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Surrenduring the payoff

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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 4:57 pm    Post subject: Surrenduring the payoff Reply with quote

Please check out this video. I have some things to share about this after.

'If you feel you're stuck' by David R. Hawkins:

David R. Hawkins has been a favorite of mine, I have read all of his books. He is into consciousness research using applied kinesiology and has developed a 'map of consciousness' which denote levels of power and force which apply to all areas of human experience. This implications of his work are very profound once you start to understand it. His most popular book is 'Power vs. Force' from 1995 and if you have not read it that is a tragedy. I suggest you check it out.

So, what I wanted to share with the group were some of my own words on this topic as I feel it is extremely relevant to reaching breatharianism. If you paid attention to the video, you will see essentially that the issue is not the content of the negativity that is holding you back, but the "juice" you squeeze out of it. What satisfaction does the ego get out of justified anger, justified resentment, hatred, fear, despair, hopelessness, shame and guilt, desires, pride? This satisfaction is what maintains the ego existence. Without this pleasure, the ego would cease to be. Think about it. The mind keeps you busy with "something" to always think about, problems to solve (karma), a past to regret (your karma), a future to fear (again your karma). Karma is the EGO. I will say again, the ego IS karma! The mind, the soul, the ego, and karma are all the same thing. Contemplating this should open some things for you if you've not heard this before. All negativity is the result of ignorance. Some call it sin. Sin is essentially anything destructive. All sin is the result of ignorance. The only problem anyone can ever have is ignorance, nothing else. The perception of any other problem is based on ignorance, and perception itself is an illusory process of the ego based on ignorance in order to survive in the world of form. Anyway I am going off on tangents. Sin is not the problem, neither is ignorance, not really. The ego is ignorant, and that will NEVER change. The very design and function (survival) of the human ego is innately ignorant and doubtful and it can't be any other way, it is essential for it's function and survival. The ego has kept you alive for a long number of incarnations, or more spiritually accurately, taken credit for your survival, ha ha.

Ultimately it is the Holy Spirit within, or humorously as I like to call it the Holy Ghost, that is looking after you, some call it the Guardian Angel or Higher Self, call it what you like, it's your true Self. You can consider it the 'secret guru' which you get in touch with through the inner guru after the opening of the Buddhic body of the third eye. The 'secret guru' is your Christed Self in my understand, correlated perhaps with the 'guru chakra' which is just below and within (but above the ajna) the crown chakra, this is also the center from which amrita drips. Everything the ego does is actually a spontaneous autonomous process directed by consciousness attractor fields (of which there are many levels). All you do that concerns survival is the result of the Holy Spirit nudging you towards those action, which the ego instantly claims credit for. Whether or not you can handle this would depend on your level of consciousness, the more advanced you get the more obvious it becomes.

If I curse at someone for being a stupid driver, and later feel bad about myself for doing that, I would call that karma. What you send out comes back, sometimes very quickly. If I pass them a silent blessing, if I bless the person that cuts me off in traffic, what are the wages of that action? I am blessed by blessing another. We truly reap what we sow. This world is like a karmic staging area for learning experientially this kind of stuff, which some do faster than others. One's judgement of others and the world is a reflection of one's judgement of themselves. When you stop judging yourself you stop judging others. When you accept and love yourself you accept and love others. It can't be any other way. There is no self and others, that is just an illusion. The way we are to our self is going to be the way we are to all selves.

Perception is the result of ignorance and will most certainly guarantee some degree of suffering, only one is free from when there are no wants left. The way to transcending perception is only enlightenment. This requires dropping identification with the ego, completely, it is indeed a radical step. One which the unconscious (ego) will do everything in it's arsenal to prevent. The resistance one may encounter is extreme, the sabotage clever and insidious. The traps, the temptations, the payoffs, one will surely be tested, but one's own self. The keys to enlightenment and/or breatharianism are not giving away so easily. They must be earned. The journey can take many years, or perhaps incarnations, depending on what one is facing. It's well worth it of course. More than any worldly attainment or status. What prevents spiritual progress is doubt and resistance. The experience a thing, resist it. The transcend a thing, accept it.

