only protection from chemicals and some relief therapies, but no cure, as always!

They themselves consider a so called "toxic load theory"; another patient explained saying, it is like a deposit you have inside; you can put in there poisons for some time, but if it fills up completely, the body will say, not a single little particle more, and make a fuss to protect (what you have left of) life.

All this tells me something. I dont know whether you "believe" (what a word) in chemtrails or not, but at least everybody will agree that the load of poisons in the enviroment after all the has been done in the 20th century has to be brutal, and so is in -literally- every body, every human body.
I am aware of Steve Torrence theory from the thread below that probably you cannot die in a determined go for full detox, I believe it can be true in "normal"humans, but man, isnt it hard these days! I doubt anybody over 40 can go fully in a first attempt, maybe it is indeed possible he or she dies of the toxicity crisis, because we are not normal anymore.

I was surprised in a humble 9th day of a water fast to some very bad taste in my tongue, like some medicine or poison, it was like chemical, never tasted before, maybe some dubious food I took previous month (animal liver). I was fed up of it and broke fast, only to feel very discouraged after that. You know one reason we eat is to keep poisons in the deep recesses of the body so that they dont bother us. Inedia looked so far away... I always had clear in my head that, until the toxic load is got rid of, no way of thinking of inedia, you can study it as a hobby, but that is all. Providentially, a book on MCS from the paper rubbish bin came to my hands. Seemed like a message to me.

Be patient! Dont be discouraged. Just because it is difficult in these days when people are purposefully and systematically poisoned doesnt mean is imposible, and it is particularly useful and meaningful. Let's shave a little bit of the heap of poisons in every modest attempt, until one day we go for the whole lot. Then inedia appears in the horizon.

That was all. Enjoy your poisons. I mean, have a good day.
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