I'm a Taurus, we love food, and love eating, more than any other sign perhaps. I've always been thin, and fit, so that was never a concern. I think carnal pleasure if a major issue for Tauruses. Taurus is very grounded and Earthy and sensual. So I think for a Taurus to become breatharian has got to be like if I can do it, any sign can, maybe more easily (depending on their level of consciousness). For many years I don't eat to live, I live to eat, food was not a part of my life, food WAS my life. It was beyond obsession. All I ever thought about was food. I was fully possessed by the food spirits. These are energies. They ran me. Like programs in operation. Addiction perhaps. And I could see it was killing me. As I evolved spiritually, my body is less and less able to take food. Pain so intense it was amazing what I put myself through to get this far, and spending $1,000 a month on food for many years, killing my potentials of getting my credit cards paid off, getting a sporty motorcycle, and other things I would like. Well I am getting close to these goals now. I plan to get a bike in a few weeks, a Suzuki GSX-R600, and I am a few months from having my plastic paid off, about half there now. I took the initiation to start paying this debt down with all my overtime I've been doing. I am starting a new lifestyle, food free, very shortly, I am going for it. I can't deny what I am much longer. A spirit, not a body. I know this, and it's time to start 'keeping it real' with my spiritual Self, instead of my ego self. I will start living with real integrity to myself soon. I know better than what I've been doing. I guess I just had to experience foods to the MAXIMUM possible extreme, which I have certainly done for several years since knowing of breatharianism. My daily spending on food is about $30. I can't afford to keep living this lavish lifestyle any longer, it just is not worth the payoff anymore. All foods cause pain for me. Ecstasy I find being far away from foods.

I don't care for meat/dairy as they disgust me as are nasty. I never liked them my WHOLE life. I love fish and seafoods but choose not to have them except on extremely rare occasions because they are dense and heavy karma compared to light fruit juices or plant foods. Eating is an act of destruction and the wages of sin are death, hence food leads to aging and inevitable death. The way to immortality is a sinless life, in other words, no karma or sin, ever. It is possible. Jesus did it. We can to. Even he said so himself if you don't believe me. I am quite certain enlightenment, if we follow the dharma closely, or the Buddhist eight fold path for example, or the ten commandments, or whatever you pick, it's a good ruler for keeping us spiritually safe from creating a hell for ourselves. Even enlightened people can fall, even saints can falter, no matter what advanced levels of enlightenment we reach, as long as we are still in the body, we are still subject to temptations so they say, at least until nirvakalpa samadhi, or full moksha (calibrated over 850) is reached. Most illuminated saints, sages, gurus, swamis, are not there yet. It is extremely rare to go beyond all ego permanently and not come back.

I think though that breatharianism is a key to transcending the temptations of the flesh so to speak, and perhaps the ego. I for example am still, at the age of 27, a virgin, something I never choose, but it is my fate it seems, for whatever reason, and no I don't want that for myself, but I am at an age where I don't know how to get out of that situation like it's too late for me, so I have trouble accepting it, thanks mom and dad for f*&king me up in the head so bad when I was a kid. My ego would like to be with hundreds of women, that's how extreme I am. But I resist it, and remain celibate. I don't really know how to talk to women, and neither did my dad, ha ha. He certainly didn't teach me anything useful. I have no interest in sex when there is no food in my life. As me and Alenara discussed at length, we both agree, food and sex are intimately connected and inseparable. They go together like pain and pleasure and cannot be separated from each other. Sex drive is operationally the result of the presence of food in the body, and ceases to function on it's own as there is no longer any food present. One can stop eating, but the sex drive does not diminish until all traces of food on the gross level have been eliminated, the colon is completely cleared. I should probably stay celibate anyway since I have no interest in marriage or kids, two things that scare me, the latter being more frightening. I can't imagine why anyone would want to have kids. Me myself I have enough of my own B.S. to deal with without having more added on from others. I am conscious enough to realize true love is not sexual feelings as that is passion with adrenaline and sex hormones, whereas real love results in endorphins and does not require any "others" or objects. True love frees you, attachments bind you. Most of what people call love is only attachment. Humans are so limited they don't even know what love is, and it's funny. Love is not wanting someone, that's just the thrill of attaining a desire, that's an ego thing, not a spirit thing. Your spirit is already complete, and neither male nor female, and does not require any others or things to complete itself. You may reject this, but I tell you it is the truth. Love radiates like light from the sun. Does the sun need another sun to experience it's own light? No. It's already complete and self sustaining isn't it so? So it is with love. Love is complete and final. Love is not missing anything. Only ego's feel they are missing something, which they are, which is spirit, or awareness of being spirit. Spirit is love, least in my understanding. But yeah, love does not require relationships or intimacy. Love is just an energy, which radiates out from source (your heart chakra), and uplifts all within it's field. It transforms ones vision of the world. It brings an end to wants. Love is true happiness. This is a necessity for reaching breatharianism. Without it your can't survive without foods. This loving energy is what will sustain you, call it light if you like. What makes people unaware of this energy is negativity. The love can be refused and rejected of course, which is where most are at. But anyway relationships I think are kind of a joke because they are unnecessary and actually nothing more than an attachment. If you feel sad after the loss of a loved one, that sadness is due to the loss of attachment, and not love. Love frees you from attachment, and you would be happy instead of sad. You get attached to things cause you think it will bring happiness, which is an illusion, cause all happiness is within, not without.

I've covered many things in this post, but really this is about payoffs. There is a payoff to negativity. It's the payoff that needs to be surrendered, not the negativity. They negativity (sin) will collapse, like the ego, on it's own one the juice you get out of the payoff is surrendered.

There are these lazy people where I work who go slow and don't seem to care much about how much they get done, and this makes me angry, because I am a perfectionist and control freak with OCD probably, and I push myself to the physical and mental limits on my job, and I enjoy it, cause I know I did my best, and it seems sad to see people who don't give a s###, and just do the minimum, I think they are slackers, they stand around a chit chat and they are not very smart people either. At work I shut my mouth and just work. That's how I am. I have no social life in or out of work and that's how I want it. But I am aloof and control people by not talking to them and avoiding them (like my family). If I don't like someone I just avoid them and don't speak a work to them ever, like my dad. That's how I am. But at the same time this is my karma. The nice thing is when I go to breatharianism I transcend all this nonsense. I move into a state where I am no longer subject to karma. I reach my perfect state of balance and being whole. I can be the friendliest person ever, the most kind and loving and caring person ever, like a Mother Theresa, when I go to breatharianism, I can do things my ego human self would never do, out of fear probably. It's amazing what you can do when you don't have fears. Fears really hold us back from our potentials it seems. These guys at work I don't like very much, they don't bother me at all, and I actually find them entertaining, when I am even near breatharianism. It takes a great deal of effort to not burst out laughing at them with how they talk and their behavior when I feel as good as I do when close to breatharianism. At some point I probably will not help myself from laughing heartily at them and making a scene which they most definitely will not appreciate but I don't care cause they are just a bunch of idiots who are going no where in life working in the warehouse.

Oh how I long to leave society and move to the East. I am so tired of dealing with people and society and rules and all this bullshit. After breatharianism I will be able to get my $bank$ together much faster and save up some money to essentially leave society and get off the grid completely, no phone, no address, no possessions, as far as the world is concerned, I will not exist. I want to be free. No obligations whatsoever. Full control over my self. No masters to answer to. I may be somewhere in the Himalayas. I may or may not be in physical form. But that is a year or two off at least I think. I think I have a real shot at ascension. Not all who do breatharianism go to ascension, but in my case, since my aversion towards physicality is so intense, I will move fully to spirit, and lift the body to light, or leave it behind.

One of the things that's held me back from going to breatharianism is my concerns about how my co-worker would react to seeing my changes after going breatharian and moving into a more intense spiritual state. Most certainly voice, speech, personality, and to some degree appearance and behavior, not to mention energy will change for me. I wonder how people will react. I have had these concerns for many years. My friend has helped me to realize this is just based on fear, and he is right. I will probably be changing jobs not too long after reaching breatharianism so I should not get too concerned about my co-workers. I have thought if anyone asks about my changes I would just say I went though a spiritual initiation or something and that should scare them (most of them being Christians and Muslims) enough to not ask any more questions. I don't want to scare people, but people are frightened of the Truth cause most like in fear and superstitions and ridiculous religious beliefs which are untruths.

I journal sometimes when I realize something I feel is profound for me. Yesterday I wrote that seeking pleasure indicates there is pain, or else one would be in bliss, and not interested in lowering oneself to pleasure, and therefore pain, which always follows pleasure. Pain is the wages of pleasure, just as death is the wages of sin. Pleasure is the obvious payoff of foods and eating. Pleasure then must be surrendered to reach breatharianism. But one is not only giving up pleasure. It's important to realize that for every pleasure that is surrendered there is an inevitable pain that is also being surrendered. The presence of food in the physical body to me is pain, and it can't be anything else. Food does not feel good to me. All foods feel bad. I love the taste of food, but not how it feels, after swallowing it. If one is in pain, it's easy to go to foods as an easy way of dealing with it, but it never solves anything does it. One feels a certain way about things, and perhaps is uncomfortable about these feelings, and does not want them, so as a way to push them away one goes to foods to feel that instead of the emotions. The emotions are based on perceptions and are unreal and based on ignorance and taking a positionality about something. People can't help but be what they are, so it's senseless to get angry about someone for being a stupid imbecile. Compassion is an attitude towards life which is extremely healing. One can become aware of the fact that there is no enemy but one's own ignorance. Ignorance can be transcended by getting in touch with spirit which by it's nature is all knowing. But not to be confused with dark spirits as they will mislead you. It's the ego that thinks, spirit knows.

The payoff of negative levels of consciousness is pathetic. We create our own suffering, our own kind of inner hell by holding on to these things. Me not wanting to forgive my dad for being an ass to me for example, this only binds me, holds me down, makes me dense, and limited. Of course my spirit has no beef with him, it's only the ego that gets pissed. I have often felt this world is hell. Of course that's just a perception, which occurs at lower levels of consciousness. This world is one of the realms of purgatory. A karmic staging area, a spiritual school, with maximum karmic potential should we make use of it. I think both heaven and hell are here, as levels of consciousness. People experience life from different dimension but sharing the same physical space. What dimension does one become "invisible" I have still not figured out. I think I am 6th dimension, but I am still very much visible here, at least the body is. Breatharianism is the state of "no suffering" as Alenara taught me. The question for each of us is will you accept this? Will you accept the suffering is a choice? Will you accept that all suffering is illusion? Can you handle that? The answer to that question makes the difference of if you can handle breatharianism or will go to death instead. If you experience breatharianism you will see that all the suffering you have been through is actually unreal and exists only in your mind. You will see you have been living a lie. Some cannot handle this truth. They would rather die, and so they do. Some see how wonderful they really are and cannot handle it either cause it conflicts so strongly with the ego's views of itself it's hard to accept to it's easier to go back to foods and into oblivion of our true nature.

Well, I think that's enough for now, I should get some work done here,

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:16 am    Post subject: Truth Reply with quote

I didn't see the video but what you've written here is so beautiful. Thank You!
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow so much of your post, Jeffrey, rang true to me. I still can't believe I haven't "disappeared." Everytime I stop eating, i start turning into love. Complete love. But nothing makes sense to me. I just smile at the world but I don't care to take part in it. I don't really care. I mean I"ll get racing thoughts like "i can do this and that and this" but I know my energy is supposed to be going to "something else". What that is I don't know. It hasn't been made clear to me yet because I never finished the process. I still have this attachment to my family but I know that will soon have to cease as I already have a difficult time explaining my path to them. It will get to the point where I just get rejected everywhere by discussing my path, and I"ll just walk away. I mean, what do we need when our body temperature completely adapts to the outside temperature no matter wehre we are (which I started experiencing) and we have no desires for material things or to be known for anything? I have random thoughts of being a well known breatharian but I even think that is a fantasy and not something I truly desire. One time I spent 7 days in the wilderness not eating or drinking and I had no thoughts to do anything. Then I sipped a sparkling water and immediately had thoughts of needing to go back to society and work. My body is extremely sensitive. Eventually I guess I will figure this out, but I don't think you need to spend years doing it. I think I have left my slate pretty clean, intuitively for a reason. I don't have kids or a husband, those things never made sense to me. But there is still a questioning of what the future holds, because I'm constantly reading about everyone else's path. For example, Akahi and Camilla had a breatharian child. Victor Truviano is married. Sun Yogi travels and does retreats. Olga has an online school thing. I mean, everyone is different. So it's very confusing to read all this stuff and think that could happen to you. I know Sun Yogi lived in a small box for months in the himalayas just to prove we can be sustained not even by light or air.
Anyway, I guess when you have been raised to strong attachments to your mother, money, other material can get confusing. I read a lot of other spirtual teaching saying we should be living in abundance materially speaking. Like I said, there is so much contradicting stuff out there it's unbelievable. Plus, pretty much everything is destroying our planet. Noise pollution alone is destructive, let alone pollution from gasoline, lights, etc.
I also notice that I stop really believing in things that come out of my mouth. Like I'll tell people to do juice fasts but after I say it I feel bad because I don't even believe in that! So I even suffer when I speak! I also find it pointless to debate with people. To me it's negative energy. I can't really speak my truth and I can't lie. So speaking becomes pretty useless.
Well that's all for now. Soon I"ll be living back with my family again in California so I'll have to face it. I too have had visions of going to the HImalayas, but my mind plays tricks on me. I have like several people dictating my life but ther there is a watcher, a witness...
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PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2013 5:28 pm    Post subject: on the same path Reply with quote

Well, it's kind of embarrassing what I wrote in my post. I would do things a lot differently now as I continue to learn and grow more. If I were to re-write it there would be a lot less and a lot left out. I think one of the functions of the mystic is to take what is viewed as truly complex to the ego and make it divinely simplistic. Like taking a whole book (like the Bible) and putting the essence or power of it into one sentence, or even one word, and transmitting the power along with that Word. Rather than thousands of pages of blah blah blah which can get very confusing. Truth is simple, lies get more complicated. Not that I believe the Bible has much any value, it's done far more harm than good, like religion.

It's good to hear from you Amy (at least in a post). I have been trying to call a few times last week and this weekend. Hoping to chat about the very kinds of issues you wrote about, which I can relate to. I think we are both dealing with a lot of the same issues, like family not really being down with this path we are one. I am far from being breatharian and yet always so close. It's weird. I have some very strong conflicts within and yet remain so ripe at the same time.

I started using a pendulum a few weeks ago, to prepare for other uses, but started to ask more questions and found at the time of my initial kundalini awakening I was also possessed with a demon. A lot of people will foolishly laugh at such things. I'm not. Demons are real entities just like you and me. Some are more physical, some less physical, but no matter what kind they are quite real. And I believe they are assigned to us to keep us from making any real progress, especially those of us who are advancing. I'm not a Christian, I don't believe in the Bible, but I do think like angels, demons are very real. They mission is to keep us attached to this false world we live in. That can take place in the form of something as seemingly innocent as a simple addiction, like to TV, drinking, chocolate, gluttony, thrill-seeking, sex, etc. I say innocent as a relative view as it's not like it's murder or terrorism or anything serious. These are normal things. But they keep people blind spiritually. I'm trying to figure how to deal with this. The demon is not giving me very obvious signs of it's presence, like wishing to kill people, like it was in 2010. It's very subtle and works in the background. But I know it's not my true self. It's amazing how I can't feel it's presence most of the time.

I have been meaning to ask you about what you main priority is in life. I have come to see that breatharianism is not a goal, and not really even my real focus anymore. It's more like a symptom of something much greater that we can activate. And that's immortality, here in this world, and in this body. I don't mean to upset anyone here on this forum, and I don't mean any disrespect towards anyone here for what I am about to say. MOST OF YOU JUST DON'T GET IT AT ALL!


Call it my opinion. Call it what you like. A real immortal does not breath air at all. Nor they they use oxygen at all. Anyone who breaths the "breath of life" (what an F'ing joke by the way) is a mortal, meaning not immortal. It's more like the "breath of death", it's not keeping you alive, it's the sign of your aging in progress. Most people have never really lived a day in their life. They spend every day dying slowly. Unless your immortal, you are dying slowly. Now don't misunderstand. We are not taking about extreme longevity. If someone lives to be 1,000 or more in the present time (as many have done) I don't consider that miraculous or anything special.

The point is Light is our true source of Life and sustenance, and it's not the same as prana. I am amazed at how few people on this forum, and in the world, seem to understand that. If your living on prana alone and you still breathe you will age and die like everyone, your not anymore immortal that someone who eats fast food everyday and weighs hundreds of pounds. The only difference is you may live a little longer, and with less disease, and perhaps a lot more energy. I don't see anything special about living on prana, and since I learned of breatharianism in 2007, living on prana has never been and never will be a goal of mine. It's but a shadow of the real thing, which actually is oh so much more than just breatharianism, but physical immortality. Amy, ascension comes long, long after immortality, not before. That's why you haven't disappeared yet. De-materialization is possible as an immortal, but as I said if you still breath air you are not immortal. It is the simplest way to know if you are or are not immortal. I'm not immortal, not yet. But I plan to be. I have made it my main study for 6 years and have put a lot of puzzle pieces together to form a larger picture, and have learned many secrets along the way. I only call them secrets as they are known by so few. I have also found a lot of frauds, like Mony Vital and Leonard Orr. It's amazing how many people think they know about immortalty who don't have a clue. And then there is Hollywood which really hasn't helped the public's view of such a thing. Vampires, demons, etc..

Immortality is not for everyone. I think much like breatharianism (whatever form of it you want) those who are destined for it will find it. I have had many years to contemplate the science of immortality and have not been dissapointed in what I have found. The Tibetans have produced quite a few immortals, who have produced what is known as the Rainbow Body, our equivalent to what we call Immortals. In the East, we can find many examples of Immortals going back thousands of years and up to the present day. I have read a wealth of books on these subjects. In the Western world these things are not well known.

People have a lot of assumptions which are false. And I believe these are put in place to keep people ignorant of such things as immortality. The world is designed to keep people ignorant of such things. Like like following beliefs: Everyone dies eventually, you have to eat or you will die, everyone needs to have sex, everyone ages, disease is inevitable, science is correct, you need to get married and have kids, buying a house is a good investment, going to college is smart, get a job, plan for your retirement. A lot of these false beliefs are so common you can't even begin to question them openly without being ridiculed and labeled as crazy. The world is not designed for people who wish to transcend the world and become Immortals. The world is designed to keep you enslaved and addicted to it. Few ever break free. Most people also falsely believe the only way out of this world is death. Most get their wish. I'm not interested in taking the common path. I am interested in activating my potentials to the maximum both spiritually and physically.

A few things need to be understood. We have / we are a body of Light. This Light is self sustaining, it IS energy. This energy is only as limited as your mind makes it. Most of us are living in a fallen state. I do not take a literal interpretation of the Garden of Eden story, but there is not truth to it. There was a fall that took place. A fall from Grace. A fall from our Immortal state. Why? We got attached to physical sensations, pleasures, emotional highs and lows, addicted to the dense physical forms we manifested, and as we forgot our Immortal Lighter selves, we began to identify more with our temporary more solid physical selves we had manifested. Eventually we did not want to let go of these forms and began to identify with them more and more, forgetting our true nature, cut off from immortality. The good news is God did not kick us out, we ourselves did that. And we can get back to this Immortal state, if we are willing to let go of our attachment to this physical world and all the thrills and pleasures it has to offer. The pleasures come at a high cost, our own life. Sleep is a form of death. Immortals don't sleep. All the pleasure is also accompanied by pain. I have sought a way to overcome this for years but I have come right back to square one understanding what I knew in 2009 that pleasure and pain are inseparable. I have felt for years I don't belong here. That's because I have a different agenda than most people and death is not anywhere on it. As I said this world is not very supportive of such people, so some creativity is needed to get around some of the challenges we face. Anyone has the potential to become immortal. But few believe it's possible, and even less take it seriously. Immortals have learned how to overcome all resistance, so even gravity does not work against them. The Elements are at their command, as they have mastered the elements within. Walking on water, walking through fire, teleporting, etc. are no more amazing to them than for us to take a walk or drive a car. I suggest reading 'Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East' by Baird Spalding if you have not.

I have been working on a way to develop a scale of my own to identify how far along one is along the path to mastering the physical world and I guess just the total energy levels of your being in some form or another. Kind of like David Hawkins 'Map of Consciousness' only mine would be more a map of mastering this world and measuring what level your at and identifying what challenges you face at whatever level your at. The problem is I see a lot of people is this world who claim to be enlightened and some of them are quite well known. I am not going to name any names here as it's not necessary to do. But a lot of these folks are very well known, some have been on Oprah perhaps, some have popular books in the new age community, many are on YouTube. Some have been in the media. Many of them you have probably heard of. And I am not convinced of one of them. The problem is these people still eat, and go to the bathroom right? They have sexual urges. And they do a lot of normal things most people do. Any they are supposed to be enlightened? I'm sorry but that's not my idea of enlightenment. People who age and die who are supposedly enlightened? I don't think so. Because the thing is there are very tangible physical changes that occur with the body as one progressed though the different levels of enlightenment, the final being 'translation' where the body of flesh becomes as Light. So it's important to see there are different levels of enlightenment. Getting over the ego is but a small step in the beginning, and I haven't completed that yet even myself. But there are far more advanced levels of enlightenment we don't hear about, because so few reach them, and those who do have no need to seek publicity. Jesus showed us how spiritually evolved the people were and how well they handled the news that a Son of God had been born among them, they KILLED him (or at least tried to, but Jesus was an immortal, and immortals can't be killed, not really). So is it any wonder we have not seen more public displays such as Jesus exhibited? Immortals know people would either worship them as gods or want to kill them, and neither are appropriate responses. So they remain in hiding, in public you would never be able to tell them apart from mortals.

I have some serious challenges I am facing but also know at the same time it is my destiny to conquer my demon/s and face my obstacles head on and find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It's my life's mission to master the physical world and achieve victory over death, as so many others have done who are now living among us as great and powerful beings, often called Angels by most people who know not of our true potentials as human beings. Anyone and anything that stands in my way will be and must be defeated. I will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. My family is not terribly fond of my plans, most of which I have kept secret from them, but they don't share my views on much of anything. I wish there was a way to cut myself off from them completely. I am considering all options. Even faking my own death and starting a new identity as difficult as that might be to pull off in today's high tech world where security and ID's are becoming harder to elude. The problem is when people start to see you not aging after enough time maybe a decade or more. How to deal with that? Move and start a life elsewhere I guess. I would like to move to another part of the world, maybe India. I'm not sure where things will go, but all in good time things will fall into place I'm sure. I know you face a lot of the same challenges with family as well. It's tough. We don't want to hurt them, but at the same time we have our spiritual path to follow, and they are not going to understand it. My mom has an attachment and almost obsession with me that I feel is a very bad energy, she doesn't see it that way, but it doesn't make me feel right. It was so bad I developed asthma in my teens which only stopped after I moved out. No amount of explaining anything is going to change anything for them. I have found it's pointless to try to reason with most people. You would have as much luck reasoning with a dog I think, good luck. I have tried to explain things to my extremist and very fanatical Christian family and they just plain don't get much of anything I am saying. It's like we're both taking on completely different frequencies. Even though we both speak the same language, American English, we don't understand each other at all. Well I think I understand them better than they understand me as my knowledge and soul is more advanced, but then they think the same thing (falsely), so hence the problem.

I should mention I have been at the worst I have even been in my entire life, my energy is the lowest it has ever been in my whole life, whereas about 3 years ago it was the highest it's even been in my whole life. I often don't have enough energy to even remember my dreams, let alone lucid dream or be conscious in the astral realms. Not even there yet. My mind has become so dull I can't even remember 5 minutes ago. My awareness has become so low it's like being senile I guess. I feel close to death in a lot of ways in terms of energy, despite being 29. I feel like being on the opposite of immortality. Most people have more energy than I do, a lot more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed, far from it, I love life and my will to to live is far stronger than most peoples. I just have like the lowest energy I've ever had, so much it's become a real setback. But it's temporary. I can't stay here too much longer. 5 years ago I set the intention to become an immortal. And since that time my water intake went from 1/2 gallon a day at most (as it had been for most of my life) to 2 gallons or more a day since that time, and I don't pee any more than normal, or not even as much as most people probably. So where is all the freaken water going? Obvious. Out my lungs. I had to think about this for a while over the years. I am literally breathing out food through my breath I think, or some aspects of it. When I stop eating my water needs drop down very fast, I would not even need to drink at all if I was completely clean. So it's very interesting how powerful out intentions can be. Just setting that in motion has changed the way my body functions. When I work hard the area of my kidneys on my lower back becomes extremely cold. I don't yet understand why but I don't think it's normal. I also have very cold hands and cold feet all the time. Well I have a lot of problems actually. And a lot of very abnormal things. But I also know these will all disappear once food is out of my life. I have been playing this game with food for many years now and it's led to nothing good, and basically just walking a path towards destruction. I think my experiences all serve some purpose for my growth and understanding. I am looking at major changes in lifestyle soon. I have wanted to find a way to eat for pleasure without all the pain that goes along with it and have searched many things for many years and have to conclude it's not possible. Like you I am also very sensitive to many things. If I have gluten (wheat) I start coughing like crazy and almost choking or something, and I didn't feel that way just a few years ago. Fruit is almost out of the question, it screws up my blood sugar. I really can't handle anything without serious discomfort. It sucks, but it's a small price to pay for what I am about to achieve. Lately I have been doing mostly raw organic vegan salads in the evening and some dark chocolate with sea salt during the day. I basically think all food is poison and a drug. I have thought it doesn't matter what we eat. I have not felt much better on the highest quality freshest organic salads or fresh squeezed organic orange juice I can make than Jimmy John's #6 veggie sandwich or even potato chips. It's like it doesn't matter what I eat it's all the same, it sucks. I did soup for a while and got sick of that. I get sick of everything after a few days of it. I am sick of everything. There is no food I am not sick of. Everything makes me feel terrible. Even chocolate, though I love the taste, it makes me extremely angry like in a furious rage when I eat chocolate and I get headaches from it if my blood is clean enough. There's nothing I can eat and not feel terrible. Any most people just aren't going to understand that. But the biggest problem is my energy level is so low. Well that's mostly because of food. But I'll tell you when I don't eat I start to feel so good I am like the happiest person in the world, totally manic, and not coming down at all, unless and until I eat. When I stopped eating in 2010 sometimes I felt so good I was so blissed out I couldn't stop laughing most of the time and I didn't want to be like that while I was at work so I forced myself to eat some things. I've had more bad problems than good but I will hopefully find a way to work it out. It's helpful to have friends or people who can understand what your going though as this can be a lonely path to take as it really isolates you from much of society out of necessity. I don't want to be locked up in the looney bin so I have to keep my mouth shut about a lot of this most of the time. I think as we advance more we will eventually have contact in the astral worlds with Immortals and others we can network with. But I am a ways from that. It seems like I am a long ways from achieving my goal as my energy is so low and spiritual abilities non-existent, but at the same time I understand our energy can only be as low as the amount of resistance we are setting up within ourselves. So the amount of resistance I have must be formidable. There is never a problem of not having enough energy available, but only of too great a resistance within ourselves. I am hoping to find contact with Immortals, but I also think perhaps that will not be until I am one of them. In the mean time I can setting with talking to others with similar intentions. Well I think I've written way too much here and I'd better stop. Anyway hope to chat with you sometime Amy.
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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 3:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wish there was a way to cut myself off from them completely. I am considering all options. Even faking my own death and starting a new identity as difficult as that might be to pull off in today's high tech world where security and ID's are becoming harder to elude. The problem is when people start to see you not aging after enough time maybe a decade or more. How to deal with that? Move and start a life elsewhere I guess.

In The Book of Aquarius there is a part over the life of Alchemists and there way of living some hundred years ago. One of the effects of the Philosophers Stone shall be no more aging. Because of this, some travelled from town to town, never living longer than a few years at one place, hidding strictly there secret; because, if uncovered by normal people they faced to be killed by them.

I guess sadly, that this is a sadly realistic reaction even in nowadays society, because most so called "normal" people canīt handle any other reality than their own.

I guess, a big problem in nowadays society are all situations where you must show a passport or id card, so it may be at some point impossible to fly with airlines, travel to countries far away (legal) and so on.

Another Question is, what to do in general, if you reach such a state...

May be, some of the old Alchemists are gone to the so called "inner earth" (if there is something real behind, for sure, very big caves underground are real for example)...

What I also could imagine is, living on the ocean, or exploring space (or exploring in general also on earth)...

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Thanks Jeffrey for your honest words. I think some of us on this forum share many of your feelings and thoughts.

I think physical inmortality (or "The Big I", as I call it to myself), is not only possible but quite easy indeed for those that are deeply and truly called for it. At the end human beeings are to be inmortal unless they kill themselves as it happens with the majority of the people.

But yes, as Lianna points out, aside from all the biologic factors involved and often discussed among the breatharian community, there are also many "logistic" issues that must be dealt with if one really wants to survive for more than one generation. And this practical issues may be as hard to achieve as the purely biological ones.

For instance, I think that becoming absolutely independent from money is one of the prerequisites for the Big I, as money is the main glue that binds people to this society of death. And of course one has to severe all social and family attachements sooner or later, or things may get tricky.

At the end, all prerequisites for inmortality, be they physical, biological or merely practical may be sumarized in one condition, which is: Don't allow your life to depend on anything. Because that what you depend on is taking over you, it is killing you.
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Just a few tougths:

Maybe breathing is only necessary for detox, and if someone could reach a really healthy state, then there is no more breathing necessary...?

I had read some time ago, that the earths magnet field is powering mens cells.

Maybe detoxing by breathing and/or digisting needs more power than can provid by the magnetic field, so body is aging and dying at the end...?

So, this is like abrasion in an engine?

If there would be nothing to detox, then there would be no abrasion, no aging?
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:57 pm    Post subject: Reply to Lianna and Sheen Reply with quote

My thought on living as an immortal in the world is a few things. My first though it that if we should achieve this, we will have to figure out what to do when that time comes. And likely we will have a much better idea by that point. Also, we would be less physical, so dissappearing or walking through walls would not be an issue. I would think for someone with these abilities, passports and ID's would be the least of our concerns. There was an interesting movie that briefly covered some of this called 'The Age of Adaline' although this is presented in such a way as without any spirituality or special abilities, more just an immortal living in the world.

There are books such as some of the Saint Germain books and 'The Lift and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East' that come to mind which shed some light on how immortals live and where they live. I think they probably spend as much time in the 4th dimension (astral planes) as they do in the 3rd, or perhaps moreso.

When you talk about being free from money if you are to be immortal, I tend to think of this in terms of having wealth, abundance, so you are free to do as you please without being in the grind of working to live and pay bills. I don't know how it would be practical to live on Earth without using money. Unless you are totally off the grid and live as a hermit in the middle of nowhere, which is not something everyone can do. And even getting setup that way might take money in the first place. I don't like money any more than you, but I am a practical person at the same time. But I agree that an immortal should not be depending on anything; and instead is totally self-sustaining, requiring nothing from the outside, not even oxygen!

I don't know much about magnetic fields. I do have an interest in magnetism, but it's not a strong interest, and so my understanding of it and the Earth's magnetic fields is very limitied. I tend to think more in terms of chemical processes commonly reffered to as metabolism which for an immortal should either stop occuring, or occur more and more off of Light rather than food, water, air until eventually one is at the point where breathing ceases to occur as the metabolic processes have either ceased or one is simply living off the Light and the ordinary chemical reactions which occur for mortals are no longer needed. I myself have not expereinced this yet but I think I will in my lifetime. As far as detox goes I think that all that is not needed will simply fall away once you are ready. Detox is more than just a physical process, it occurs on all levels of our being and is more an energetic and karmic process in my mind than physical. The physical is easy, at least it should be. The physical is not what is in control, it takes orders from a higher level. As you begin to clear garbage from the mind, why should the body not follow? It's puzzling to me to see "spiritual people" who are fat and in poor health, that makes no sense to me. Are they a true living example of what is possible to achieve?
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